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She makes taunting faces at him, safe from the busy highway that separates them, and boards a bus to escape. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. In his boyish, pestering way, he shakes leaves into the pond, enjoying annoying her to get her attention. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Mong-ryong tours the dumpy town with derision. A few hours north in Seoul, a troublemaking Lee Mong-ryong gets into one last fight to cap off his Seoul experience.

In his boyish, pestering way, he shakes leaves into the pond, enjoying annoying her to get her attention. I rewatched the series back in and it was still fresh and awesome. When the divorce is complete, she goes to Byun and the two of them prepare to travel to Japan, but at the last minute, she runs off and hides from both Byun and Mong-ryong. He suddenly realizes that Chun-hyang was Dong-soo’s boss and was not with Byun all this time. Although Byun is an outright villain in the folktale, this real-world version is slightly more complex as the president of an entertainment company, which makes him rich and powerful. She, on the other hand, is used to being 1. Also, I was totally haunted by the music- the sweet As One song with the really long name and that one really dramatic song that was so evocative of the epic nature of the Chun-hyung and Mong-ryong romance.

It aired in Thailand ddramabeans Channel 3 in early I wanted to “know them” so when things come up in conversations with fellow kdrama fans, I’m not just a “newbie” since I only know the newer stuff. AHH I think Im going to rewatch the series now. Now in modern times, Sung Chun-hyang is a plucky, smart high school student who works multiple side jobs to help support herself and her mother.


A new kid zooms in late on his motorcycle, eliciting chooh of whispers from the students admiration from the girls, jealousy from the guys. And the funny thing is, when people say “The plot was repetitive, Jae Hee over-acted, and the comedy was too broad”, I don’t even disagree! When he finally confesses outright, she rejects him, claiming she never loved him, because of Chae-rin’s harsh statement that Mong-ryong merely pities her and wished only to pay her back.

Thanks for the suggestion!!!! Several crooks who have been trailing Mong-ryong assume Dong-soo is an informant and kidnap him. Byun has just returned from Japan and people assume that his “fiancee” is still there as well. Chun-hyang’s assistant, Kim Dong-soo, ends up meeting Dramaveans to pay for the damages to his car.

Anri December 17, at 9: You have mentioned choom drama so often I was curious about the details. These two shows are very hard to top!

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

Episode 6 Episode 6. I just streamed it randomly after watching My Little Bride and loving that and voila, ten minutes into ep 1, I was in! This drama never gets old. Episode 12 by LollyPip.

Delightful Girl Chun-hyang ยป Dramabeans Korean drama episode recaps

MissSoulmateWitch Amusement. Choon Hyang leaves Mong Ryong’s parents’ house.

What Dfamabeans love about this drama is its bright sense of humor, zippy pacing, and endearing characters. Molly December 17, at 9: When the police find Mong-ryong’s motorcycle at crime scene, Mong-ryong’s father assumes that his son has gotten into trouble again.


Chae Rin and Mr. She makes taunting faces at him, safe from the busy highway that separates them, and boards a bus to escape. To a spoiled Seoulite like him, moving to Namwon is the same thing as being exiled to gyang remote backwater. The fight commences, both sides doing a pretty good delightfull of holding their own, until Chun-hyang arrives to break up the scene. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

Koegeol Chunhyang ; lit.

Chae Rin gives up on getting Mong Ryong back after she sees how horribly Mr. Mong-ryong is rich, spoiled, too cool for school, fashionable, and a bit conceited. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

Oohhh, just re-read the “first episode series” description I adore this drama. Meanwhile, a gang of rufffians steals Mong-ryong’s motocycle and they set off to rob the boss of an entertainment company.

I have to admit, I couldnt finish this drama and I think you pointed out the reason why. Several years pass and Mong-ryong is now a famous prosecutor, a district attorney in Seoul. They eventually agree to marry each other after Mong-ryong’s crush, Hong Chae-rin rejects him. Delightful Girl Chun-hyang is the