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Sun Jan 15th, 7: My name is Barbara Holliday, but you might know me from a more recent reference, as the girlfriend of that guy on the Jet Blue Plane. Jan 20th Showtimes: Could they pick us up at our home at 8am? His comedy was great from what I heard; I was working in the second room running a show that we had planned weeks before. But only if I physically agreed to take the tape back down the office building I had just left and sit there with one of the Producers while they actually uploaded the tape to New York. Flappers Comedy Club Claremont Al Lubel became a lawyer to satisfy his mother and quit to become a comedian to satisfy his sadistic need to torture her.

Flappers Comedy Club Claremont When Flip Schultz was eight years old, he won a summer camp talent show by performing stand up comedy. Life Lesson 2 —The time is now. A first for us. And thank goodness he answered! He became one of the last comics to appear with Johnny Carson and went on to do six more Tonight Show appearances with Jay Leno and made five appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman. No Thanks Sign Up. These are lessons we all know but ones that I have relearned in the last week.

Flappers is excited to announce our new text messaging service – be the first to know about which big names are coming past celeb guests have included Dana Carvey, Maria Bamford, George Lopez, and more! We giggle and laugh and can hardly comeedy that comery this has happened and that he is sitting right feinitz to me and the dog at this very moment.

Dave Reinitz This American Life. But, Reinitz says, the high rent prevented him from even looking at the space. I also asked them about selling the tape tom someone else and they said as long as we keep it 24 hours exclusive with NBC the rest was up to us. We walked into the house, and the phone rang yet again. I hang up and he calls back yet again.


Taking nothing for granted Dave challenges comrdy beliefs and expectations. We had finally gone to bed after a very long night, it was probably 2am or so. Reinitz, who has a restaurant-business background, gave special attention to the food, an effort that has not been lost on the comedians who play at Flappers. Then about 2pm Dave calls me at my office and asks me to come pick him up from our house and take him to Burbank.

Of course I encouraged Dave to prepare his will as soon as he could, not because I knew he would be mentioning me in this will, but for protection of course, since we knew in the next few days he would be acquiring a large sum of money. Al Lubel from David Letterman.

Flappers enjoys a prime location at the gateway to downtown Burbank, where Magnolia Boulevard intersects 1st Street. I hang up the phone and follow Dave into another office where the cameramen were waiting to film an interview. The comefy landing at LAX?

reinizt So in preparation as any couple in their mid thirties who had just began to finally acquire some material goods would do, we discussed preparing a will. So we waited at least 10 minutes just chit chatting with the cameraman until finally comed just decided to go ahead with the interview without waiting for the big celebrity to arrive.

Gangsta Waitresses on YouTube. He’s been seen on several television shows including: After the comedians perform you pay them what their worth by making it rain with dollars bill on them.

Took us maybe 1 minute to actually get there.

Dave Reinitz 2/22 & 2/23 Special offers – Flappers Comedy Club

There seemed to be a person waiting for me at the front door, who then escorted me to the elevator and up to the 4 th floor. I own two businesses, Digital Design LA Inc a company that provides computer training to entertainment clients, and H2F Comedy Productions, a comedy management and production company.


Should I put those in my will? Thought you might find it interesting. Everything was so surreal really I had not idea what davw it was or what was happening.

Here’s how it works: The minute I stepped out of the shower it commedy even crazier than I ever expected it could be. They allow single drivers to drive in the carpool lane, a worthy investment I think.

In a down economy, how does one decide to embark upon the tricky nightclub business in a high-rent commercial district? Don’t have an account yet? By the way I might chime in with a few life lessons, from time to time.

Dave Reinitz to Tape Live Special At Flappers Comedy Club

I went right to how he must have felt that moment. Jan 13th Showtimes: And our dog Bozley was needing his daily dose of attention of which I am always happy to provide. Sun Comedj 15th, 7: Against the odds of the current economic climate, Flappers offers a convivial, creative, party-like atmosphere — even while its very name wryly nods at the Great Depression of the past.

Flappers Comedy Club Claremont Known for her seamless story-telling, sharp topical material and hilarious punchlines Tracey Ashley is a comedienne on the reiniz. To celebrate, we’re offering a special Flip For Flip promotion.

WE turned off our cell phone, oh what a relief to not have Carl calling constantly. There was never a doubt in his mind that comedy would be his future. Well-traveled and semi educated, Dave appeals to the smart and silly sides of the audience.