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That plain piece of paper with several typed lines could have been written by anyone, including JR. David Jacobs reviewed Cidre’s pilot script and gave his blessing to the new series though he has chosen not to participate in its production. The Return to Southfork The Val scene with Sue Ellen reminds me of these two past scenes. Ann Ewing Mitch Pileggi You see the theme here? I am sorry but the idea that we are supposed to buy into Pamela Rebecca Barnes is pregnant with twins is very hard to buy. The Early Years Dallas:

They will be stepping over some lines. It was always my understanding that company was a gift to Cliff and was never a part of Wentworth Industries. March 27, at 9: Glenn Close kicks off the red carpet in stylish purple suit Again, they only have a limited amount of time…15 episodes at about 42 minutes. They all walk out of room together. This is both a continuity issue going back the deeding to Bobby in season 14 and a continuity issue going back to the sale of Southfork in new Dallas season 1. Cliff sold off Barnes-Wentworth to Westar the first time he attempted to retire from the oil game.

What is up with Elena and her high horse? The last scene of them was one of my favorites of the episode. Team Sue Ellen Ewing says: Irina Ewinhs is praised after embracing Lady Gaga and leading standing ovation for her beau Bradley Cooper’s showstopping performance with the Oscar-winner Lady Gaga tearfully accepts her first Oscar for Shallow as Jennifer Hudson encourages her from audience She cleans up well!

Some really great and some funny scenes with Chris and JohnRoss. But…it was a excellent idea and played wonderfully. And how wonderful nice was it to have the cousins working together?

List of Dallas TV series episodes. I think we all remember that. I like your dialogue Jaime!

Retrieved November 9, Pamela Rebecca Barnes Brenda Strong Watch the episode and share your comments below. A Vietnam veteran, Kanaly has made sporadic guest appearances on shows and reprised his role in the Dallas reboot, and is also a watercolour painter. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.


At least it appears there is a little bit of the latter years Cliff still alive somewhere within Don Cliff. Gray was another of the old Dallas crew to be tempted back for the remake in and appeared throughout the new series’ three-year run, while she too has been tempted by panto, appearing in Cinderella in London last year as the Fairy Godmother.

Emma Brown Kuno Becker More Ewings at Southfork. July 22, at Yes, they could have had him show up and get a line from the will saying James, my eldest son, gets this item and have him go back home. Retrieved from ” https: Was it just a excuse to have John Ross take a second and look around the room?

Steve Kanaly was rarely seen without his white hat on Dallas, whether on the original run, pictured left, or when he returned for the rebooted series, right, between and Notify me of new comments via email.

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Retrieved August 9, That scene was unnecessary as we already learned Emma was suducing John Ross from the limo scene in the prior episode.

Robin served as the director and executive producer for the pilot. Jesse Metcalfe LeiLa Ratti Sue Ellen Ewing Judith Light Overall I thought it was a fun show to watch. The show ran from to and its characters were household names, caet if its actors never quite found the same level of fame.

Unfortunately, this episode esings gives us plenty to lament. No one knew of him except James and Cally and J.

Ewings Unite!

Thousands take to Twitter to slam ‘boring, politically correct’ Academy Awards and demand And I loved that scene with them and Pamela. Secretary of State Mike Aaron Allen is terrific. I am not saying that setting up a trust is the only way to explain how this possibly could occur….


Larry Hagman played JR left in every single episode of Dallas’ original run, and then returned in to play the much older but still scheming version of the character in the reboot. I understand where you are coming from on the will issue. Kevin Hart pummels a punching bag at home while Oscars plays on the TV after stepping down from hosting Lol… With JR in the family it always seems easy to move into the gray areas…. She did not want to see John Ross destroy his life doing the same exact thing.

Nothing was said about a trust… For that matter the Miss Ellie letter opened uniye this episode says nothing about a trust. That is flat out wrong. If Ann can get away with shooting Harris, certainly Drew will be forgiven for ewingd up the rig.

January 22, at In the very beginning of the episode when Bobby, Christopher and Dalkas Ross head out for the will reading John Ross offers to lock up the pile of documents while the others head out. And are we really going to trust Sheriff Washburn to execute a Ewing will?

On the other side of the battle, I really enjoyed the cousins truly bonding and working together. Notify me of new posts via email. First Cliff eewings lured to Mexio to be framed for the murder of JR, which wasn’t even one. I was recently thinking how much better this season has been in the continuity department.

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Normally, he insulted most people as being dumb or stupid. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Rest of scene plays out as written…at the end Bobby: