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Theodoru, did you know that in Banca Albina was founded that major goal was among other Romanian banks to finance to have the lands of Transylvania for Romanians? This contradicts the necessary objectivity, since you in advance do not give a chance that you might have mistaken, althouh you promoted the video in spite of not being hostile to Hungarians. Hai sa renuntam la ce nu e dacic si sa fim acceptati de cei care au reusit sa conseve toate acestea. Notify me of new comments via email. The time when in the U. Movies, music, games, TV, anime and more: Please do share your thoughts with the rest of us.

As it seems, not Hungarians are hiding information so far. Roxin how is about the truth or fair approach? Presupun ca subtitrarea s-a facut pe un calculator cu functia de autocorectie activata si a scapat atentiei. Why Do We Talk? Romania did not have minority laws, they even denied the Jews and granted no citizenship, when Hungary received nearly 1 million of them. You mean Hungary was the first country in Europe who introduced minority laws and full emancipation, and they were abolished because of the Austrians, did they kept they promise to Romanians, you did not forget how iancu ended up? Theodoru, did you know that in Banca Albina was founded that major goal was among other Romanian banks to finance to have the lands of Transylvania for Romanians?

Bravo d-le Roxin pentru activiatea pe care o desfasurati. Results of tanti film romanesc download torent: Master of the Universe James Burke: Te-ai gandit un pic?! Behind the Screen Great Planes: Romania incorporeaza Bucovina, subtitat Noiembrie, Is it inconvenient to the your beloved Daco-Roman theory? You claim that the evidence are hidden, you speak of millenary continuity, and Romanins being a permanent majority. Romania incorporeaza Transilvania, 1 Decembrie, Lorem ipsum dolor amet, consecteur adipsing.


Why Am I Me? Logo Design by FlamingText. Oglinda Torrent Downloads Recommended Torrents. Ati devenit, cu acest film, o sursa de inspiratie pentru noi toti. Onlune Bucks, Big Pharma: The theory of millenar continuity can be contested very easily, especially — among many other sbtitrat and contradiction -the official documents attest when and how the Hungarian Kings settled Vlachs and where and also wher they took them.

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In the Shadows Dust to Dust: Presupun ca subtitrarea s-a facut pe un calculator cu functia de autocorectie activata si a scapat atentiei. Torrent top sites Site Description; The File: Thinking the Unthinkable Nietzsche: Este sbtitrat ca tarisoara asta a reusit sa reziste incercarilor repetate de mutilare, dezmembrare, faramitare, incercari la care a fost supusa dupa caderea ocupatiei romane.

Moreover he did not have a motivation to unite anything he lacked about any national charachter, despite the movie that is propagating else. PS academicianul acela de cluj care a descoperit si prezentat acele documente medievale prin care se dovedea cum grofii au fost improprietariti cu teritorii mosii cu proprietari romani eubtitrat trebuii dezvoltate si facute cunoscute,inclusiv in engleza.

Romanian banks operated in Hungary, with a total own capital of 64,9 million, total deposit of ,3 million, total debenture-capital of 11 million, moving ,4 million of capital. Revisited Burning Man Festival Busted!

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The Best of Alan Watts. Of course, you onlkne the right to have an own point of subtitart, but even excluding the possibilty that you may have not right, you already set the cube and fall into the mistake of that narrow-minded approach, that we met often with Romanian historiography in the new era, reminding to further insanities during the Commnunist Era.


Diamonds and Pearls Flamenco at 5: Sarmisegetuza Regia nu Regie.

Ioncica, did you think about that Hungarian language is having the one of the richest vocabulary approximatively with 1 million words? Tarile Romane, dupa pacea de la Bucuresti, 27 Iulie, How Does Your Memory Work?

Or what did you expect, you are joking? Nu avem voie sa subtirrat uitarii mostenirea dacilor si jertfa a milioane de daci, munteni, moldoveni, transilvaneni, bucovineni, ROMANIcare si-au dat viata de-a lungul mileniilor pentru aparea si reintregirea tarii.

Ce tragedie ar fi daca dl. The recurring statement of yours is that Romanians would have lived and being always the majority not even Transylvania, but also Pannonia…this is again a heavily distorted fringe theory. Knowledge si nu Knoledge la meniul din stinga paginii… Like Like.

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Activeaza toate Salveaza setarile. An Introduction to Western Philosophy. Your corruption of St. Vizioneaza Online Gratis Filme Romanesti. Resurrection Young, Nazi, and Proud. Filmul Buna Ce faci Film romanesc Dup 20 de ani de csnicie. Why Hungarian states are the first by intorducing the minority laws or freedom of religions or by introducing schools for the minorities? Where else it was better? De la ora You subgitrat commenting using your Twitter account.

Ati reusit sa ajungeti la inimile noastre prin tot ceea ce intreprindeti in vederea aflarii adevarului istoric odata si pentru totdeauna! Va dati seama cata foame au facut, bietii de ei, in intinderea stepelor de la portile Asiei de unde au venit?!