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Okay, but what has this to do with me? The jinn which I asked how you must rescue So, you killed me in your dream, right? We are looking for a place called Three Shadow. Do not say that you have postponed the marriage. Jesus, son of Mary. Dilek, 30years ago, 41 days after birth By the way, do you know how Seda and your man has adorned?

Everything was done to her, must also go through you. He who is with the innocent and suffering people. Life Dilek is in danger. Man, jinn and devil. Put your hands as on the stone. And a gorgeous girl. What do they mean? Can you take us to him?

Whatever you do, do it quickly.

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If you wish you may say “she has gone mad. Someone has broken into. Why are you looking for it? It is said that comes Illuminati Has Come From.

I can not even stand. She is covered in blood on a field in the direction of Bursa Mezidkoy Why are you angry? Can you take us to him? Probably has to do the family retainer. But zehr-j answer consisted of three letters: Let the innocent child not come under the eyes of the devil! But it was really scary. Do not have a Hollywood action movies?


Where are you going? So the evil eye is the eye of the devil?

Ok, there is none. In ancient Egypt they called Haris “Horus”. I will still consider olgen I will tell it anyway. If a fatal disease of the one body to another body A standard reaction of charlatans!

Because nobody wanted to come get his corpse Your best friend is going retainer husband to bed, Dilek. So it was a dog.

Subtitles for Dabbe: Zehr-i Cin

Oh Aluzak, time is running out. Okay, ma’am, what should we do? You know why we have come. He settled right away and immediately left. It is a bit silly. I have seen them.

I’ve said it a thousand times! Now it’s your turn!

Subtitles For Dabbe: Zehr-i Cin

You lived through, that child died. Where did I leave my zehhr-i keys? Have a little patience, we will understand it so. But all I wanted was a Ok, I meddle not care. Hamsa, that has something to do with it? Honey, tell it from the beginning. I have not found out what that is There were even people from Germany, France and lsrael. I will squeez your throat so hard, your toung will come out of mouth! But he has not done. Al Pacino plays in a movie with the title “Scent of a Woman” They were the devils among us.


Where does that come from cabinet?

Peace be upon him. Through the third eye in hand to use. We can talk about everything. We are now know that No one of mankind can match the jinn. They have them tied to their feet upside down and thrown into a pit.