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Frankly, she seems mentally unstable to me because of the way she behaves. They both have played their roles brilliantly and it gets better with each episode. Meher Bano has given a spectacular performance once again. Sometimes I wonder what makes me watch this show. She wanted Murad in her life and she did everything in her power to get married to him. He needs to speak up!

Every actor in this show has. He can barely stand her at this point. The last two weeks had been pretty slow as the story is not progressing. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them to detail. I have no respect left for Murad after this episode. I have only one word for the episode: I have a really strong feeling Deeba will start scheming again to win over Murad.

Daagh finally came to its end this week and in my view it was a brilliant serial. She forced her son to marry Deeba and now she is suffering from the consequences of her haste decision. Close Window Loading, Please Wait! She can go to any extent to get what she wants.

This show is nearing towards its end and we got to see remorse in Aqeela and a bit in Murad jajuary. I have no respect left for Murad after this episode. Daagh Episode Guilt and Regret! We saw a totally new Deeba in this episode that is spoiled, selfish and ill mannered.


Fatima Awan March 17, Sometimes I wonder what makes me watch this show. Fatima Awan March 9, Aqeela is regretting her decision of getting Murad married to Deeba, she has now realized that her desire for.

Her pain reflected in her eyes and it was evident to the viewers. The Deeba she loved and who had always. Daagh Episode Guilt and Regret!

Daagh Episode 12 – 4th January 2013

But I personally think Murad and his mother both are at fault. She has stopped jaanuary Umama and started appreciating everything she does for the house. Fatima Awan February 27, I cannot believe he is the same Murad who moved heaven and earth just to get married to Umama.

He clearly told Deeba that she cannot stop ianuary from going to his first wife. Fatima Awan February 11, Daagh Episode 13 — Heart wrenching Episode! She has every intention to take revenge from Umama for stealing Murad from her.

Fatima Awan February 3, If it wasn’t for the play Durr-e-Shahwar she wouldn’t have started writing!

Daagh Daman Ka (HUM TV TeleFilm) – video dailymotion

Fahad Mustafa has done a brilliant eppisode as Murad! Daagh Episode Injustice! One of the best januayr of Daagh so far! Fatima Awan Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception.


Deeba badly insulted Umama and practically kicked her out of her own room and Murad did not say a word to Deeba. Daagh Episode 16 — The Annoying Obedience!

Aqeela has finally started to value Umama and for the first time I saw her showing love towards her granddaughters. He needs to speak up! Way to go Murad!

Deeba is becoming more demanding day by day and Murad fulfils all her wishes to keep her happy. More articles by Fatima Awan. Amazing performances by Sana Askari and Meher Bano!

How can he let Deeba humiliate Umama? He also watched her rude behavior with his children quietly and only spoke up when Deeba slapped his daughter. Every actor in this show has. This may take a second or two. Her pain reflected in her eyes and it was evident to the viewers. Daagh Episode 18 — Height of Insensitvity! Fatima Awan January 12,