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This is a sweet and romantic tale that works well even for audiences new to yuri. Go’s case , but felt that this was effective and heightened the contrast between the cuteness of the series and its depictions of mass destruction. Makakapanood ka ng cartoons o With the help of two new friends, they board a small boat, with Kuro joining. Kuro meets Vice, a cyborg who tries to help him find Nana and Juliet. He engulfs the entire city in darkness and kidnaps Nana.

Chiharu Tezuka as Mii-kun. This page was last edited on 10 February , at Miyuki Shimabukuro Art Director: There was also a single which contained the opening and ending and their instrumental versions. Game’s Opening Movie Streamed He finds out it was Matatabi so he goes out to find him. See how all you favorites fared in our weekly user rankings. He has an obsession over Kuro, and tries to prove to be as powerful as him.

Cyborg Kuro-chan

Allan Diones – Abante Tonite http: Two Game Boy Color games were also released: Stefano Albertini as Goki. The tiger cat had asked Go-kun and Kotaro where “Kid” was, but they misinterpret it as Kuro’s demise. Noriyoshi Matsuura Director of Photography: Sa Mundo ng Elementalia ng Cutting Kuro and his owners are invited to a contest at a local store. Goro came from an abusive household.


Masami Iwasaki as Sniper Ace. After they run out of ramen ingredients, Mi, Tagalob. A small version of Mi turns up at Kuro’s and the two begin fighting.

Megumi is portrayed by Sayuri Yoshida. Go and his army of robot cats. Despite not being finished illustrations for episodes were featured in Japanese TV magazine Telemaga. After hearing about what happened, Kuro heads down to their lair to save Nana. Suzuki needs advice in finding Megumi the perfect gift.

Cyborg Kuro-chan (TV)

But they mofie find out that they guy is a scientist called Tendou, the rival of doctor Go. They head underneath their home. Go, Kotaro, and a local soldier, they eventually race for the ticket. Kuro believes this to be trouble, and he shoots at their ship. He was a childhood friend of Kuro, but he declared himself his enemy after assuming the cause of his problems was him.

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It has been broadcast on such channels including Spacetoon and Italia movis. Shintaro Inokawa ep This page was last edited on 10 Februaryat Tomoe Hanba as Chieko Okada. The grandparents have decided to see the ocean. Matatabi unexpectedly runs into a young boy who takes Matatabi in as his own.


Go creates a pair of glasses that make it seem like that he does not get off the ground. Go to exterminate Kuro.

There is eventually a battle between Kuro and a giant junk monster. It was not meant to be the final episode as 78 were to be made, but the studio that animated the anime, Studio Bogey, along with the producers “PIBI” Public and Basic atgalog bankruptcy before the remaining episodes could be broadcast. Makiko Ohmoto as Matatabi.

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Mario Zucca as Dr. His main weapon is a wooden boomerang which he can use to hit targets at great distances.

Mi falls in love with one of the dogs in the neighborhood, but he does not have the courage to speak to her, and he disguises himself as a dog to try to do so.