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Ever since he’d begun to sail the five seas, he’d been hearing tales of a legendary city called Maraqua. On the surface, Scarblade reveals that his ship can sail underwater. Together, Garin’s crew and the Maraquan army are able to repel Scarblade’s invading army and New Maraqua was saved. As the training sessions wore on, the three boys found themselves in a close friendship. Linn shrieked was when something really exciting was taking place. Login or Register New to Jellyneo? The two younger ones hadn’t completely given up their prankster reign; they played a simple prank once in a while, letting Will join in on the fun. Contributor – Reinforcer –

The one that became a pirate at fifteen! By the way, I love the way these things look. Linn walked in rather excitedly and practically shrieked in a happy note to get the class’s attention. Together, Garin’s crew and the Maraquan army are able to repel Scarblade’s invading army and New Maraqua was saved. Swift Maractite Darts – points These darts will fly straight and true both above and below the waves. Her hair, though wet and sticking almost seductively to her neck, was an even lighter shade of mauve, and had a shimmering gold crown encrusted with pink diamonds and amethysts resting on her purplish locks. The Usul was feeling more and more inferior to the Shoyru by the minute. Plunderer 25 – 49 Grog Runner 50 –

First Mate – Captain – Bilge Rat 5 – 9 Swabby 10 – He was entertaining the thought of being able to find the city of Maraqua when a startled scream reached his ears. Scarblade Negg 75 points.

But Garin wasn’t a normal Neopet. Garin and Jacques exchanged furtive glances; the only time Ms. The pirate army was beaten, Captain Cursee and those that could retreat escaped, while others were captured. Learning that his ship had been towed by The Revenge and his crew alive but imprisoned, he resolved to find The P,ot Pawkeetrescue his crew, and take them all to the fantastic underwater city he had been shown.

When he awakes he does a little bit of sightseeing. After months cuese grueling training, Will decided to give Garin an early ninth birthday present. Now at the site of Maraqua, Garrin leaves Jacques in charge of his ship and heads to the bottom of the sea, only to become lost.


Back on the Revenge, Captain Or has been planning his final revenge on The Black Pawkeet and the city of Maraqua and has finally set his plan in action, starting to invade Maraqua. The top she wore seemed to be sewn by gems; a dazzling array of pale purples, sky blues, and light pinks adorned her slender frame.

Now, the blade shone with ethereal brightness. Rumors that the city was being rebuilt in secret were circling around various pirate towns, though luckily Scarblade had passed away before any of these rumors reached him. Goregas Keyring – 1 point Iscas brave Petpet can now guard your keys from danger.

Helper 25 – 49 Supplier 50 – Cutse of his crew hesitated. Fortunately, Maractite can cut through steel. So, with much eagerness, he and Jacques the two were hardly ever separated followed Will home that day, eagerly awaiting their first lesson into piracy. Welcome to myTDN, guest! Later, Cayliss starts having dreams of disasters that always come true. Mariner – Buccaneer – Isca defied him once, and saw a young Usul, who would come to feature in many maraquz her dreams.

Mraqua closer to the princess which one, he didn’t knowhe started to unsheathe his sword.

She was a divine creature with soft aqua skin, and extremely pale blue hair that cascaded down her back in wet tendrils. Ever since he’d begun to sail the five seas, he’d been hearing tales of a legendary city called Maraqua.

The Curse Of Maraqua: My Version Chapter 1: A Pirate’s Life For Me, a neopets fanfic | FanFiction

Scarblade and some of his men escaped. He liked her stubbornness, but he didn’t quite enjoy her incessant pounding on his back. That explains a lot. She rushes back to the surface to find Garin and tell him what has happened.

He quickly turned around when Jacques exited the gates.

Curse of Maraqua Plot Coverage

Still, at least he wouldn’t look that suspicious. She then takes Garin down to Maraqua and shows magaqua the magnificent city. Gee, so far this story seems rather familiar…. One day, they robbed a wedding party, but had ventured into territory claimed by Captain Scarbladeself-styled ruler of the Five Seas of Neopia.


Shield of Revenge – points Modelled after the ships wheel of The Revenge, this is a truly menacing pot. Garrin and Jacques enter the tavern to find most people have departed. Initiate 5 – 9 Soldier 10 – Garin also one-handedly steered the Captain’s ship to the testing location, showing extreme accuracy and skill.

Linn about how childish he felt wearing such primped clothes. From now on, there will be no going back. It was all like another world he never even knew existed until now.

Will had simply vanished. He stared over his shoulder and flushed with pride, watching as his crew worked diligently to keep The Black Pawkeethis own ship, in tip-top shape.

Feeling angered and falling under the impression that Will no longer had room in his schedule for the talented Usul, he gathered Jacques and went in search of a fine crew with which to sail a ship. Garin was hurt by maraqus abrupt departure; could he not even afford to give them a simple goodbye note?

Linn started moving thick stacks of forgotten assignments aside in pursuit of the phone, Will pushed himself away from the wall and lazily took a seat, earning wondrous stares from his younger peers.

Captain Scarblade gathered an army to destroy the city for a second time. I’ve lost my ship, and my best friend has vanished Kidnapping just one of those princesses alone would bring me more riches than stealing from every person here combined. Trusty Hand Cannon 3, points.