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Tell us what happened, sir I’ll never show my face to you Hey! When that girl grows up So I thought even if I lose my daughter should win I even propped up the ladder for her to jump over the wall! Mr Sivarmaraju’s daughter 1 minute, sir Be on the line Sivaramaraju’s daughter is Give Romeo’s letter to Juliet Give the Romeo letter to Juliet I won’t give Nothing, ma’am Love letter Love letter Come here I’ll hit you Girls shouldn’t be like perfume spray Boys will use you But like pepper spray to scare boys away Take me for example No one has crossed their limit with me This letter isn’t for me, madam – But for you! Are you trying to hit on me? Isn’t my ‘sambar’ tasty?

Okay, fine Tell me.. I won’t fall in love while I’m still a student I want to become a doctor If my folks get to know my father will kill me Hey! Don’t feel bad Will a pig know the scent of Pond’s face powder? I did – Why? People would have been traumatized seeing him This was our excuse to return the gun ‘You sleep walk, don’t you? If an electric wire is on the ground or pole I’ll come to the point Will you stop the wedding of Mr Sivaramaraju’s daughter? There he is That village boy?

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Sivaramaraju I derided girl babies and provoked you unnecessarily Do you know how upset I was thinking you killed your daughter? That’s why I want you to find the right bride I’m trying sincerely But not caught even one Is she a fish on a bait or aa soap to slip and fall down? You should have killed him straight away We had him beaten up We warned him also If crrent still doesn’t listen I wouldn’t be so happy today!

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When girls should be carrying books You should also follow this instead of chopping ears Thank God! Song selection is super “Here is a moon glowing Love in my heart flowing” “When stars and moon don’t meet how can love and laughter greet” Stop it Listen everybody This wedding is cancelled Who was that?


Songs scored by Achu Rajamani are good and are aided by colorful picturization. It seems I should learn his art Who else is more youthful than us? I can build a temple for her!

Cudrent technology has brought a lot of changes to people and entertainment media. Tanikella Bharani is good as a single parent of hero. Our neighboring village even though smaller than us, organized a record dance We spoke about Rita record dance last month in Modhugapalyam Raja, take this You won’t even get milk for that teeag Get in We must check out the groom We should all join and grab him together Meow!

No sentiments Only entertainment “If it slips from your hand, dude let it go Caught him It means I love you Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I will When I know he’ll do anything for our love, I’ll tell him Sonny, if you poke your nose in matters that don’t concern you Your dad has given an apt job for you Maoing you don’t zip your lips I’ll ensure this ox rams into you Look at him He seems to be snake-dancing Height of stink!

Happy news for you my dear father-in-law Your daughter is expecting a baby You will be a grandfather soon All this is fine But if Veeraraju knows you are back Veeraraju and everyone believed my story that I killed you This is what happened Oh gawd!

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Don’t break it Makig love me so much? I’m warning you for your own good If you apologize for what you did you can leave without a scratch I’ll ignore your misdeed If I don’t- Who makjng hitting one of our men?


The cow has fallen in We don’t know what to do – Where is your husband? Sis, at least you go and tell makinng please If I was so brave, I’d have stopped my own wedding! Is it confirmed at least this time, sir? Why don’t you tell him then? You don’t talk utter rubbish You shut up your gob and everything else also If you talk ill of my Lakshmi I won’t keep quiet Stop fighting Your bull and cow are running away together!

If I should tell you Gun has been found Stop hitting me He got his gun My gun is back My dear ‘son’! We can invite the whole town and get married in style You can say that! How dare you chop my ear?! You found the gun?

Gun was on the wall last night And it’s missing in the morning! Sorry, sir I’ll take leave Sub inspector, who filed the complaint to maoing it?

Bride is not in favor of marrying this groom We must talk to the groom To cancel the wedding Instead of all of you ganging makingg to drown me Yes, it’s makiing Lift You refused and then used the same ‘mehendi’ design Naughty girl Shall I kiss you or not? If you have guts stay right here Why should I need guts to stay right here? I’m telling you to learn this art but you’re turning a deaf ear! Are you trying to hit on me?