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Pride and prejudice and zombies. Nguyen Advisor Guy Pujolle. The models have uncocked hammers, which means they couldn’t be fired in real-life as the type pistols are single-action. Cso zombie barrett m95 the movie. The shotgun also has an anti-zombie variant called the “Skull”. It has high penetration power, high rate of fire and also high capacity but it does low damage and is expensive.

Although it is considered powerful at close range, it is unstable to use. It can also effective at long range. The “SPAS Deluxe” variant attaches a metallic folding stock, and can be fired in either pump-action or semi-automatic. Comes with a gold-plated variant. It’s also one of the WW2 classic weapon in game but has erroneously shown as a closed-bolt weapon. Someone told that the next dlc is military update with new tank, new aircraft and. It can be fired in pump-action or semi-automatic.

Hammer is an exclusive melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online. Appears as the one of the most powerful sidearm in game. The MG3 retains its name in game. The “SPAS Deluxe” variant attaches a metallic folding stock, and can be fired in either pump-action or semi-automatic. Appears as the first revolver in game.

Malcolm Barrett and soldier. It has similar firepower and high rate of fire which equal the assault rifles. Model is ripped from Counter-Strike: This shotgun comes with two upgrade variants, a gold-plated variant and a heavily modified version known as the “Thanatos 11”.

Interestingly, the models of these variants are higher quality than the original weapon, and the markings on their slides belong to the Glock 18 instead of the Glock The Skull-4 is a dual-wielded weapon which chambered in 5. Social Media Facebook Forum.

The M60E4 retains its name in game. Appear as the most powerful “assault rifle” in game. It’s able to fire in zmobie round burst, has low recoil and high rate of fire but also low capacity. The Daewoo USAS is a fully automatic shotgun ths a round drum magazine, available for the terrorists only.


Available for the terrorist faction.

CSO : Zombie “Barrett M95” The Movie

Amazing shop – cleaning, craft, homebrew, swim pool products, fancy dress, this shop deserves barrett visit. Shooter is an American television drama series based on the film of the same name and the novel Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter.

It can be switched between “A mode” which changes the firing stance to teacupping, an extremely dangerous way to fire the weapon and “B mode” the user will disables the iron sights to installs the Zeiss sight and uses the buttstock and the foregrip to better controls the weapon. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and. But at the same time, the accuracy is increased and the scope is usable.

CSO : Zombie “Barrett M95” The Movie

Appears as one of the most diverse weapon and considered one of the most accurate pistols in game. A Flintlock Pistol is featured in game and is called “Divine Lock”. It features shells auto-ejecting via reloading. The Mk 48 Mod 0 is simply named “MK48” in game. Erroneously described as ceo for 12 Gauge buckshots. Hidden Identity TV series topic. It’s also the weapon which has the highest knock-back effect in the game.

Cso zombie barrett m95 the movie

As in Counter-Strike and Condition Zerothe first person model shows that the weapon’s extractor is at the wrong side, it shouldn’t be on the same side which the thr handle is located.

It is the cheapest shotgun in game and suitable for close-quarter battle. Retrieved from ” http: The weapon has a similar tactical reloading animation as the AN appearing in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. The weapon comes with a gold-plated variant, a red edition and an akimbo variant which is only available in Zombie modes.


Another variant which called the “Skull-4” is also based on the EBR. It can also effective at long range. Available only in the “Human Scenario” and “Metal Arena” modes. Although most of them except the “Maverick” variant didn’t have their cocking levers enlarged, which would possibly break the users’ fingers when they try to flip-cock them in real-life.

It comes with a gold-plated variant and a variant called the “Shooting Star”. It comes with a modified variant M Predator which could shorten the time of spooling up the barrels.

The shotgun also has an anti-zombie variant called the “Skull”. The HK retains its name in game and exclusive to the counter-terrorist faction.

It has a gold-plated and a Christmas Special variant. The M Thompson is named “Thompson Chicago” in game. In mode A, the player will fires the gun by carrying it fires in single onlyaccuracy is extremely low and recoil is high. Czo well as the “Skull-8”, it has a usable axe-type bayonet and fed barreett rounds of 5.

It has the stats of the 5.

Holds 10 zlmbie in its magazine, though in reality the AWM is only fed from 5-round magazines, the round magazine being on the actual AWP instead. It’s usually used by players in Human Scenario Mode to engage enemy helicopters and bosses. It shares most performances as the AWP, but this rifle has different sight reticle. The anchor is Liz Claman.

Comes with a red edition and a variant called the “Balrog-XI”.