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While the oceans lack the same strict top-down governance as the train, contemporary sustainability research shows that this is not strictly necessary for successful governance of the commons Dietz et al. Teachers, students, and even the educated general public should all be able to follow this review, albeit to varying degrees. This ambiguity is precisely what humanity actually faces with its actual stratospheric geoengineering decisions. One might wonder why, in such a tightly controlled community, population could not be regulated at the point of conception or pregnancy, but this is not considered in the film. One can imagine that their usage rates were calculated using analysis reminiscent of that found in classic natural resource economics Dasgupta and Heal But after the catastrophic freeze in Snowpiercer , no further particles would be put into the stratosphere. Stratospheric geoengineering could avoid some of the worst effects of regular global warming such as the effects depicted in Sherwood and Huber , but it comes with a risk of an even larger catastrophe. Song Kang-ho as Namgoong Minsu.

Can resource scarcities be managed without resorting to violence? Then the temperature spike is a second catastrophe hitting a population already weakened by the first one. Anyone working in sustainability knows that human actions can radically and detrimentally alter the global environment. This suggests that CW7 is not sulfate. While the train has an aquarium, no cattle ranch is shown. Because of this range, the film could be used for sustainability education at a variety of educational levels, from introductory to advanced.

Film can vividly visualize even snowpiercef most fantastic-seeming futures, and can appeal to wide audiences students and the general public alike through story, action, and visual effects. The train has an even darker tfansperceneige of resource scarcity, which Curtis tells towards the end of the film. Snowpiercer is unusual for taking place in a geoengineered world. Environment, Systems and Decisions 33 1: Of course, the fact that the temperature increase could be so destructive gives strong reason to not abruptly stop putting particles into the stratosphere.


An enormously thought-provoking allegory that suggests a terrifying price necessary to keep the capitalist system machine functioning at full speed in a post-apocalyptic society confined in crittique moving train – and it is always a pleasure to see a thrilling story that makes us think.

Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability The main focus of the film is a struggle between social classes, which are ke divided on the train. This is perhaps the most basic message to take from Snowpiercer.

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We know you well, Mr. Such a screening could be a great way to teach a variety of important sustainability topics. The echoes of Brazil can clearly be heard in this picture along with plenty of other obvious influences, but it has enough it transeprceneige call its own to be certainly worth a look.

I thank Melissa Thomas-Baum for insightful discussion during the development of this manuscript, and the editors of Journal of Sustainability Education for helpful comments on an earlier version of the manuscript. There are a variety of geoengineering proposals currently under consideration Caldeira et al. Perhaps the most plausible radical overshoot scenario would have people trying to cool the planet fast enough to avoid a large ice sheet collapse Irvine et al.

Intermittent stratospheric geoengineering induced by societal collapse. Journal of the British Interplanetary Society Some involve large-scale removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, such as by transperceneiye fertilizer into oceans to stimulate plankton growth.

Stratospheric geoengineering is also the technique used in Snowpiercerinvolving a fictional particle called CW7. The front end of the train is wealthy; the tail end poor. While Wilford did snowpierrcer some poor people snowpjercer board his train, he granted them a bare minimum of resources on it.

Film Review: Snowpiercer

Teachers, students, and even the educated general public should all be able to follow this review, albeit to varying degrees. The film ends with two people walking outside in the snowy terrain, which is revealed to not be as lethally frigid as it was made out to be. One point thus is that while technology can cause environmental problems, nature can also find a way to come back. It wasn’t bad but I just didn’t like the direction it took.


But the struggle is nonetheless a vivid illustration of social justice.

Ewen Bremner as Andrew. However, the film is set 17 years after CW7 was used and shows the outside world just starting to reach temperatures in which people do not quickly freeze to death. While the train has an aquarium, no cattle ranch is shown.

In my opinion, Snowpiercer is best suited to introductory sustainability students. This shows the sustainable usage of a renewable resource.

In vitro-cultured meat production. So, the film could reasonably be used in sustainability education as a starting point for discussing some key issues, as long as it is OK for students to spend most of their viewing time just enjoying the film itself.

Regardless the technical details, the film does get one fundamental aspect of stratospheric geoengineering correct: In desperation, they resorted to cannibalism.

Jan 7, Full Review…. Jan 9, Full Review…. For typical sulfate particles, temperatures would get most of the way back to normal after the first five or ten years Matthews and Caldeira The particles would then gradually fall back out, causing temperatures to rise.

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