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With a triumphant smile, she declares, “Gotcha–in every sense of the word. Jane meets a handsome man in the bar who invites him to go to his flat. Views Read Edit View history. This episode is told from the perspective of the three different couples, one after the other, each version lasting nine and half minutes. Jeff takes off everything but the tie, in front of the staff and his parents. As Patrick believes that Sally is pregnant, Susan walks into the bar and tells everybody that Sally is not pregnant and that it is she who is. This site uses cookies.

She accepts, and the two race off together. Jeff reckons Steve is still in ‘The Zone’ with Jane: Jeff is there for reasons nobody is sure of. Jeff and Julia try spicing up their love life, but he loses the key to the handcuffs. Then Jane joins in. Meanwhile, Susan, in order to get out of an awkward situation being chatted up by an Australian in another bar, phones home using a French accent. Jane persuades her therapist to come along as a guest at a dinner party.

Jeff and Sally are hopelessly lacking in confidence Jeff sometimes finds himself with one too many legs, and Sally is terrified of growing old.

In the middle of both of these poles we have Susan and Steve. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Susan is also horrified when she realises this in the company of the other girls. Later on, she arrives at Patrick’s, and is outraged at what she finds going on there.

Languages Italiano Nederlands Edit links. She starts rehearsing with a pink snake hand puppet, which turns out to have an unstoppable ability to tell episdoe bald truth. Jeff finally gets to speak to Chrissy, the woman on the train whose leg he has been fancying for days. They make their separate ways to what they call the “Temple of Woman” – in his case to a lap-dancing club, and in her case to a beauty salon.

Sally finds the doupling concept of birth traumatic and has to repeatedly retreat into her safety zone, soothed by the sound of a string quartet. As he leaves for a dinner with Susan and her parents, he accidentally drops his phone. Oliver didn’t know that Tamsin was pregnant.

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Patrick believes Jill and Jane are a couple and tries to convert her; on the other hand, Jill thinks Patrick is gay due to his new haircut and tries to convert him, ending with the two in bed together. Elizabeth Marmur [ Jill ] Steve is worried that Susan has discovered a compromising tape in his video collection. Written by Steven Moffatit is based on his relationship with Sue Vertuethe show’s producer.


One of the tests is positive, but, as the tests have been mixed up due to Sally’s anxiety, there is confusion over who really is pregnant. Not even Steve can offer any help. Sally and Jane could still be the ones pregnant as Jane had sex with a pizza delivery guy at Jeff’s flat a few weeks earlier when she was feeling “desperate” and Jeff had left the flat to help Steve.

Susan catches the guys and Sally watching the tape, and is offended to learn that: However, her ambiguous promises of “birthday fun” give him the wrong idea, and Jeff ends up stripping in front of them when he expects that she’s leading them to a room where they will have sex together.

At the end, Sally and Patrick decide to stop spending so much time together, as nothing will come of it. Jeff has giglge flirty encounter with Julia Lou Gisha new senior partner at the firm where he and Susan work Both have difficulty expressing their attraction, but are ultimately able to tell each other and kiss.

Elizabeth Marmur [ Jill ], Olivia Caffrey [ Tamsin ], Eve Marie Bryer [ Pregnant wife ], Renton Skinner [ Husband ] Susan persuades Steve to come to the ante-natal class, where he finds that the stand-in midwife remembers him from an embarrassing dinner party.

Lopp reveals eplsode she may be the one who’s pregnant. Jeff swallowed the key to the handcuffs and as Jeff is talking to Julia about why he ran off, the lloop rings. To avoid her, he fabricates “Bruce’s Bar and Grill” and his identity as Dick Darlington, and is completely fooled by Susan’s accent.

Jeff and Julia try spicing up their love life, but he loses the key to the handcuffs. Jake the Snake, a truth-telling sock puppet. While they are helping Jeff, Steve inadvertantly compares his relationship with Susan to the Cold War. He apologises to her – but she is horrified that he thinks she was the mother, as she is actually the daughter. Susan also persuades Sally to come, as a backup, and she persuades Jane, who persuades Oliver, who persuades Patrick.

The “Giggle Loop”

Patrick and Sally agree to give things another try, with both independently realizing that they harbor genuine feelings for each other. Jane resists Steve’s various attempts to break up with her by having sex with him each time, this time koop a cubicle in the women’s toilet of the bar which the group frequent.

The show centres on the dating and sexual adventures episoce mishaps of six friends in their thirties, often depicting the three women and the three men each talking amongst themselves couplng the same events, but in entirely different terms.


As Patrick believes that Sally is pregnant, Susan walks into the bar and tells everybody that Sally is not pregnant and that it is she who is. BBC-related lists Lists of British romance television series episodes Lists of British sitcom television series episodes Lists of sex comedy television series episodes. He is so thrown and lost for words that tells her that he only has one leg, a lie which becomes ever harder to admit to. Sally worries it was because she is unattractive, and Patrick is just worried.

Steve’s gigfle news presenter Mariella Frostrupwhom he then runs into on the way to the toilet.

While Steve arrived at Sally drops by Patrick’s flat to discuss forgetting about the incident completely. Retrieved 21 December Retrieved 1 April Sally is not able to be cool with Jennifer as she struggles with her feelings over Patrick. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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Somehow everyone’s conversation seems to revolve around Patrick’s size, and Jeff is asked by several people to accompany him to the toilet to check.

When their mutual attraction becomes apparent, they end up going out fpisode a date while Julia is away for the night.

Jane meets a handsome man in the bar who invites him to go to his flat. Steve makes arrangements for Jeff to call him during the date with claims of familial disaster.

At that moment, James returns from Germany and Sally thinks that she must be the one who is pregnant. The attraction is mutual, but she is Israelionly speaks Hebrew and cannot communicate without the help of her interpreter.

Jane is on blind date with Oliver Morris Richard Mylanthe owner of a science fiction bookshop. When it becomes obvious that Patrick will be going home after the party, Sally starts drinking and when everybody is about to leave Sally, clad in a blonde wig and red oven mitts, sings a song about Susan entitled “Susan: Jeff is excited, but Steve is appalled, when he realises that Susan must be amongst them.

Then Julia’s chunky ex-boyfriend calls round, and he has to pretend that they’re not a couple. Unbeknown to them, though, a drunk Jeff and Patrick are curled up in the corner In the end, she retains her job due to popular opinion, with her boss fired instead.