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Raquel Welch in ‘Fathom,’ an Adventure Feature: The little girl afraid to slide down the chute at the playground during the song “Confidence” was Lisa Slagle. The Elvis Presley Films. During this time, owing to the involvement of Larry Geller , a hair stylist who later became one of “The Guys” also called the ” Memphis Mafia ” , as Presley called his entourage, in his life, Presley was growing increasingly interested in religious studies and spirituality, and was reading a great deal on the subjects. Variety ran a positive review, declaring it one of Presley’s “top offerings to date, backed by a legitimately-premised story line, melodic songs, acceptable acting and winding with a spectacular water race. Back to Top Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

Retrieved 23 March In Japan, the film was released under the alternate title Blue Miami rendered in Japanese script , a reference to the earlier Presley film Blue Hawaii. Written for the screen by Arthur Browne Jr. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! She became a member of the Joffrey Ballet. Welcome Home Elvis Singer Presents

Production moved to St. About Us Advertise Subscribe Now! Meanwhile, Movoe proposes to Dianne. Elvis’ red sports car in the film is a one-of-a-kind Chevrolet Corvette Stingray concept car. Nobody in the corporation knew about it… When it came time to face-lift the Corvette, I took the lines right off that car. They did, however, graciously give me and Mike Karesh access to the Heritage Center where some of the accompanying photos were taken.


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Warren was then employed at Leo Benz’s Corvtete School for water skiers. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat In Japan, the film was released under the alternate title Blue Miami rendered in Japanese scripta reference to the earlier Presley film Blue Hawaii.

Scott enters the suite before she can give Jamison an answer, but the playboy informs Scott they are getting married right after he wins the race. I corvtte have loved to have heard it run.


And I went down in the hammer room and designed this Corvette Stingray in clay.

Clambake (film) – Wikipedia

By Ronnie Schreiber on January 2, GM would reacquire the Stingray Racer from Mitchell and it was restored back to its original configuration with a period-correct V8. Mvoie resultant injury was serious enough that Presley lay unconscious for an unknown length of time, and was briefly hospitalized. Although set in Florida, only some second-unit stock footage was shot there – including the prominent use of the Miami Marine Stadiumwhere the climatic speedboat race was filmed, with California close-ups of Elvis and Bill Bixby cut in.

I shot pictures and video of the event. Anita Mann is one of the main dancers sporting orange striped pants and also the Assistant Choreographer for this movie and Speedway So he switches identities with a car mechanic played by Will Hitchins and the two head to Miami for the boat races.

Posted in News Blog Tagged as. It had a tubular frame, ckrvette Dion suspension, inboard brakes, everything! The Pied Piper of Cleveland Elvis: Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits Vol.

A Collection of Movie Posters. The car was assembled at the GM Design Center and weighed half a ton less than the production Corvette. With no time for testing before the race, he applies it to the boat’s hull and hopes it will hold the Rawhide together.

Elvis Presley in ‘Clambake’

Driven mostly by dentist Dr. Scott agrees to help Dianne land Jamison, but ends up falling for her himself.

Like the King of the Mountain Corvette, it is completely destroyed at the end of the film, first dragged behind an airplane and then dropped to its destruction. He had a secret styling studio set up in the basement of the GM Building that was referred to as Studio X.

Production was halted for nearly two weeks in the middle of filming when Elvis fell and hit his head in the cpambake where he was living during the shooting, resulting in a mild concussion. Powered by a fuel-injected small-block, the Stingray Concept is still owned by General Motors and is once again silver. Clambake was the last of Clanbake four films for United Artists. When Scott stops for gas and refreshments, he corvefte Tom Wilson Hutchinswho is on his way to take a job as a water skiing instructor at a Miami hotel.


Scott sends for some “goop”, an experimental coating one of his father’s companies spent a lot of money trying and failing to perfect. The film premiered in Octoberbut movje not have a wide release until December.

Colonel Tom Parker felt that these pursuits were distracting Elvis from his performance, and he ordered the singer not to read any books while the film was being shot; there is no evidence to indicate that Presley complied with the directive. He can be seen in the background of the restaurant scene, wearing a fake mustache.

Scott persuades boat builder Sam Burton Merrill to allow him to rebuild Burton’s Rawhidea high-performance boat that was damaged when raced at high speed, and drive it in the annual Orange Bowl Race, which Jamison has won the last three years.

For me however,it would have to be the 63 split window. Oneself Versus the Self Junkyard Find: Clambake is a American musical film directed by Arthur H. Film has all the makings of being one of Presley’s heaviest grossers. Blues Blue Hawaii Girls! The car survives today in a private collection. It wears incorrect aluminum knock-off wheels, which were, in fact, used on Corvettes from — In the s it went through a series of different paint jobs and engines, including a Chevy big block V8.

On the drive, he gives her an engagement ring he bought with the winnings from the race. Elvis would have been 83 years old today! Roughing It in Tucson? A chance remark by Tom gives Scott the idea to switch identities with Tom so he can find out how people react to him as an ordinary person rather than as a millionaire. The 58 is nice.