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This will ensure that the power supply will arrive unscratched and ready for duty! But then McSteel said: The manual is right at the top, which is good allowing you to get familiar with how the power supply should be installed. Jan 26, 0 10, 3. I’ve only owned corsair and my builds are very quiet, people usually complain when they have problems, not when everything works perfect. They have the TX, the v1. A user’s manual, screws, plastic cable straps, AC cable and a detailed reviewer’s guide completed the sample package. In this test I used a digital multimeter.

When opening the box you can see that the power supply is packaged nicely in a foam padding. Feb 18, 16, 8 97, 3, Mesh sleeved cables of ample length. Corsair TX V2 still viable? Years ago that was rarely accomplished! Started by WeirdTechBuilder Today at 5: Which earns Clan Team Xtreme Approved! Just don’t expect it to run a pair of them in SLI.

Corsair included a nice cloth bag, though I’m not sure what you would use it for. Apr 15, 0 10, Joined Nov 19, Messages 0. It’s not clear why different suppliers were used for these various models. Higher overclocks means higher frames per second.

Just don’t expect it to run a pair of them in SLI. I mean I expect a a little fan noise, but is it unbearable. This power supply definitely delivers to the class I think Corsair intended it’s use for.

Nobody wants to lose one single frag.

It can put a full load on a processor and system memory requiring more voltage. A high class power supply for the mid to high mid range of systems. I am also including the results from the power supply with the system in an idle state. The v1 TX Corsair is fine also. Thermaltake toughpower XT w Votes: Comments in forums are property of their posters. Power Viewing page 1 of 5 pages.


Ample cable ties provided. McSteel Jan 19, They like to drain every last drop of power a sytem can have. I’d like to bring up the rear of the power supply. SPCR is optimized for viewing at x screen size. It is one of the more quiet power supplies that I have used. Started by jonx Nov 6, Replies: Testing Test System Power Supply: Allowing more stability and longer lasting components. That is still a very safe voltage drop and is not out of tolerance.

I’d also like to add, this unit does include a nice quiet mm fan that helps move the hot air out through the rear of the power supply. It will be great for my build, is it reliable and will it last?

That is understandable as this power supply packs a pretty impressive 52 amps on a single rail. No more hassle of flipping that tiny red switch! In addition, we offer a line of specialty Flash memory. The power supply delivered strong, solid rails and never whimpered one time.

Corsair TX650W ATX12V power supply

Corsair has the power supply ckrsair inside a nice cloth bag and it’s inside that foam padded box. If not TX v1, then what? Most gamers are overclockers. New posts Trending Search forums. You must log in or register to reply here. The only down side is in a small case like I currently have, my rear exhaust fan over powers it.


Corsair TX W Power Supply Review – Features and Specifications

We have to assume that the load refers to typical temperatures reached at the plotted power levels, since every PSU we’ve tested only ties fan speed to temperature 6500tx, not actual power output. This is what is included inside the box.

The 5 volt rail only dropped below 5 volts to 4. High quality Japanese capacitors provide uncompromised performance and reliability.

Wow thank you for all of your responses! You have to find a happy medium with where and how you connect things. APFC makes sure the input power is delivered to your system both clean and usable. It’s just another vendor is making it hence v2.

Ok, I’ll make sure it’s the modular one, but if what they have is not, should i still stick with the nzxt? This does make wire management a challenge.