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Powell slows to a stop and scans the premises. I don’t just get up and move. HANS Who are you, then? He’s a typical ‘apple-polisher’ – both smug and pompous, but gullible. Ellis gives Hans a big “ok” sign. He drops to the floor, winces in pain, picks up his CB.

He looks up at the highrise lit by huge spotlights, then back at Argyle who’s made no attempt to open the trunk. We notice that everything McClane has said about “clothing” and ID’s and police jargon, etc. Hans nods, still “frightened”. Theo, has some questions for you. Something catches his eye. Like you did with Takagi. The businessman relaxes, moves off.

One of them, EDDIE, a rugged American in his twenties, goes to the dead guard and immediately begins changing into his cloths. Sign in to your Samuel French account.

On top of that one of ’em had a big enough chunck of plastic explosive to orbit Kate Smith. Oh, ggease was dark Then he thinks, mentally retracing McClane’s few options. A car engine fires up inside the delivery truck. TONY The fire has been called off, my friend. Hey, I graese expect you to sit up front. This is Walt, out at Nakatomi. Above him on the catwalk the rifle rattles on the metal outside the door.


His voice is soft, comforting.

GREASE il musical

He watches Powell coming up the stairs. We’ll handle it from here. He opens his wallet and takes out the phone number Argyle have him. TV cops triumph over oafish bad guys. KARL quietly And if he alters it? Simultaneously inspired and suspicious, he types again.

As they cross the lobby to the Guard’s table to sign in, we hear their conversation. Theo, has some questions for you. All we know is that someone shot up your car, and it could be the same flake you’ve been talking to on the radio!

I can handle these clowns. Quickly he starts taking the boots off. Hang on, we’ll get rgease out.

Die Hard Script at IMSDb.

You ask for miracles, Theo McClane quietly closes the door and moves to another floor. I know about them. Non mi interessa tutto questo, effettua il logout.

He nods to one of his men, and she is waved to the door: I mean, talk about your wind chill factor The two terrorists smile at each other, then enter the office. Suddenly remembering an NYPD course in first aid from ten years ago, McClane removes the improvised bandage, check the cut more carefully.


Origin Theatrical | Grease

I’m your white knight. McClane goes to the windows and looks down at the street.

He turns all his pockets inside out, looks at his clothing labels, stares long and very hard at a California driver’s license with Tony’s picture on it. Dust and debris fall down, but they’re okay. TONY You won’t hurt me. Arriva anche in Italia la versione speciale del Musical Dopo il grande successo americano, “Grease Live!

It’s not huge, but the kids would love to have you at the house. McClane looks across the corridor and sees the stairwell door — too far to reach without being seen.

He moves to the elevators, and as he does his experienced eye takes in: