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The problem then, was to provide a lens of short focal length and wide relative aperture having the long back focal distance necessary to clear the prism whilst maintaining the high standard of definition expected from a Cooke lens. The 35mm negative was converted via Panavision printer lenses to a 70mm print. I’d like to see what they had to say. Cooke Speed Panchro 50mm F2 T2. I’ve seen SP’s with focus gears on them so they’re out there somewhere. Paine in his book A Review of Graflex published

According to excerpted testimony from The New York Telegraph, April 24, , “this combination of effort stifles competition, inasmuch as its competitors are unable to secure first run showings of their pictures. You may have to register before you can post: Several functions may not work. The definition is critical at all parts of the zoom, at a standard much higher than previously attained with other contemporary zooms. Continuing to use www. Photo taken November

I was using them on 16mm and they were too soft sefies that sometimes but I think I would really love them on Content is in no way linked to sponsorship. There was a range of unmounted optical units to choose from and mounted versions were supplied for almost any camera used in the motion picture industry.

Anyway, I’ve done more research on them and I think they would really fit my personal style. The components gave excellent performance throughout the various focal length combinations.

By they came in focal lengths: Technicolor The year marked a further achievement. The Panchro Classic line is scheduled to ship around April Links monetized by VigLink. Now would it be possible to removed the focus wings and add a focus gear to each lens? You currently have javascript disabled. Ultra Wide Angle Brand: On 16mm you would probably want to light to a 2.

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It would be helpful for myself and others who might be looking for info on these lenses and much appreciated as the coooke so far has been.


Would I still be able to fit them with focus gears after attaining the adpater? The Cooke lenses of very large aperture have been establishing themselves increasingly in film production for several years past, and are now in use to an extent which is very gratifying to those spred the merits of British products.

Walt Disney gained exclusive rights to the Technicolor technology cookr animation for the next three years, taking the opportunity to win two Academy Awards for short films: Cooke videos on Vimeo. I’ve only ever seen series III 18mm’s. I often used them in conjunction with a zeiss zoom and it matched pretty well.

Process Lenses Cooke Process Lenses and Process Prisms helped expert cartographers and photographers provide the armed services with maps and charts of every description during World War II. Everest expeditions in and On May 9, Lt. High precision, lightweight 16mm motion picture cameras were being produced during the s pancyro the film industry an alternative to 35mm capture.

Clint Lealos Director of Photography Yeah, that’s a forklift tattoo. Pajchro design British patent These are pictures of the actual item. Cooke used radioactive Thorium glass which darkens the glass over time. The Panchros are my favorites. Paine in his book A Review of Graflex published XXV, AugustNo.

The s section also: With the onset of World War I, there arose an urgent demand for aerial reconnaissance lenses.

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If they can produce a similar look to JDC Xtal Express or Panavision C-Series and can be made significantly lighter and more compact than the S4 anamorphs, then they should be massively popular with DPs and rental houses. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom In the s, Cooke introduced Super 16mm and 35mm zoom lenses in different focal ranges: I’ve learned that they are a bit warmer in color than Zeiss glass and also a bit softer, but more organic.


The Cooke Series II, f 4. The Leicester Mercury newspaper reported that their majesties displayed great interest in both the technical and human sides of the work with several of the royal party commenting that they had never before seen work of such interest. Posted 16 February – To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Focal Length see all. It focus’ fine and the iris is smooth.

Seroes the “Series One” Speed Panchros were Filmo-coated in the early 40s and going by lens lists in ASC Handbooks the uncoated 24mm was replaced with a coated 25mm. Photos show product’s condition in details, there is no hidden fault. Sawyer Award “in recognition of technological contributions that brought credit to the film industry.

The time now is During World War I, British ocean liner Lusitania serkes torpedoed by the Germans and sank 7 May,killing more than 1, civilian passengers and crew. DeMille and others used Cooke lenses and Eyemo cameras exclusively.

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Good luck and keep your eyes peeled! I saw some stills for The Golden Door and really loved the way they seemed like paintings. Carbutt adds that these lenses have, without, exception, given perfect satisfaction and that they have yet to find a poor Cooke lens.

I think that’s a steal for some nice older glass.

They were designed to cover standard format 0.