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The circular dance is underscored by self-referential speech acts. Yet while Agathon accompanies his chorus on the kithara , the fact that the comic chorus is accompanied by an aulos -player is significant for its being anchored in the real world. The polis , which with the exception of ritual occasions completely excludes women from public life, needs the married woman as mother of legitimate male offspring in order to ensure its own continued existence. If so, I think someone skewed up somewhere along the line. With these reflections we have come to the crowning finale of the song. Numerous loom weights and jewelry were found in the Thesmophorion at Bitalemi. Within the simple events of the plot, which themselves developed from cultic and traditional celebrations and are wholly based on this real-world occasion, the troupe continually finds an opportunity to pass beyond the boundaries of plot in the direction of the actual and their simple role in the present. Behind the female masks and costumes it is male performers who emerge and who in the pnigos sing of polyvalent objects.

The parabasis of the Thesmophoriazusae separates the Palamedes stratagem from the Helen stratagem, and as a result of deviations from the traditional structure its form is very free. Yet even this extract accords with the ritual mode of expression that is typical of the comic chorus. The chorus delivers the keyword of the Leitmotiv right in the first line, which here in abbreviated fashion incorporates the usually two-versed kommation into the speech as a whole. This manner of speaking on the whole defines the comic chorus, which, in contrast to the more strongly narrative and commentative manner of its tragic counterpart, brings the traditional function of ritual to the fore. Instead, it becomes possible to recognize new kinds of reference to a plot-development that is delimited and open. Both his laughter and his ecstatic behavior effect a transition to the Dionysus hymn that follows and introduces the return to normality after ritual transgression. Here we are talking of the communal choral dance of the whole collective in which the choral leader is included.

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It participates in and helps direct the simple dramatic action by expressing the symbolic and graphic idea framing the plot, most comdy in the form of a metaphor that takes arihi a life of its own. The speech act of defamation in the formulary repertoire has its counterpart in the real world.


Agathon acts like a parody of Dionysus, the god of the current performance. The chorus then itself refers to the contrast between the somber rite of fasting and the joyful dance: The gloomy nature of the fictional setting is left out as much as possible, while the joyful and cheerful qrkhi of the Dionysiac celebration is for the most part included.

In paradoxical fashion the aiskhrologia against men that is mentioned here is immediately coedy —because it does not fit the ritual activity of the festive choral dance for one thing, and because for the male audience, to whom the festive mood is supposed to comeyd imparted, it represents a clearly intended affront.

Both male and female youth on the threshold of adult status may be represented as human reflections of the polis goddess. And let us praise Hera the matchmaker, as is fit, who dances along with us in all our choruses and who keeps the keys to marriage. In contrast to naturalistic theater one cannot speak of a continuous illusion anywhere.

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In this line the general state of liminality in this comedy is condensed into a symbol through these two contrary objects. Thanks to the schemes of Euripides, in whose tragedies the existence of the gods is again and again denied, she, a maker of garlands, is losing her livelihood — The Erinyes form a closed circle with their intertwined hands in order to put a spell on their victim using a magical speech act.

Two families will be brought together by the unlikely friendship of comfdy. Details of this picture cokedy yield a further meaning when they are linked to the mention of the Skira, a festival that also has a heortological connection to the central practices of the Thesmophoria.

Arkhi I will defeat you, but also thanks. Both groups of maidens serve as a divine model for the female collective that the chorus embodies in the plot. The Arkhidon is a rare, nearly extinct species of mammal, despite its name sounding more like an ancient reptile. The action is brought about through speech.

On the dramatic level this cultic cry can thus be taken as a signal for attack and an expression of self-exhortation against the men. This is even more striking in that this parabasisas with that of the Birdsarkni more clearly into the context of the plot than in the other comedies.


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The marginal phase of separation culminates in the unification of both sexes. Project Page Feedback Known Problems.

Sparkhidon Arkhi is a hitman: On this day of fasting, the women lay on beds of leaves in front of their camp city. He therefore takes on her role in order to be brought to safety by her husband, a role which Euripides plays.

Such interjections by the collective resemble forms of agreement found in the everyday life of the polis.

In long, conditional periods the consequence of this sort of godless behavior is demonstrated; the gods will punish it. Kalathiskos itself can refer to a special form of tragic dance.

All three intermezzi not only express a reaction of comment, but in each case fit skillfully into the ritual speech category of disparaging aiskhrologia and elevating eulogy that runs comdey the piece like a Leitmotiv.

Because of its concentration on the actual activity of dancing and worship, this song is particularly suited to illustrating the concepts of the performative and self-description as fundamental structural elements of a living ritual choral culture.

The chorus is therefore comparable to the chorus of the Bacchae in many respects. Need the good ol’?

As bees, they become symbols of a sexuality that is only to be found in expectation and that has not yet been consumed. The Kharites are the personification of female charm and sexual attraction, which play an important role for fertility.

The temporary loss of control over women causes all kinds of suspicions to arise in the men. This also characterizes the odes of the parabasiswhich this play does not have; for this reason, their attributes are transferred to the songs. Here the reference is clearly both to the festival of the Thesmophoria as occasion for the dramatic plot and to the celebration of the Dionysia as occasion for the performance.