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Enemy at the Door — However, the many dangerous missions Page has experienced have left him a deeply embittered and damaged person who simply wishes to be left alone. In reality the officer who attracted suspicion based on his pre war journalist experience and political views was British commando Micky Burn. The librarian is dismayed to find his classes used as mere cover for the escapers’ activities – relegated again. Carter and Preston are sworn to secrecy whilst this process is going on. Dick Player makes an escape but suffers dreadfully because of ongoing bad weather and rain and at one point is given a lift by an SS officer. The prisoners in Colditz Castle make many attempts to escape captivity from the arrival of the first British prisoners after Dunkirk in until the liberation of the castle by the Americans in These cookies may track things such as how long you spend on the site and the pages that you visit so we can continue to produce engaging content.

The method of escape is based on that used by Ion Ferguson , a Royal Army Medical Corps doctor imprisoned in Colditz, who certified a number of prisoners as insane in Stalag IV-D , who were then repatriated to Britain. He predicts correctly that the British contingent would attempt to help the commandos escape, and use their best escape plan, the one used by Pat Grant and Phil Carrington to make their home run. Pen and Sword Books. Episodes ratings graph Autoscale ratings Scale ratings from 0 to Colditz Complete TV Series – torrentproject. Web server log files are deleted after 90 days. Major Horst Mohn 11 episodes, Brian Degas Gerard Glaister.

He learns from friends in the town that the war is going badly for the Germans and, if he is captured his high profile connections with the Nazi Brian Degas Gerard Glaister.

Colditz S01e06 The Spirit Of Freedom

Be aware that disabling cookies will affect the functionality of this and many other websites that you visit. S01e60 the collditz of the French contingent resign themselves to their fate, Vaillant takes this unique opportunity to concoct an escape with the help of a sympathetic and beautiful young German girl, whom he seduces. This takes place in Septemberas they mention the Germans have reached Leningrad.

By the time the Germans are willing to consider repatriation, Marsh has done such a convincing job that even the Doctor is uncertain whether or not Marsh is simply pretending to be insane. Unfortunately for the escape team, and for the dismayed British Padre, the Kommandant decides to close the chapel due to its use in escape attempts. Finally, he goes to the Kommandant reminding him that the Germans are entirely responsible for the current situation who sends Ulmann in a race to rescue the Polish traitor.


The episode opens with a meeting of Player pressing an argument for approval of an escape plan. The Colonel is initially unpopular as Senior British Officer as he cracks the whip to get everyone in line.

Carrington has been sentenced to death What is Rating Graph? Web server log files are deleted after 90 days.

He does this by faking escapes, and hiding the officers concerned in a hole somewhere in the camp, to be used on appels after real escapes. He is ironically forced to eat his words when Mohn triumphantly announces to the French contingent that, since they are no longer prisoners of war, they are being moved to a labour camp in Poland.

However, the Germans are not convinced, and Ulmann asks a Sseries to observe Marsh closely.

Colditz S01e06 The Spirit Of Freedom – video dailymotion

It is gradually revealed coldiitz the Gestapo have an interest in these three, who failed to reveal their connections to the Hungarian resistance movement under interrogation. The prisoners in Colditz Castle make many attempts to escape captivity from the arrival of the first British prisoners after Dunkirk in until the dolditz of the castle by the Switch to mobile view Partner sites: The spot he chooses is the hole under the pulpit in the chapel.

One is killed, two are recaptured and one escapes.

Ulmann is still seething over the “home-run” by Pat Grant and Phil Carrington, and interrogates Dick Player ceaselessly, without success.

Tim Downing 25 episodes, Michael Bryant was nominated for a Bafta for his performance in this episode. Data retention Google Analytics on this website is set to store data that is associated with cookies, user identifiers, or advertising identifiers for up to 14 months currently the lowest option. John Preston 23 episodes, Bernard Hepton It is recommended that you leave on all cookies if you are not sure whether you need them or not in case they are used to provide a service that you use.


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Wing Commander Marsh Michael Bryantan assistant to the British Medical Officer, decides to use his extensive knowledge of mental illness for an escape. This is done, but Mohn has ulterior motives. Preston and Carrington realise, as the ccolditz is being told, that they are under surveillance, and devise a plan to flush out the eavesdropper.

The most dangerous time for the rv begins, as they await the order from the Nazi government that they are to be shot.

Colditz tv series s01e06

Dick Colidtz makes an escape but suffers dreadfully because of ongoing bad weather and rain and at one point is given a lift by an SS officer. Episode Guide for Colditz 1x Hauptmann Franz Ulmann 23 episodes, Christopher Neame Brent and Player survive to see new arrival Larry Page, a supposed RAF pilot officer — though his story does not seem to check out — and Walker, an actual RAF man, picks a fight with him.

Despite counsel to the contrary from the Kommandant, Dr. Terrible news causes the Kommandant to gain a new perspective on his situation, and new courage. Starting with Jack Hedley the first in a series of pictures of Colditz actors. The lone American Officer in the camp gets a thrill when three other Americans arrive in the camp. Several partners advertise on our behalf and affiliate tracking cookies simply allow us to see if our customers have come to the site through one of our partner sites so that we can credit them appropriately and where applicable allow our affiliate partners to provide any bonus that they may provide you for making xeries purchase.

On a visit to a pub in the town, he meets with a woman named Anna, apparently an old friend.

Episode 06 is ready for streaming Title:. Dick Player finds himself in trouble when he tries to escape from Reich Security detention and is recaptured without any prisoner ID.