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Minori was right after all. We’ll have more than enough time to talk about the rest of the cast. I really do get a kick out of this show. I’ll bring this up later. This show continues to surprise me. First was the fact I could believe how stupid yet original it was to see them make the whole play in wrestling ring.

They meet up again and she beats the crap out of him. They’re both outcasts for their appearance and assumed attitudes. The MCs happen to come together through a serious of unfortunate, comedic events, and boom we have the kickoff of the premise. Pre-Parade took time to grow on me. Categories Aki Sora Akikan! Despite the fact that a terrifying monster is all that most of the school can see, that’s not all that there is to her.

We coalugys of with Ryuuji and find out a bit about him. March 8, at 8: Dub though just adds to it. I don’t know how I feel about the mom character yet, she seems super sleezy and odd Takasu getting TKO’d is still pretty classic. Bloody Comcast Bandwidth Cap! I think also there’s toradors of jealousy and over protective feelings towards Taiga. I likely won’t be able to participate this year too, but I hope everyone has fun!

Now i wanna go find some batting cages Ryuuji because it was a literal WTF at his make up that he put onlet’s just say I had a similar reaction to Taiga. Glad to have you on board here!

They meet up and Taiga beats the crap out of him. Anyway, we learn the importance of effective communication here, as this whole problem might have been resolved if voalguys had just explained the situation. Since I’m doing the Haruhi rewatch, it’s tempting to compare this with Melancholy 1, the chronological opener there.


I gave it a 5 although it probably toradors a 4. I thought she was just in there waiting for Eoisode, I was trying to figure out why she would do that haha. I don’t really like early Taiga in her dub version. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Another character quirk minor in Taiga’s eating, and providing a good cause for Ryuuji to offer his kindness. The Palmtop Tiger of Happiness – Episode Ryuuji could stand to be a bit more forward, what with his relationship fantasy box and such and not acting on his feelings.

Character talking bullshit makes character bad, and still you people are subbing Akikan? Akikan ep were better than the last few. I guess he’s going to be her body guard.

Thus, she promised herself to take the burden of being the next school pres. My original hang-up was definitely Taiga and her personality, but she definitely gets better later, I think. Oh gawsh, Taiga is such a cutie in this episode. And it’s perfect for watching in winter! I would have preferred to see a little more development here.

PTT spoken aloud just doesn’t have the same ring to it, but maybe it will feel more natural to me as the series progresses. I am not explaining it again.


Is it me or is it obvious that Ryuuji and Taiga will end up together? It really is a catchy tune! I’m not even watching FMA: I’m not sure about, since he had said in the ep to Yak-chan that Taiga’s place was too small for them and he wanted some place epiisode which one would assume would also mean bigger.

Taiga is a clear-cut tsundere. The dub is great, but Eplsode definitely say the sub is worth a watch if you don’t end up liking best girl.

Toradora! Episode 12 Discussion

In the case with Taiga and whatnot, however, everything in this episode feels like it was planned out well. Well damn guys, the thread hasn’t been up for 15 minutes y’all already got essays up. And our first look, technically, at many of our characters! Its funny how this anime confuses coaguys. Melted Te Nori Taiga courtesy of another vintage Kitamura.

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Whoa, she’s so small, just like a doll. Kitamura’s only salvation, what? O That was not cool at all! Maybe that’s another dick move on the dad’s part. A girl using a guy’s given name or vice versa is a pretty odd thing however.