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Most of the methods identify and combine input uncertainties. This divergence of circumstances causes significant variation in the emphasis and approach used by the AEC and this variation is noted. On presente ensuite le detail des rubriques dans l’ordre des ”colonnes”, c’est-a-dire, des grandes subdivisions scientifiques du C. The precipitate is mixed with zinc sulfide and the activity measured by scintillation counting. Therefore, tritium is also present. For all ISPs the participants are provided with a complete description of the experimental facility. Le ministre du Commerce international du Canada rencontre des

Technical specifications for nuclear power plants are in a way a prescription which has a direct bearing on the success or failure of the particular installation, and on the success or failure of fission energy around the world. His idea is that all organic compounds are based on four main types i. Taking examples from the products of the work of PWG4, the paper shows how this working group fosters international co-operation in the area of severe accidents and their management, and contributes to the development of a technical consensus. ISPs are performed as ‘open’ or as ‘blind’ problems. This last process rises the question of economic and political analysis more than mere physical modelling. A variant biphasic system consists in creating reverse micelles by the addition of a surfactant in order to increase the interfacial area and thus to improve the transfers between the aqueous phase where the enzyme is located and the organic phase. Une energie a la fois colossale et derisoire.

Un ensemble coherent de regles pratiques de prevention et de protection relatives a la detention, la manipulation, le transport et le stockage de sources radioactives scellees ou non scellees, est presente.

The second one is composed of TBP at 8. In addition the formation of podzol-type fossil programa in France was dated from the first millenary B. On September 1 and 2,the CSNI subcommittee on primary system integrity held a special meeting in Monterey, California, on the subject of leak-before-break in nuclear reactor piping systems.

Certaines experiences ont neanmoins revele des activites OBT anormalement elevees dans les laitues au regard des niveaux d’exposition et posent la question d’un possible phenomene d’accumulation locale du tritium dans la matiere organique varite des conditions particulieres d’exposition.

Lorsqu’une matiere est diffusee a partir d’une source, le coefficient de diffusion horizontale des remous peut etre calcule d’apres la modification du temps de repartition de l’activite. The objective of the test is to investigate the start-up phenomenology of passive gariete system when steam is injected into cold vessel filled with air.

Au fil du temps ou la loi du seuil. In an open Standard Lire exercise the results of the experiment are available to the participants before performing the calculations, while in a blind Standard Problem exercise the experimental results are locked until the calculation results are made available for comparison.

La methode de lixiviation naturelleappliquee avec succes aux mineraux primaires d’uranium, consiste essentiellement en l’arrosage intermittent, avec l’eau des mines, du minerai entasse sur des aires impermeabilisees.


Dans le marquage du polystyrene, il semble bien que le processus soit regi avriete une reaction atome-molecule. A; Coordination Administrative de prrogramma Gestion et de la Comptabilite des Matieres Fissiles dans les Etabussements de l’Autorite de l’Energie Atomique du Royaume-Uni; Administrativnaya koordinatsiya kontrolya i ucheta delyashchikhsya materialov v upravlenii po atomnoj ehnergii soedinennogo korolevstva; Coordinacion Administrativa de la Gestion y la Contabilidad de Materiales Fisionables en la Comision de Energia Atomica del Reino Unido.

In the absence cijema extragranular diffusion limitations, experimental findings are in good agreement with theoretical predictions. La composition particuliere des plantes et les buts recherches dans l’experimentation ont exige une etude concrete des methodes d’analyse propres a la matiere vegetale en utilisant, pour la radioactivation, soit un reacteur de type piscine a eau legere, soit un accelerateur generateur de neutrons de 14 MeV.

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The pier issues and suggested high priority needs are: Approaches or measures are discussed for accident management in relation to direct containment heating. However, the occurrence of small variations related to different geogrophical locations reinforces the concept of geochemical provinces in this basin as revealed by a previous analysis of the chloroform extracts.

The following topics were included: Approximately people representing fifteen different nations attended the meeting. Par ailleurs, la formation en France des sols fossiles du type podzol a ete datee du premier millenaire avant J.

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Une description des solutions de nitrate de trialcoylammonium contenant de l’acide nitrique en exces est proposee. Stratigraphic modeling of organic matter distribution and preservation in deep marine environment. Aquatic ecosystems receive micro-pollutants. The difficulties encountered are lierr and the solutions chosen are detailed.

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His idea is that all organic compounds are based on four main types i. A description of excess nitric acid containing tri-alkyl-ammonium nitrate solutions is proposed. CSNI specialist meeting on simulators and plant analyzers.

Both, improvement of existing methods and recent new developments are included. Les resultats obtenus chez un-certain nombre de malades traites au radium montrent que, si la repartition du radioisotope est souvent essentiellement uniforme, chez certaines personnes sa concentration est deux ou trois fois. Estimates on the reduction of energy consumption of the slaughterhouse and meat-processing industry thus to be achieved are presented.

The principal aim of this work is the study of the influence of natural organic matter, in particularly humic substances HSon the speciation of radionuclides RN.

Part A was a simplified problem intended to test the numerical techniques. The processes studied were conventionnal settling, ballasted flocculation, dissolved air flotation and an innovative enhanced flotation process.

En revanche, lorsqu’on utilise comme lits des fibres synthetiques allongees, les macromolecules orientees de ces dernieres dirigent la croissance des nouvelles chaines du polymere de sorte que le polymere greffe se forme directement a l’etat oriente. Modern training simulators have also features supporting visualisation of the important phenomena occurring in the plant during transients.


techniques du csni: Topics by

Its domain extended from thermal-hydraulics to several other accident domains following the main concerns of nuclear reactor safety, e. In this situation, nuclear regulators as well as nuclear utilities in many countries have developed and implement risk-informed inspection approaches together with more stringent requirements of demonstrating the performance cniema the NDT systems that are to be used for inspection of safety related components which are susceptible to different kind of degradation mechanisms.

Le radium entraine par un precipite de sulfate de baryum est compte par scintillation apres melange du precipite avec du sulfure de zinc. New concepts have been proposed to solve these issues but it appears that these concepts will need to go through a long qualification process to assess their adequacy for the different situations considered in the evaluation of fuel safety, from normal operation to accident conditions.

This Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE progrzmma report describes the results of a research project concerning the development of a new concept for the treatment of wastes from slaughterhouses and catering.

Une etude comparee des risques d’irradiation auxquels le progrqmma du Commissariat a l’Energie atomique CEA a ete expose au cours de l’annee et des resultats du controle des radiations par les moyens de detection collectifs ou individuels montre que les installations du CEA ont une influence negligeable sur la sante, en raison de la surveillance exercee. However, the prediction confirmed some deficiencies of the models progrramma the code concerning vertical and horizontal stratification resulting in a high break mass flow and an erroneous distribution of mass over the primary loops.

Cunema main conclusions are that large amount of data are available for certain popular phenomena e. Nea’s nuclear reactor safety programme is a varied and evolving patch-work of studies, tasks and projects, interspersed with specialist meetings and workshops.

More experiments are needed to confirm the effect of these parameters on TSS recovery efficiency. A method is then given for purifying the lanthanum so as to keep the background noise during counting as low as possible.

The final compost for mixture A exhibited a high concentration Questions were raised concerning the long-term viability of current or added instrumentation. C’est ainsi que le gestionnaire de matieres nucleaires ,ier prendre des dispositions pour garantir la bonne marche des operations et assurer le respect des plans d’execution par une liaison et un controle constants, dans les domaines suivants?