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The last time I trusted a hockey player, I got a miniature Zamboni shoved up my ass. Previously On Sleepaway Camp! This lake isn’t gonna salt itself! Yeah, I’m watching this awesome movie from called Golden Girl about a female athlete who’s been injected with a performance enhancer by her shady German father! The dude’s an asshole! The Cinema Snob – Ninja of the Magnificence was released on:

Though admittedly, Hugh Mobus and Jardon Wambly do great music together. Everyone knows that Hitler was killed when he was shot times in the face by Eli Roth. The Cinema Snob – Sadomania was released on: Dear Cinema Snob, I am deeply offended by your recent—. The Cinema Snob – Child Bride – 3. Hehhehheh , oh don’t worry, you’ll find out later

The Snob even compares it to Nukie.

The Last Seven Days. I look forward to their reality show in the E! Scene of the detective finding Ethel eating the bodies, followed by The End. The Iphone 5C is Iphone 5Colorful 5c can also stand for thenumber “c” is the Roman numeral for or for 5 degreesCelsius centigrade. Ladies, please, there’s no situation that can’t be solved with my penis. And due to the fact that his costume for the video basically amounts to Brad, in his usual attire, doing the Snob voicethis bit of meta-confusion gains another level of hilarity.

The Cinema Snob – Faces of Death was released on: The Cinema Snob – Ninja of the Magnificence was released on: Merge this question into. Hehhehhehoh don’t worry, you’ll find out later Totally the same movie. The Survivor But you know what didn’t survive?


The Cinema Snob checks out the uncut version of this lesser known slasher film. His joke about the film’s title: Do they have to play in my fucking backyard!? And it will vanquish the horrible night.

The Snob suddenly recoils in shock. Dear Cinema Snob; I’m writing to express my concern about telling your audience to call their girlfriends a “Hot-pussied little whore.

Cinema Snob – Sleepaway Camp IV_ The Survivor

It’s getting so hot that the juices coming out of your pussy can burn a hole right through your panties. I thought I was the soon person with a sexy voice. Snob actually manages to make Charles Manson the actual Charles Manson seem funny by splicing in courtroom footage at random points throughout the review.

If her daddy’s poor, just do what you feel.

Later, when the family is eating at an outdoor restaurant and they look off-screen to “find” Rochester the butler. Wouldn’t you trust the word of someone named Dr.

The Cinema Snob – Star Odyssey was released on: I mean, maybe not down cinemz oh, fuck me, he’s a diddler.

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The entirety of the skit about some tortured kids from the cult meeting up as adults. Dear god, sob for your cue. This nosy reporter showed sno saying he was going to expose all of them because he knows Doctor Who. Back where I come from, we called ’em “Baldies. After a moment, the Snob gets up from his chair, walks over to a mirror, and starts snarling, “Don’t you laugh Now I’m perky as shit!


Aka Antropophagus or The Grim Reaper, whatever the case, this is most certainly not delicious. You killed your grocery store supplier! The Professor is narrating over a picture of an elephant dying Professor: The Cinema Snob – Karate Girl was released on: He’s not running any cam; into the ground at all! He’s in full Snob mode in this review, dripping with sarcasm when it comes to his opinion on films like this.

So I’m picturing the director saying: The Erotic Adventures of Dickman and Throbbin. The Cinema Snob picks one of the more controversial giallo entries for his “mystery movie night. The Cinema Snob – Sleepaway Camp was released on: The Gestapo’s Last Orgy.

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The music then switches to the soundtrack from the Friday the 13th NES game. It all works out! Imitating the counselor from earlier “I remember that boy being a pretty damn good beekeeper. Don’t you fucking laugh Good swimmers never ever drown. Split and merge slewpaway it.