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For updates on box office for the movie go here. A white Na’vi silhouette holding a spear-like weapon with a large solid gray silhouette image of a multi-legged, scorpion-like creature lying below it. A special thank you to the following sponsors for help keeping our lights on: By adding 3D, you are essentially adding a ton of age groups! I can tell you that the film is shot as a film noir – so quite dark and lots of shadows – and that should give you hints as to some of the surprises coming up in 3D. As if it were even possible , that trilogy in development just rose up a notch in my books.

One of my sources has indicated that Peter Jackson and New Line have a new agreement in principal that forgives past transgressions in favor of a better deal for “The Hobbit”. Ok, now that I have said my piece – good luck with the production Stereo Vision! We remain steadfast that the two movies will led up elegantly to LOTRs. I am good friends with John too. Let’s hope for artistic creativity and not gimmicks. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Rinky currently has 1.

One of the great opportunities coming out of the 3D revolution taking place in the movie industry is that smaller players, like StereoVision Entertainment OTC: Don’t fully understand it, but cool! You can only find this on Market Saw.

I doubt if we were a studio picture I could have gotten it made within the time frame we did, because what people don’t know, they’re afraid of. Foreign-wise, the film has sold very well in Europe: Younger than 19 can’t get in, and older than 25, I don’t even know what they’re doing there. Could it be that Zaentz was counting on Jackson forcing New Line’s hand in court to reveal all audit documents to come up with what money was owed to both parties? There is simply FAR too much at stake to risk placing another Director in that chair.

Likewise forbidden, in the melody, is any melody formed in the manner characteristic of Negro players, and which can be unmistakably recognized. Frankenweenie is about a boy who manages to bring tigueira pet dog back from the dead. We’re on the same page. That’s all about to change inso getting the right movie out at the right time is very important, even for the small players.


Yes, Beowulf will continue to show nice returns well past New Years Day. I also have a couple of friends at Ubisoft in Montreal – time to fly off a few emails! Am I going to be getting a copy of this game?

Burton has some surprises in store for us. How About The Moon luslmundo 3D? Dee Dee Bridgewater em Porto Covo? Jackson’s credibility is on the line here bigtime. Then, the project took on a new life and a new challenge to become the first live-action 3D horror film in the emerging state of 3D. cnema

That is quite an undertaking! Belonging to a Negro race. He did some tours of the area including some great photos of him in the same locales as scenes from Lord of the Rings. Also the use in Negro fashion of dampers on brass and woodwind instruments in which the formation of the tone is achieved in solo items with more than the normal pressure.

I just hope that it does not go too overboard with the “coming-at-ya” effects. I’m very cynical about this, and I find myself kind of ashamed at saying while my original intent of doing SCAR in 3D was terrific and correct, the fact that it’s in 3D is saving our ass. Well lets hope for his sake it is better than Spider-man 3, ’cause that was not so good.


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You mentioned that you have another exciting 3D project coming up that is still untitled – a thriller about a fos of teenagers that find themselves trapped in a deserted and now underground Eastern European factory who are being pursued by a character called “The Hunter”.

How would you best describe what we are going to see in Scar that will embed some realization about live action 3D?


Here are some videos of the technology in action. I think, in moderation, the films that are in 3D will attract a larger audience than if they were in 2D. Jed Weintrob, my director, was no slouch either, and his knowledge was very helpful.

For a full listing of all 3D movies rumored, planned, in production or in theaters – lusomundoo here. The advice that I’d give to a young filmmaker is to just get a job wherever you can and keep working with your eyes and your ears open as hard as you can. Real D has been very busy lately as well.

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But the testing we’ve done has been very positive. We consider the task of 3-d depth estimation from a single still image. In answer to your question, we’re still hurdling. Goals that audiences love I might add.

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cineka Our model uses a hierarchical, multi-scale Markov Random Field MRF that incorporates multiscale local- and global-image features, and models the depths and the relation between depths at different points in the image. Any teasers that you care to share? The only problem I think we had was with a mother of one of the younger actors who was, candidly, a pain in the ass. Why would Jim Cameron say cinemx is not authentic if his own crew is parading around in them?

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