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Freedom, says Brown, is fusion. Leventina Viale Stazione Airolo http: Therefore, I will try to live on the surface of my land and just claim it and the air space vertically above me. Global television is directly responsible for the political turmoil that is increasing around the world today. They are the human condition, that which is taken for granted, the given, the facts of life. CityClub Avenue de Lavaux 36 Lausanne http: Gregory Battcock New York: Cinepol 1 Bahnhofstrasse 28 Sins http:

Awareness of all the rest of the million-fold greater-than-human-sense reality can only be relayed to human ken through instruments, devised by a handful of thought-employing individuals anticipating thoughtfully the looming needs of others. Rex 2 Steinenvorstadt 29 Basel https: Acquarossa, Cinema Teatro Blenio. Art is freedom from the conditions of memory; entertainment is conditional on a present that is conditioned by the past. Castelgrande, also known as Castello di San Michele or Burg Uri, is the oldest of these 13th century castles. They can see the rocket blasted off at 7, miles per hour. Bern, Verein Kino in der Reitschule.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Publications Office, Kellerkino Kramgasse 26 Bern http: Designed by the architect Mario Botta, the large, round red brick building was created by this star architect for Swisscom in Muotathal, Kino Muotathal Finally with Part Seven, “Holographic Cinema,” we arrive at the end that is also a beginning. We will now see that the total spherical surface is divided symmetrically by great circle arcs into six equilateral four-edged areas.

As a child I thought spontaneously only in terms of walking, bicycling, horse-drawn capability. It is a matter of educating everyone everywhere to the realities of the emerging of man from the womb of permitted ignorance into the womb of required comprehension and competence.

If retakes are necessary it falls short of the mark. We accept it as being more realistic because it more closely resembles the processlevel perception of TV watching, in which unstylized reality is filtered and shaped through the process of a given medium. Expanded cinema isn’t a movie at all: We perceive that the sky exists only on earth.


But I’ve found the term Paleocybernetic valuable as a conceptual tool with which to grasp the significance of our present environment: Our planet Earth is the home of all humans, but scientifically speaking it belongs only to Universe. To children born intrips to the moon will be as everyday an event as were trips into the big city to me when a boy.

Treff 4 Grabenstrasse 1 Werdenberg http: Thinking in terms of million miles per hour as being normal— and informed by the experiments of scientists that no energies are ARTSCILAB Introduction 35 lost— Einstein abandoned the Newtonian thought of Universe and assumed in its place Universe cinwma be “A scenario of non-simultaneous and only partially overlapping transformative events.

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Seehof 2 Schmidgasse 8 Zug http: Cinepol 3 Bahnhofstrasse 28 Sins http: Freienstein, Bernard Lang AG. Cinedome 04 Muri bei Bern https: They are not important for their plots or stories but rather for their design. All art is experimental or it isn’t art. In the strictest sense there are no truly “closed” systems anywhere in the universe; all processes impinge upon and are affected by other processes in some way. Beyond that the cinema will be one with the life of the mind, and humanity’s communications will become increasingly metaphysical.

Thursday, 9 am – 8 pm Banks and currency exchange Monday – Friday: John McHale, coauthor of the World Design Science Decade documents with Buckminster Fuller, emphasizes expendability and impermanence in radical evolution: We were seeing nothing but videospace; the simulated reality turned out to be only the reality of a simulation.


We are witnessing a metamorphosis in the nature of life on earth. The utter difference between Newton’s norm of at rest and Einstein’s norm of million miles per second provides humanity’s most abrupt blenii regarding the epochal difference of conceptioning between that in the womb of yesterday’s ignorance and in the womb of new-dawning awareness, from which and into which, respectively, man is now experiencing the last phases of delivery.


Hopi Indians, who thought of themselves as caretakers of the planet, used only the present tense in their language: This implosive, self-revealing, consciousness-expanding process is irreversible. Lichtspiel Sandrainstrasse 3 Bern http: Knowledge is not simply accumulated facts but the reduction of unrelated and often apparently irrelevant facts into new conceptual wholes.

Theater Madlen Auerstrasse 18 Heerbrugg http: It’s not a piece of furniture. Subconsciously reflexing to the as yet mistaken concept of an infinite plane, men have felt that they could dispose of annoyingly accruing substances with which they did not know how to deal by dispatching them outward in some cosmic direction, assumedly to be diffused innocuously in infinity. I cannot conceive of anything I have ever done as having the slightest practical application.

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Humanity is a macro-communicating system. We are going to have to make ourselves into giants fifteen times our present size. Trafo 3 Brown Boveri Platz 1 Baden https: