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Haven’t been to allkpop because I know they would have put something up about it Kepp up the good work: Simply put, Tae Ha finds her beautiful and graceful, and is intrigued. She accepts the sacrifice and the burden that goes with it. Great acting on the other hand…. Unfortunately, the OST available in iTunes does not include that song. Snow Flower November 9, at 5:

Aw, the community Chuno experience sounds way awesome! I will like to say that any assumption that some how ties the “Geum Deung Ji Sa” as a “Treatise” that deals with the “emancipation” of woman. I found a lot to enjoy in it. Can I do that? Then, the scene when Daegil is drunk and uses her as a blanket: He overcame his cowardice to save her from the Qing. Drama Fan July 28, at 2:

I used to watch telenovelas before spanish soap operas which are at least 80 episodes each and of much inferior quality so at the beginning, QSD didnt seem too long!

They reunite and live HEA!! Drqmacrazy me of new comments via email. Probably because the original case she carried — of iron or steel or modern alloy– didn’t last throughout her time-jumping. I found the dynamic between Seolhwa and Dae Gil sweetly tragic, dramactazy Seolhwa actually knows that Dae Gil only has room in his heart for Eonnyeon.

Sun Joon rudely pushed passed him and the other guy sitting next to him spilling their drinks ad money all over the table with out saying he was sorry when he thought he saw the corrupt guard Yoon. Out of the seven!

I hope you are happy. Episode 6 by Helcat. I have to give Chuno a second try! In episode 21, tragically, Hanseom dies, betrayed by Jo Seonbi. Yoon-hee and her father hcuno is so touching and heart felt I can’t stop crying. I wish, that little tousle they had was my highlight.

Mighty painful memories, to be sure.

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The heart wants what it wants. Yup, there is something special in TV community experiences. Smile, You is a fairly cute weekend drama, 45 eps. I am mourning the slain Wudalchi.


drsmacrazy And I agree with you that Korean Neo-Confucian social hierarchy as it developed throughout the Joseon Dynasty came to depend upon plentiful free labor of slaves. The Quartet’s carelessness is just thrown at his face time and time again. He reappears dressed in Red Messenger gear and manages to lead away at least half the guards.

I was waiting for this. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. I started caring for them more.


I love sageuk but Im aware of the fact that the majority of them can be draggy, dense, slow, etc so now I try to be more careful with my choices, since in general I dislike leaving things unfinished.

Now that he knows his son is involved as well as other SKK studentswhat better way to keep an eye on his prodigal son than by using In-soo?

His denial is so strong that he literally only seems to realize the truth of that fact when Dae Gil spells it out for him in episode He hems and haws about moving without royal orders, but Young points out that he so quickly defied royal orders when he and his men accepted bribes and turned on Gongmin, which the guard agrees with sheepishly.

Precisely because Dae Gil is shown having an actual relationship with Eonnyeon, and seriously planning to actually do these things that he talks of, shows us plainly that this is something that he truly believes. Feeling uneasy, Yong-ha joins them, looking for Yoon-hee. Romance-wise, I thought Zenkai Girl was rather cute. Choi Young is taken anyway.

Way to go, Joo Won-ah!! CHOI, both of whom are affiliated with an island-based soap factory currently in dire straits because of Jangin Chemicals. Another surprise would come if there would be another person in the carriage as envoy — maybe an older man, real Hwata who came to take his pupil back to present time so she would not meddle in the history too much So I did it. When the two men first meet, they are on opposite sides; the hunter and the hunted.


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Gracious words, to be sure. As Gun practices his proposal to Se-ra outside, Mi-young rushes forward to save a toddler from wandering into danger. It is only in episode 20, after many, many episodes of internal grappling, that Tae Ha seems to finally get over the fact that Eonnyeon used to be a slave.

I love the running gag where she basically wraps Wang Son around her little finger, artfully getting her way while coquettishly hinting at non-existent rewards of the bedroom variety. I do like him in some of the scenes, albeit being small, where he is not over-acting because it shows a bit more into his character.

i am actually currently following 4 dramas:

There is simply No. Epic review of an epic drama. Because the darkness around him has lifted, he is now finally able to see her pure heart beneath her awkward affliction.

I found this scene moving for showing us the sacrificial spirit behind their higher yearning for epieode better world. So she quickly says okay. But there is some sadness thinking how would it look like if this show would have benefited from great directing and enough time for good writing and great editing.

Which then makes an extremely naive and dim heroine like Mi-young a little too dated by modern dramaland standards.