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The Earthbounder said on Jan. I have played threw the game twice, and I never shed a tear or felt sad? Yes, the Rick and Morty copypasta was used twice for comedic effect here. None of these games made me cry. Final Fantasy suck I see all the endings and Mother 3 is the best oh I remenber now I have found one Mother 3 unesed music you need the debug room code then you go to Hightway and get a Mr Saturn coffee table then go to chapter 1 by Flint before enter the Sunshine Forest you get out of the coffee table and here it is Sorry my Bad English. Sound Battalion is a way to practice rhythm battles. The ending monologue is in Italian and Japanese. Wait, I remember what makes MGS3 a tear-jerker:

I’m filled with so much frustration. I found a much stronger emotional impact from the beginning when the serious event that sets the games events in motion occurs. I just played the game for the first time this past week and after playing it like crazy, I just got done a few days ago. Its official weakness is PK Rockin’ but since Luna isn’t in the party, you can’t exploit it. Mother 3 is a wonderful game with a beautiful story and a philosophy about life, free will, future, destiny, society and the dreams and desires of humankind, but it is still just a game. Only full 16 hit combos will deal damage to it! Qiezei said on Jan.

Mother 3 – Chapter 8 – Episode 12

With that, Luna gives one last glance back at her bandmates and sets off with her sisters to continue to find answers to what is happening. The other member here today is Hokori.


Because I don’t think I’m skilled enough to pull episodw a 16 hit combo every time. But of course half of the games made chaptter Key are on this list.

As much of a regretful, depressing waste of time as anything else, and the deeply disheartening destruction of a franchise like Final Fantasy, that used to be once associated with quality product. WallHack said on Jan. I have to admit, I shed tears of joy as well when Tidus finally died. The Wicked Axe tried a jam session! Luan takes 29 damage, Lucy takes 27 damage!

Mother 3 – Chapter 2 – Episode 5

Paper Mario and Phoenix Wright games, amongst others, make me shed a tear too. Mother 3 was a tear-jerker, but not as much so as Air or Clannad.

The fans understand this stuff; They have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of her music, to realize they’re not just audibly pleasing, they say something deep about life. If that doesn’t tip you off, their catchphrase for the entire band is “occupo mi fuori”, which is Italian for Ace Savvy’s catchphrase, deal me out.

In Mother 3, while I felt for the characters, I never actually cried. She was probably one of the flattest characters in any video game someone rpisode to say it. Nessgeek said on Jan. You’re gonna turn blue now! Luan and Lucy attempt to do so but are stopped by Hikikomori.

Chuggaaconroy Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door / Funny – TV Tropes

I declare shenanigans on this list! Zinco said on Jan. Final Fantasy VII 8: Same thing with Motjer, but Claus is another story. Qiezei said on Jan. Yes, the fate of several characters in Okami is pretty depressing. First 3 hits, then 2, then 8, then 7, then 13, then 9, then a full 16 hit combo! Sure Aeris Yes I say Aeris died, big whoop.


When I finished the game, I cried all thru the credits and at least for fifteen minutes afterwords. At the end, you can grow to see how much Claus was wanted in loved.

And of course 3 of the top 10 are Key games. Yes, Mother 3 has lots of legitimately sad moments moments, like the tragic death of a major character in the first chapter, and the masterful final battle of the game, to go along with the profound chuggaaconryo beautiful story of the game itself, throughout.

His appearance is way more epieode than normal. Everyone abhors my jokes! It is impossible mothdr lose against them, since they give you second chances if you lose and they play the same thing each time. Also I think Mother 2 was rated the 5th best Nintendo game in a recent Famitsu poll. Anything else you can think of that should be on here?

Basically, people got so angry at failing this boss fight so much, they just took a flamethrower and incinerated him. Converted Edition So, what do you think? SimplyGnawful said on Jan. Lessten said on Jan.