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When you submit a report, we’ll investigate it and take the appropriate action. I’ve had an issue where I left it casting for a while, but the phone seemed to forget and shut it off. I literally have to restart my phone every time I go to cast. This information will be visible to anyone who visits or subscribes to notifications for this post. Jan 13, 9. It still communicates through your router in both cases. The ChromeCast handles all the data traffic and keeps playing, even without a connection to the sending app. It has nothing to do with internet connection, speed, distance from the TV, or battery saving mode.

Jan 10, 4. Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Platinum Product Expert — Seasoned members who contribute beyond providing help through mentoring, creating content, and more. Had the same issue you’re describing with my S7E occasionally. I’ve been researching this problem for the past week. Do you already have an account?

I’ll disconnectung if I discover anything further that seems to point toward the disconnectiny, but after reading your description of how your app works I’m pretty convinced that this isn’t your issue. Plus my friends s7, my old phone, has no issue? Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. BeyondPod, on the other hand, can play content from any site with an RSS feed, and has no control over how the publishers’ servers are configured. Are you a developer? Try searching or browse recent questions.

Chromecast Disconnects after 2 seconds | Android TV Forums

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I am able to cast all my music with Google Music just fine and without interruptions, i just haven’t tried the podcasts yet. Original Poster – Samantha Lee. I even reinstall the Google Home. Chromecast Disconnects after 2 seconds Discussion in ‘ Google Chromecast ‘ started by yushiJan 10, What i’ve gathered so far is that some process interferes with mirroring after my phone has been running for a while Anyone having issue unable to screen cast from Google Home to chromecast?


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Is the PC connected via wire or wifi? It makes absolutely no difference to the ChromeCast playback whatsoever, except that BeyondPod no longer remembers that it’s casting. Then i select it, the connection is then stablished, the cell phone screen appears on TV, but imediatelly the chromecast app shows the “Disconnecting” message, automaticaly.

If wired, that should also work. There is no issue casting directly from apps such as youtube etc, but I want to mirror cast my screen. Jan 10, 6.

Chromecast Disconnects after 2 seconds

Google Music, Google Play, Netflix etc. I guess not, then. Marked as Recommended Answer. Just found this app by Samsung called “ScreenMirroring Patch”, will try out after work. I’d try it again. It’s still less bandwidth load on the bands, but it can be subject to issues if the router doesn’t bridge the two networks efficiently. Assuming your podcasts have been downloaded, can you delete one of the episodes in question, and stream on your phone without using ChromeCast?

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Screen Mirror Not Working via Google Home (Chromecast)

No answers, not even a mention of anyone else having the issue. I’ve been researching this problem for the past week. A Different Take on Foldables February 24, The Nokia 1 Plus, Nokia 3. This question is locked and replying has been disabled. We’ll get caast to you only if we require additional details or have more information to share.


When in click in cast screen, the app finds my chromecast device connected to the TV. Also having the same issue. If it starts at the beginning, that’s an indication that the server isn’t capable of responding to BeyondPod’s request to start playback at a particular point in the file.

XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Log in or Sign up. It has happened with the two feeds that I have tried. I’m trying to mirror my cell phone scredn throug chromecast app.

It worked usually does after a restart ,but I’ll will check again tomorrow. It’s not WiFi Direct like Miracast. However, Chromecast can mirror screen just fine on my S4 that’s on the same network. Unable to update subscription. This reply is no longer available. Are you sure you want to continue?

I don’t have a fix, but I have found a work-around for this problem. Screen Casting is high load on the system, so it could be heat or stress related. Unable to delete question. If there is an easy fix in the Menu Settings, please post. Maybe Netflix doesn’t let the phone sleep or something, but I find that unlikely. I searched for a bout 10 days after I got my phone and found nothing about this.