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The Five Stars are heavy on spoilers for Doctor Strange. Clean Creature Royale Episode 3! In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave take an extra long break between parts 1 and 2 before getting into an episode that features a comic book created by a yokai. In this week’s episode, the Jetmen are stunned by defeat in hand to hand combat – and also in golf and Dave updates us on his lifestyle brand and the guys share more thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy before diving into a TV Shows – Super Sentai.

Trust us, you do not w The guys discuss Mario Maker and reveal some rejected titles for season 2 of the show. This week’s villain is Viscount Cherry Blossom! Babywatch, Pizza Club, and Dick In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave chat about the weather and some “backstage” Dairanger footage. Summer trips are happening and Matt is doing a whole lot of walking. Onbu-Obake voice Tatsuyuki Jinnai On this week’s episode, Dave and Matt marvel at the quality of the show really!

In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave talk more Fallout 4, offer some spoiler free thoughts on Civil War, and then get into a very interesting episode of Jetman. In this week’s “award winning” five stars segment, Dave reveals possibly the best trophy ever given.

In the yearthe Machine Empire of Baranoia, led epidode Emperor Bacchushund, invades Earth with the intention of wiping out all human life and bringing about machine rule. Oshin Episode Or stream, I guess.

In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave talk about all sorts of Italian food before watching a packed full episode that features an oddly depressing moment focused around a couple of dogs. Creature Royale Episode 2! Go ahead, have another look at the episode title. Matt gets a monogrammed robe and Dave has some sound investment advice before they talk about a pretty fun episode with a pretty weak villain.

In the yearBacchushund returned to Earth as the ruler of the Baranoia Empire, with the intention of wiping out all human life and bring about machine rule. Matt gets a monogrammed robe and Dave has some sound investment advice before they talk about a pretty fun episode with a pretty weak villain. Tune in this week to hear the guys discuss an episode so good, they can’t find any Low Points!


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Wherein Dave is Very Tired. How are we already halfway through Ohranger? Dave is back from his family’s summer trip! Okay, look, I edited this show a day or two ago, and I forget what the five stars were about this week. Listen in to hear a surprising amount of non-football related talk about Philadelphia, PA, and an increasingly silly and fun episode of Ohranger.

Tune in and find out. Matt and Dave forego the Five Stars for their regular double-episode review of the end of Ohranger!

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. A New Shogun 1: In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave discuss plans for the next few weeks of Super Sentai Brothers and look ahead to what is coming next!

Wherein Someone is Madder Than Max. In which a very surprising robot-related secret is revealed! Matt and Dave catch everybody up on where the show has been and where it is going before jumping into a brand new series of Sentai! Hey, there’s an ancient robot from the time before the continents split who grants wishes.

It is just the very normal, run of the mill scenario wherein a father builds a cybernetic replacement for his son peisode he can’t deal with the pain of losing him. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. In this week’s episode, Dave shares his excitement for an upcoming LARP event, Matt provides a mysterious Bus Update, and the guys geek out over old Sierra games and the return of the beloved Kings Quest franchise.


This week, she stood alone at A View to a Kakuranger Episode 23 – Ohrange I watched the episode and edited the podcast, and I’m still not sure I understand what is going on. We also see the exciting conclusion of the Pot Taoist’s story! Be sure to join us on Tuesday for the start of a whole new season of Super Sentai Brothers! Riki Kingranger banished Bacchus Wrath from earth.


Tune in to hear about about a lady consuming a live dog. Well, in a manner of speaking But in this week’s episode I’m not even sure, man. Chief Counsellor Miura revives super energies that had been born of ohranter lost civilization of Pangaea.

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No time for show notes, Dr. The Miracle Fortress Mi yo! Start your free trial. Links Podcast Website Report a Concern. Meanwhile, Ryu continues his efforts to bring the team together, while Gui the black ranger resists. Dave has some follow up thoughts eepisode a few of his stars from last week, Matt turned a flash flood into an impromptu midnight pool party, and Bomber Guy setnai from exile to seize control of the Baranoia Empire. Who is the greatest villain so far in the eyes of the Super Sentai Brothers?

Watch this week’s episode Meanwhile, the Jetman team continu Wherein Things get Quite Weird. Casino Ringuranger Episode 1 – Ring the Bell!! What is the strangest slogan a Virginian Winery might use? All these questions and more will be answered in this week The final episodes of Jetman.