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As the tournament begins, Chinmi was reunited with Xu Fang, but it turns out that he was brainwashed by an assassin who plotted to use him to kill the Emperor. General Boru faces the terrified citizens, intending to massacre them all. He is talented in martial arts, and used to play with his pet monkey named Goku in the forests, giving him great agility. Chinmi tasted true defeat for the first time against Oudow, but later the Old Man told him the secret of Dairin Temple’s forbidden move: After a grueling fight, Chinmi manages to knock out Soubi. Eventually, they’re rescued by the rest of Chao Liu’s fleet. Chinmi’s students tie Jin Tan to a rope, and he jumps below the bridge to save Chinmi and Yan, barely escaping as the bridge collapses. Amal Houaija Audio Recording:

This, however, is t Master Ryukai and Chinmi’s students build a rope to save them. Toshie Sakamoto as Raichi. Eventually, the guard reserve were overpowered by the resistance and surrendered. En route to the capital, Chinmi attended his sister’s wedding. Chinmi was discovered as he was eavesdropping on their conversation and got knocked overboard the flagship during a struggle. This article has multiple issues. Game Reviews Columns incl.

Views Features Reviews Columns. Chinmi and Pu Shin barely escapes and falls into the river.

Kungfu Boy Bahasa Indonesia – Episode 1 – New Chinmi Kungfu Boy 2014 Full HD

Fatima Saad as Seray. Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi Dan Dan inadvertently overhears the plot and rescued Renka, allowing Chinmi to restore Xu Fang’s mind in the final battle and foiling the assassin’s plot to kill the Emperor.

This page was last edited on 17 Februaryat The smuggled Chinmi and Pu Shin into the region, but were later arrested.

Hajime Koseki as Zangi. The Admiral discovered the rouse, but was arrested by the mutineers. Losing, the guard reserve made a desperate dash towards the palace, but were stopped when the resistance group managed to use a cannon against them. Archived from the original on As a teacher, Chinmi garnered a group of students, including the notorious and rebellious Gunte; though he later becomes enchanted with Chinmi’s bravery and virtue to actually be more tolerant with his friends.


They both, before Chinmi’s going to explore his talent in kungfu in Dairin temple, lived near the Choko River in a small restaurant owned by them. Eventually, the guard reserve were overpowered by the resistance and surrendered. They crash somewhat safely into a river bridge. The others surround Jirai in his private suite but he managed to escape. Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. News News chronological archives Retrieved from ” https: Chinmi is an orphan teenage that only have an older sister, Mei Lin.

Nobuyuki Sugaya ep 6 Takeshi Fukuda 17 episodes eps,20 Executive producer: The Emperor invites him to participate in the upcoming annual national tournament of martial arts. The townspeople are relieved that nobody was hurt, and Chinmi comforts Yan as she breaks down into tears. Despite his best efforts, Chinmi is cornered and used the forbidden move, crippling Oudow. Despite his initial hesitation, Chinmi humbly accepts the award with encouragement from the head monk. He gained a friendly rival, Xu Fang.

Rebecca Silverman digs in. That happened to me this week. Filled to the brim, the dam collapses, swelling the river immensely and flooding many crop fields. Please help improve it by replacing them with more appropriate citations to reliable, independent, third-party sources. Registering is freeeasyand private. Chinmi joined the resistance movement led by Ho Jun, the former princess and sole survivor of the previous royal family.

The Chinese Emperor personally nominates Chinmi for the country’s Outstanding Contribution Award, citing his various significant victories during the past years. Kenichi Ohnuki Art Director: Chika Sakamoto as Chinmi. It is centered on the story of a boy called Chinmi who learns Kung Fu by fighting progressively more challenging foes.


Soubi confronts Chinmi again, and this time Chinmi defeats Soubi who falls to his death. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Unable to take her with him, the General requests Chinmi to find boarding for his daughter at the town.

Kung Fu Boy Chinmi (TV)

The marines abandoned ship and jumped to the sea, cinmi Chinmi, Xu Fang, and Dan Dan jumped to the other side of the sinking ship to reunite with Chao Liu and Han Zhou. Gunte and the accompanying team also manage to defeat various opponents. Sabat as Ayame Ashi ProductionsToho.

Have you seen this? General Boru faces the terrified citizens, intending to massacre them all. Kenichi Ohnuki Animation Director: Requiem for Victims Dancouga: Raefa Ahmad as Meirin.

Kungfu Boy Bahasa Indonesia – Episode 1 – New Chinmi Kungfu Boy Full HD – video dailymotion

Shigeru Nakahara as Kintan. They arrive at the border of Ka Nan, and are refused entry into the region.

Yuko Sasaki as Meiling. Jirai closed the Kourin Temple, and banned any freedom of assembly, weapons, or martial arts in Ka Nan. The village and Dairin Kyngfu is alerted, and Master Ryukai and various others arrive to help the villagers evacuate.

Login or Register forgot it? The liberation plan is a success. Asami Mukaidono as Shifan. After a lengthy chase, Chinmi and his apprentice Gunte finds the princess taken captive by bandit warlord Zeigan of the Mualong region, and held prisoner in his castle.