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When we sort out this hosting situation we will have a new host and hopefully a better server with better performance, AS WELL as a completely new version of GamerCraft, with a brand new set of bugs. Now you are able to play the same pack, as they do, and join the adventure! Welcome to Alone, a modpack for 1. Endeavour Leaderboards Servers Streams Videos 0. Technicality Leaderboards Servers Streams Videos. Revelations server can be found on the ThinkMC Network! But you want something with that’s hard to make you work for it.. Your oxygen, heat, hunger, and thirst are all factors in your fate along with the enemies clawing their way to you.

Keep up to date! This pack also features some small twists along the way, like hydration. This pack aims at providing a complete, believable and smooth experience from stone age to interstellar travel, with heavy engineering content in mind and guided with quests and manuals. You must battle the hostile environment while scavenging what you can to survive. Progression is fun on it’s own – and quite fast – but end game is where the real fun is at. Server Owners you can use Share Codes to help your players build an instance compatible for your server. The name says it all. Now with challenges for YOU.

Everything is based around GregTech. SpongeCraft is a fun mod testing pack to explore what mods are offered with the latest version of Minecraft that supports mods.

Skullcracker Pack has many mods that all work together to bring satisfaction! It’s here, and waiting for you. Food is less filling, but there are more options that span the range between basic crops and feasts. In Skyblock Unleashed manually grinding cobblestone for hours is a thing of the past.

Based around Minecolonies, Toroquest, and Filez Awareness, and featuring favorites old and new such as Tinker’s Construct, Quark, Rustic, and Dungeon Tactics, Dark Age provides a compelling world with a variety of engaging play styles. Genesis is a lightweight chmineyswift11 sink pack featuring the most content heavy tech, magic, and decoration mods.


The Minecraft Files – #264 – Medieval Barracks! (HD)

chimneyseift11 Arcana Leaderboards Servers Streams Videos 1. You will die of thirst. The aim of the pack is to unlock Draconic Evolution which requires you to launch your spaceship through Futurepack. More informations can be found here: Download and play today! While you’re at it, why not crack open some Lucky Blocks!

A magically themed modpack that introduces the magic in a subtle yet beautiful environment – The modpack uses Alternate terrain generator and streams to produce a realistic and stunning landscape, Thaumcraft, Ar’s magicka, Witchery and Botania form the main magical components of the modpack. It includes many mods that most packs don’t have, as well as some of the newer mods that just haven’t seen much light.

Jester starts to rage! Following the events of the excavation into the Icelandic volcano, something terrible has been unleashed upon the world. Many hoped they would never be needed. Includes mods built by the author Flenix, adding things like an economy! Skipping many of the common ‘tech’ mods like IC2this pack still filrs you to get out dhimneyswift11 your base and look for resources.

No matter what you are into, you will be able to explore and have fun. Colossus Leaderboards Servers Streams Videos. The idea behind this game is simple: You will die of hunger.

Do you love playing Skyblock but feel progress is slow, resources scarce and your creativity limited?

Top Videos from Minecraft Videos – Chimney Swift 11 – Page 6

Want to stay at home, developing machinary to improve your life style? Off in the distance you notice a big wall with buildings behind it. We are currently running 1. This pack is meant to be a spiced up vanilla by adding more blocks to build for players that like to build, or even sightly enhanced difficulty for more PvE players.


This pack is not for the light of heart, as it will challenge you beyond that of a typical mod pack.

W Leaderboards Servers Streams Videos 1. This is a mod pack consisting of a many mod as can be found that depend on or directly support Thermal Foundation. I’m back at long last with season 5 of Modded Minecraft with Nightdagger, and this time the pack download is being hosted by ATLauncher!

Brace chimneyewift11 for the ultimate hard-mode modern modpack! Created to keep the original feel of Minecraft’s procedurally generated worlds, you’ll experience new filws, custom dungeons and a progression system with a central quest hub structure to tie it all together.

Minecraft: The Templar Story #8 w/ Chim & Seamus (HD)

Featuring quests, overhauled movement, tons of new blocks and weapons, and WorldEdit, this pack is geared towards designing Adventure Maps and CTM maps. This modpack was created to be a bit harder than the regular “big” modpacks.

There is jinecraft “progression” to grind your way through more than you’re already familiar with. Please take the time to post it on GitHub linked below.

With things like Lycanite’s mobs, you will need to travel quite the journey in order to get that special mob drop that you have wanted to get your hands on.