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We may contact the ticket holder for the above purposes by post, email, telephone or text messaging to SMS enabled devices depending on the information they have provided to WMCA. Season Tickets and Travelcard Seasons for 1 month or more. Refunds are not available for tickets purchased on bus or tram services. Some Train Operators continue to accept business cheques and bankers drafts. For travel from a station outside the London Travelcard area There is also no admin fee for a changeover. Monthly Season Tickets offer great savings compared to buying four individual Seven Day season tickets. Railcard discounts are not available on Season Tickets, as these tickets are already heavily discounted.

Multiple Train Operating Companies. London Underground issue Customer Charter Vouchers to customers who have made legitimate claims for delays or cancellations to Underground train services. Please visit our website networkwestmidlands. When there is a duty to disclose in the public interest 6. They are not exchangeable for cash and change cannot be given if the cost of the ticket s purchased is less than the value of voucher s tendered. Company cheques are accepted at ticket offices in payment for Annual Season Tickets only and only in the following circumstances:. National Transport Tokens are accepted by all Train Companies in payment, or part payment, for travel tickets and associated facilities e. WMCA must be notified as soon as possible of any cases of long term sickness.

If the start date is any another day, the ticket may be issued after noon on the previous day. Current Ticket may be surrendered for renewal.

Ticket Holder Obligations 1. If you make the same journey more than three times a week you may find that, on the majority of routes, Season Tickets offer better value for money compared to buying daily tickets. WMCA at its sole discretion reserves the right to issue a replacement travel ticket if travel tickets are lost, faded, or damaged.

To enable us to conduct surveys 6. It should be pointed out that Ticket Offices regardless of operator are likely to have an upper limit on the amount they can refund on the spot. Ask at the ticket office for more details and price. Other regional Rail Rovers may be available but usually have some time restrictions during peak hours – more information can be found on our Special Offers page.


WMCA must be notified as soon as possible of any cases of long term sickness. Use PlusBus for your journeys to the shops, leisure attractions and to visit your friends!

You can buy a season ticket at any staffed ticket office.

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If you would like to report any issues you’re having with the app, please click here. The refund will be paid to the Company or the individual, depending on the terms and conditions of the season ticket loan agreement between the ticket holder and the Company.

The table below summarises when you can purchase or renew your Season Ticket or Travelcard:. Please note the following exceptions:. Compensation vouchers issued due to service delays cannot be used as part or full payment towards a ticket. You may be able to buy your non-smartcard Season Ticket before the day it is due to start.

Season Tickets allow unlimited travel in both directions between the stations specified. Ownership of the ticket will then be subject to the terms and conditions of the season ticket loan agreement between the member of staff and the Company.

To enable us to provide anonymous data to the Department for Transport if requested by them 6. Season Tickets and Travelcard Seasons for 1 month or more.

Chiltern Season Ticket Refund

How long is a Season Ticket valid for? WMCA will not reimburse any travel tickets that have been purchased as a result. Plan your journey Plan your journey From. For research and analysis including travel patterns 6. If you already have a Photocard, you may be able to buy seven day season tickets at self-service ticket vending machines.


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Photocards do not have an expiry date and can be reused when a season ticket expires. The ticket remains the property of WMCA until it has been fully paid for by either the Company or the ticket holder.

Please type your station name Search by postcode.

Point-to-point season tickets are only to be used for travel between the origin and destination stations tickef on the specific ticket. When purchasing a ticket or product on a Swift Card, separate terms and conditions will apply which are available at www.

Information shown might not apply to National Rail products purchased at independent rail licensed travel agents or from other third party retailers. The ticket may be issued anytime up to seven days in advance.

Season Tickets

American Express Delta Mastercard Maestro Visa JCB Cheques – Details of payment by cheque Rail travel vouchers A Rail Warrant issued by your employer Some train companies may also allow you to spread the cost of the season railwaus by paying with Direct Debit — please ask when purchasing for more information.

You can pay for your season ticket in the following ways: Railcards Railcard discounts are not available chequr Season Tickets, as these tickets are already heavily discounted.

To avoid the queues, it’s best to avoid buying your ticket on weekday mornings See table above for when to buy or renew Season Tickets. Self-service ticket machines at National Rail stations will accept a more limited range of payment.

They are valid for set periods to match your train season ticket: