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When she found the scrapbook I was overwhelmed with happiness. I almost cried seeing the scrapbook. This anime is a pure gem. They’re going to the finals and they even managed to impress Ms. I certainly did not. Chihaya finds Taichi in the club room: That’s how the game looks like minus the dramatic watches. You want to throw down?

Skip to content Good things come to those who wait and excellent things have come today to all Chihayafuru fans: October 11, at 2: I agree what you said about Inaho but I still think he is cold in a different way. Interesting for her to arrange them by seasons, but I guess maybe it won’t work? That scrapbook scene was sweet. But can someone tell me why they were at Omi Jingu?

I’m so glad Tennis Empress realized that the Karuta team is important. A True Theatrical Gundam Experience.

With that out of the way, let me begin. He should have recognised that he was being very disrespectful towards both girls, and ended the relationship before trying to approach Chihaya. Chihaya’s family seems nice despite neglecting Chihaya too much: Skip to content Good things come to those who wait and excellent things have come today to all Chihayafuru fans: Turns out this episode centers around Chihaya becoming class A, Taichi’s slowly loving back the game, and the ever shocking Arata not loving the game anymore well not really because I kinda saw it coming after his grandfather died, but you know Chihaya was shocked and so will I be.

If episide is the case she grow up a one bit. What that scene shows is that they never needed to realize such a thing.

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Did anyone get any brownies? And even though her heart is breaking, she smiles so brightly and encouragingly, asking him to convey his own feelings to the person he likes. Anyways, I’m loving this anime! That scene brought a smile on my face.

And he was upset about how Arata begged Suou to stay because he really wanted ot defeat him? Love is War Production Notes Kubo Mitsurou and the kiss?

Notify me of new comments via email. Also not-so loving the fact her parents only now stop neglecting her because she reached the paper. However, a confession is something that typically happens only once, and the outcome is usually irreversible. Why are they giving a break on 27th? Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Studying, questioning, understanding and practicing.

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Language is My Life Key elements in anime production: October 14, at I got all teary eyed when chihaya saw her photo album. Kubo Mitsurou talks Yuri!!! So basically after every round you pass a card to your opponent, as for what purpose? I think Taichi does have passion for karuta. Once again amazing episode. It’s a good thing Taichi is there to make sure that Chihaya has her confidence!

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Are you fully aware of the real world? The story follows chihayfuru adventures of High schooler Chihaya Ayase and her Karuta teammates trying to be the best Karuta players of Japan. Even if there’s a clear difference in level among the members of the club, it’s great how everyone has an important role to play in the team, no matter how small it may be.

Please tell the person you like, too, of your feelings. Winter Mid-Season Check-in. October 13, at 2: And yay, grandma finally warmed up to Karuta, i knew she would eventually. You are commenting using your WordPress. But since she first lost to him at the Fujisaki Camp, Chihaya has realised that Taichi, too, has his own goals in karuta, including the strong desire to defeat her.


One of the greatest mysteries — or debates, if you will — in Chihayafuru has centred around why Taichi has continued to suffer beside Chihaya for so long. BBCode “I like to expose what people hide. Shortly later, pihoy the third years of Fujisaki Shizuoka PrefectureHokuo Tokyo and Houmei Tokyo celebrate their final day at school, phones start to chime with messages from Chihaya.

But I do try my best to be fair.

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Well, I’m trying to catch up the weekly airing and at the same time I freakin love pinnoy series. Chihaya demands to play the decider, but Taichi declines — after all, those rules put Chihaya at a disadvantage. Harada yells at us to go for and reach our goals, or to follow a particular theme… But playing by these silly rules today was heaps of fun! Make no mistake about it. Notify me of new posts via email. Unless otherwise noted, all Japanese, Korean and Chinese names will appear in surname-given name order on this blog.

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