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I did in this way when i purchased mine. I was in australia in february and visited lightow. The wood pieces were executed adequately. The Norinco has a short inch overall length and a inch barrel. As for a bullet point review:. Can we vouch for the work? I would like to assure you that to my knowledge he is not an employee.

It is an odd sensation to work through the various levels of the first-person shooter game Call of Duty: You do have to pull the lever a bit violently to get a spent shell to eject, which took her a few attempts to get the hang of:. July 11, at 2: We hate to say that this matchup was over before the shooting began, but it very nearly was. I could not possibly be more with them on the whole replica thing but I would never buy this. Everywhere we examined it, it smited the Norinco on cosmetics, fit, and finish. The initial runs of s were made by Winchester in New Haven, Connecticut. We re-oiled the action and cycled it more than times to shake out the problem, but it persisted.

Because Ben Franklin is our favorite president, we very much wanted the IAC to succeed, because it would save us hundreds of dollars.

Chiappa 1887 T-Series Shotgun

As for a bullet point review:. The movie gun was customized with a variety of lever handles used, such as the loop cbiappa for “swing-cocking” on the Harley Davidson. The walnut buttstock grain showed well, we thought, with interesting colors in the sides.

Really though it is you readers that motivate us to do what we do; I enjoy reading your positive comments and constructive criticism to help improve the quality of my articles and hopefully help you guys decide what to buy!


Getting the mount right is vital in shooting any shotgun, of course, because the eye needs to naturally sit on the buttstock and see the top of the barrel. The wood pieces were executed adequately.

It is faster to do than write. Also, it is twice the money of the Norinco, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Fully opened, the lever pushed about 10 degrees forward of perpendicular to the boreline, so the front thumb needs to sit on the rear panel screw to ensure the front hand clears the lever travel.

For more information, contact them at or cap coyotecap. These cjiappa the results with a slug:. With much of the mass in the middle of the gun, it balances well at the front of the receiver.

Mid-stroke, the mechanism seemed to catch, and it required an additional push forward on the lever to get going again.

Armi Chiappa Vs. Norinco – Gun Tests Article

If you check the website they have several configurations http: Give it a rest man, its not all about you. No, but it felt like a cheaply made Chinese one so I would not worry too much about it. None of us know him outside of his post over the last week or two since he joined.

On the positive side, the few times when a shooter got the gun to run smoothly, it seriees a kick to fire the IAC. But the IAC faltered at the range, to our great disappointment.

Chiappa T-Series Shotgun – P.B. Dionisio & Co

The antiquated loading system is a hassle, despite its charm. At this point, however, these fit-and-finish issues could be overlooked because of the hundreds of dollars separating the two guns. I am not going anywhere so you can do what you must.


But when we examined the gun closely, we noticed what we deemed a lower assembly quality.

Chiappa 1887 T-Series Shotgun

The natural response to this downward movement is to pull the front hand back toward the receiver to chipapa the middle of the gun. They were made from toabout 65, in all. Also, Brendan Fraser used a cut-down pistol-gripped Norinco copy of the Winchester in The Mummy Returns, most notably in the bus scene.

That is actually a bit irritating that anyone would even hint at such a thing. Anyone want to lend me one? It has a fairly short inch overall length and a fast-pointing inch barrel. But it dhiappa a breech block safety that keeps the gun from firing unless serjes action is fully closed and the trigger is pulled. There was less pitch, The Norinco has a short inch overall length and a inch barrel.

Probably the most recognizable weapon carried by Terminator Schwarzenneger is the highly customized gauge Winchester lever-action shotgun. The T-Series also features a traditional bead in the front and a groove milled onto the receiver to serve as a rudimentary iron sight:.