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And oh my gosh, I’ll stop. Amy January 30, at 7: I suppose men are less sentimental. Thanks very very much!!!!! I was kinda excited for him. I agree with you on Moon Geun-young – I got the feeling that her acting was “under the top” purposly to offset the wild swings of Cha. That man was in a coma… geez!

There is good and bad in everyone. She can only prove that she loved Secretary Kim first, and when she learned that he was rich, she loved him more. I take it back! Maybe they did want to shut him up cause he voiced his opinion but found last minute tension amongst the stars. BTW, i didnt tell how much i love ep Seeing MGY and PSH walk around “inside” wearing lighter-weight indoor clothing in what was probably close to freezing conditions makes me even more concerned for their health during a long drama shoot.

That I always thought was kinda brain numbing and makes you suspend disbelief. I like how they took the metaphorical Alice in Wonderland ending and interpreted it Cheongdam-dong style, nice one there writers! MGY kept them as memory blue mittens Definitely bigger bed.

And the rolling-down-mountain fulfills a purpose too, no matter how lame it looks. I enjoyed the journey of the whole drama. I think I laughed harder at their scenes together than most others. But he also has moments of being an Alice trapped in a fantasy land where nothing makes sense. LCH approaches the old man and without revealing his identity, asks politely for help.

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Of course, I understand the tragic situation from the beginning when a person dies due to lack of money for treatment, but still I never though it was necessary for Se Hyung to go to the extrme of becoming part of the world of cheongdamdonh richest.

Her happy and relieved attitude in the last episode was so delightful to see. Maybe they did want to shut him up cause he voiced his opinion but found last minute tension amongst the stars. I want both my ending and how they got there to be consistent and meaningful to watch. Cheongdamong is the best pairing of two actors.


What I didn’t like was that SJ sort of remembered the whole dreaming thing only after a while so, If the alcohol was stronger, he wouldn’t remember dub at all and thus there would be no happy reunion, or what???

But this drama destroyed some of JKS repulation. It is in the process of watching the drama and the unfolding of the plot, the process of experiencing the dramacrzzy characterization and experiencing all that happened to the characters, that is important and wonderful, so I would NOT give up the process just because of the ending episode.

Even though dramas and books are mostly fiction, it doesn’t mean it has to be easy to understand. He was sharing his thoughts and feelings about the end of the filming? They both reckon that Se-kyung has rekindled her romance with Seung-jo, and both epsiode genuinely happy for her.

In India, we have a song. The unifying theme of Alice in Wonderland is what helped. She is very talented and very nature. Ferocity – that was it. Everything was not that easy. There wasn’t the typical love triangle, misunderstandings that dragged on, the family feud was portrayed well, characters wee complex and the theme was very well integrated Now everyone can smile…….

This drama must have really taken a toll on all of them. The timing just seems iffy with when it was released and with all those rumors about the ending. I was going to blacklist her too, for influencing the already stupid writer.

Thats a sad news joey. Well they found out she was a gold digger and? Why does this sound illegal? Oh wait did I just wng kdrama.

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For me, the biggest flaw was the flimsy ‘lie’ that seemed to be carrying the entire drama. The lie and the video thanks Samsung’s PPL I think overall it was wrapped ok but I wish they didnt try so hard to convince the characters emotions through words. The distinction was unmistakable when Seung Jo couldn’t understand why Se Kyung and the others were so determined to enter Cheongdamdong.


Im gonna watch KBS Award tomorrow. I also got really surprised when you wrote: I was crying inside as the last two episodes played.

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MuGyul and Mary go back to his place with her convincing him that its over and then suddenly all the built up fluff begins. I swear to always buy his DVDs and future cd we eoisode know is coming no matter how crap they are. Reading all you have said about JGS saving M3 from a horrific ending and writing the script himself on the eleventh or ccheongdamdong rather hour proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that he deserves all the adoration, love and faithful support of his fans.

Could the reality episoee too harsh and bleak for her to bear making her retreat into her dream of a white knight riding to her rescue in moments of despair? Add one more thing.

I LOVE this series to pieces. I tried Flames of Desire and Giant, but stopped mid of 1st episode, because I really cannot stand heavy-duty drama, especially super tragic one like FoD.

Nothing too irrational to me.

The Red Queen rules Wonderland and has the power to execute any and all who cross her. LCH recalls a very skilled, elderly physician from the country Ching that he had met in earlier years [past encounter can be elaborated on] and sends a letter to entreat him to come and treat DGL. A completely different actress was needed for the lead and the ending would have been so much stronger if they had focused on PSH and the fantasy love story he creates with this beautiful yet able to love girl he has found.

Yab made him internationally popular actor. I suppose men are less sentimental. I hope he is not too stress.