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You might have made a really good guess. Well, it is a free society. Is a can-do attitude enough for a woman who aspires to become a high-fashion designer to find acceptance from the elitist upper-crust society? All I know is that her boyfriend pretty awesome in my book would try to protect her dream because he sees how talented she is heck.. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Chairman Cha growls that his son is not manly enough, being petty with his grudges and totally emotional. Which is the type I dislike, because it helps make the plot slower and cause needed conflict and misunderstandings, but seems too weak too support as a heroine. But I’m really enjoying it so far.

Though I did want to make one comment. Hopefully his mother being so sick wouldn’t mean that she’d be the one always offering comfort, with no expectations of it for herself. Stardust December 12, at 8: Well, like the lead female character, she is always very good at everything, but because of her poor then cannot find a right position at work, so she came to think everyone can changed their life if they become a rich person? I am not too sure about this drama, it’s kind of dark and depressing. That scene caught my attention too. Episode 3 by Regals.

MGY is always good in whatever she does, i like this character for her I do understand what you mean. Not only did Se-kyung get a bag out of eipsode relationship, but she finally ended it with In-chan. You don’t need to be ultra-expert to see what’s going wrong in South Korea about women and work places.

After a few missteps, she finds the perfect target in the form usb a young arrogant fashion brand CEO. He looks great in glasses. As soon as Chairman Cha leaves, Seung-jo sits in his executive chair, and spins around like a little kid.

There are several secondary characters, each of whom all put in solid to excellent work.


alkce She seems to have a deep kind soul, though. Park Shi Hoo Main Cast. Bring on the cute and funny! So far, this is not. I have to try the first episode but I don’t think I will follow this drama until the end.

I can’t exactly travel to the future and see how it goes and not giving episodee first impressions and fears because they agitate some would be silly. Episodw “fashion” I see is a load of This show really doesn’t put its focus on the “fashion world” that much When she gets to the point in her career However that did not stop her from learning French on her own, graduating with high marks at a prestigious university, and winning numerous design contests.

The difference is that in most show, the writer doesn’t bother to develop the characters, it feels as if we’re told: As I like the girl lead, even if she not really all that pretty the older she gets.

I hope the show continues with a more frank exploration of money and how the way people present themselves figures into how they’re treated in society, and whether that’s something that ought to happen or something that’s just gross.

I thought this episode was pretty okay. If she’s a designer and dreams of opening her own store, why doesn’t aljce know how to sew her own clothes and thus, showcase her style with a low budget? In that word, to be considered human, I would have to spend my annual income on a stupid bag.

I think it’s because Yoon Joo left her, right? Or either she’d dress all in black with nerd glasses and a funky hairstyle and be making her friends wear her clothes lol.

Cheongdam-dong Alice

And maybe she is. Episodes This show does not have any episodes. How can I root for her cheongdamdojg Which is the type I dislike, because it helps make the plot slower and cause needed conflict and misunderstandings, but seems too weak too support as a heroine. I am so ready for a romcom. P And can you tell what is your Standard when it comes to acting skills??


I’m kinda hoping there’s another motivation behind her marriage other than just pure money even though it would totally make sense to do just that because everyone keeps telling her to, vheongdamdong I hate seeing idealism squashed.

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ShinRaeMi07 December 3, at 3: Especially so early on when we haven’t had time to see how the characters will change and grow as the story progresses. You can still look chic without owning couture.

If SK is going to sell out and marry a rich man and believes that will solve all of usb money problems, I am jumping ship. The movie just kinda goes with the flow and was more concerned with showing Anne hathaway’s character adjusting to her New job and slowly becoming the professional.

cheongdamdong alice ep 11 eng sub

K December 3, at 2: Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. But this episode really revealed the harsh reality in Korea’s fashion industry, and maybe the fashion industry in general.

Yoon-joo enjoys episodf fancy dinner with her hubby, and learns that he will be inviting the chairman of Artemis to their house. Thanks for the recap!