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The marriage was to be held against the wish of Anjali who had sincerely loved Thiru , Sinthamani and Lekha who wanted to revenge Nila who had helped Chandra before. Inspector Sethupathi is involved. Sony tablet xperia z2 1. Jeeva who is worried now asks Chandra to act as Nila as both their faces are the same. Lekha grows worried and rushes down. Siddarth also found out that Jeeva is kidnapped by someone who wanted to kidnap Jennifer. Chandra comes to completely accept Sidharth’s belief that Vignesh is the culprit and he advises Chandra to reveal this to anyone as sufficient evidence needs to be found to arrest Vignesh.

Later with the help of Inspector Siddarth Chandra had finally released Sanjay from the jail. After learning the truth of Rudhra, Chandra promised to support Sanjay throughout their lives. Jeeva was very upset and calls his name. Now, the story is dragging with Pooja’s murder track. Chellamay For more content go to radaan. Sinthamani takes this opportunity and asks Thiru to tie the “thaali” on Anjali’s neck. Then the three went to the stage to dance.

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They soon end up living at Chandra’s house. Chandra was now conscious after that incident. On the same night, with the help of four strangers who are brothers Chandra was brought to the nearby hospital. Prince Immanuels B. They then noticed that Nila was missing and found her body behind the wedding hall.

Then the three went to the room and noticed that their plan had succeeded. Then with the help of Nila, Chandra left the prison leaving Nila in the prison as Chandra. Chandra prayed hard that someone could save her.

Hearing to this Vasundara Devi and Lekha are shocked. Chandralekha Sun TV Chandralekha He was not able to see anything, so he struggles to a road and is hit by a doctor’s car.


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Chandra and Sanjay get married happily as a lovely couple against Lekha and Vasundara’s wishes. They wrapped Nila in a bedsheet and threw her body outside of the wedding hall so that no one could save her.

Saravana Rajacomposed by the music director X. Good times had started with Chandra talking her father out of jail and winning against Vasundra, leaving Vasundra in an embarrassed state.

This page was last edited epiaode 24 Februaryat As for the people in the wedding hall, they are shocked that the bride is missing. Chandra and Sanjay get engagement and they have already register to their marriage.

Cast should be organised per their introduction into the series, with new members appearing on the bottom of each list. Then she eventually was pregnant elisode her child Nila was then sent to her friend.

But all those ways fail.

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Sinthamani takes this opportunity and asks Thiru to tie the “thaali” on Anjali’s neck. Vasundara and Lekha set up Chandra’s father Azhagu Rishi for allegedly kidnapping his bosses daughter. Meanwhile, when Thiru and Nila were spending their time, they were shocked knowing that Bhairavi fainted. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks or boxesmisplaced vowels or missing conjuncts chlelame of Tamil script. Then, she found that it was Lekha’s plan to kill Chandra who was alike like her.

Siddarth and Sanjay were informed by the doctor that Nila is in the critical stage. As the girls grow, Meena continues to watch Lekha while giving less attention to Chandra, but changes when Chandra saves Meena from a vehicle crash. Apple i watch series 3, 2gb ram,! Ebook Rights and Protest Download mp3 lara vabian broken vow Tagalog praise songs download Anthrax ics kernel download.


Apple sires 3 watch brand new peti pack item limited offer limited stock contect me soon 7. Then Chandra lived there and prayed with hope that she could find her family.

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Nila was interested in getting married to Sanjay and Sanjay’s parents also thought of chellane their son married to Nila. Easy Return Full refund in case no product is recieved or item does not match ad description. Lenovo vibe k5 plus.

With the aid of a child-stealing group, each child leaves the hospital with a different mother; Meena knows about the switch. Chandralekha present Roja present. Quikr Assured Prodcuts View All. Now Siddarth’s friend Episose with the help of Chandra joins as a home teacher for Abi. Nila was found growing without both her parents but with her non-biological brother and Grandma. Brinda Sarathi becomes nervous initially and later writes the address of the ashram.

Talks of Chandra’s marriage have begun, and Meena has started to look for a jodi for Chandra. Ezhilselvan Screenplay by Raja S. Siddarth and Sanjay brought their van and placed Nila in the van. Sinthamani, despite being a stubborn character, did not give up.

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