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Another, more willing patient named Scott Enzo Cilenti wishes to communicate. Therefore I, personally have an unfounded belief that the events are true and did infact take place. Tyler is probably one of the best-cast parts I’ve seen in a while, her face is seriously haunting, but as for her background story, it doesn’t add up. So there you have it. I totally agree with your statement there, it would be naive to think that we are alone. If it was false they have to let you know either in the beginning or end. Throughout the film, Abbey, played by Charlotte Milchard , is shown purportedly being interviewed on television in , two years after the abductions occurred. Nobody will talk, confidential.

It may be possible that these were not the true cause of disappearances but were the easy resolutions to telling the public. The movie was sooo scary, i do believe it was real. But the only info is as you say I watch scary things for entertainment not reality. They had to create this story in this fashion to get it on the air. However, my opinion on this movie; I believe its actually real. Tyler playing in other movies.

If charlotye makes you mad to see how many people believe then do not come to a website called fake or not fake. The problem I had with the whole movie, is that even halfway through the movie, when I had still decided to take the “real” lead at face value, I couldn’t help but think that this was just the case of a wacky lady who had some wacky friends who were willing to conspire. Classroom resources for teachers.

I was asking because its a very small town.

Hmmmm… Dr Tyler maybe? You can believe the aliens did that and magically fixed their jaws right? Ur nothing but an immature bitch and the world milcjard use less people like u.


Is “The Fourth Kind” real or fake? Secrets revealed

I would like to hear other opinions on this particular subject. Do I believe the footage to be true? Like so, there is no doubt that the film challenges our imagination with the premise of science VS fiction. Lets say for a moment that our Government knows that people are being abducted by aliens. It would have been all over Ypoutube, the Net, etc…. We are not the only planet with life.

Whenever you introduce an alien species into a new environment it always ends in disaster!

Charlotte Milchard | BFI

Aliens have been around forever. The only person, who is willing to tell her story is Abigal Taylor and shes not in her right mind now. One of my best buds is from alaska and the whole forested scenes are nothing like what nome actually looks like.

Even the director of the movie and the main actress Milla Jovovich break the fourth wall before the movie and warn the audience filmx the movie is extra disturbing.

The Interview at Chapman University Another piece of “archive” fil,s is the “real” interview with the director of the movie and Dr. The mysterious death of Abigail’s husband is a key element in the movie. Tyler is an alias name.

Charlotte Milchard – Wikipedia

Maybe it was the purpose of the government and others covered it up so that the true nature of its scary nature is hidden to protect us from world wide panic. However my friend was and hence my google search on this.

I’m surprised at how apathetic the Chapman blog is to the tarnishing of the school’s reputation in luring people to a movie that is marketing itself as being true and which is using the Chapman name to perpetuate that scam.


That little nagging set up in me. The tilms then distorts, but the deputy is heard describing people being pulled out of the house and calls for backup.

Though the found footage somewhat sketchy IMO once I get a chance to be able to rewind and snap frames to see one girls theory about the lamp. So please before you go bashing on a movie make sure you get all information and research! Well, think what you like, the film was weird. I personally beleive in this phenomenon. The dislocated jaw was creepy, and pretty believable.

Charlotte Milchard

Its just that back then, they didnt know how to describe. I know that this may seem way off the mark here, but I have actually been to Nome and have family there, and there are no trees such as appear in the “real footage”. And if we learn to open our eyes, in time we will become them. Distribution and exhibition funding.

I did not see anything cause when I was young I was frighten of aliens or the thought there of; for I always slept with my covers over my head. I read a few comments half way down whilst browsing and felt the urge to express my own opinion and feelings. This movie is provoking lot’s of discussion about the existence of Alien abduction or existing life of Aliens on Earth.