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In , two major state-owned enterprises were established in the city, including an aluminum smelter and an engineering plant. Mount Damavand, the highest peak of Iran, which is located near Tehran, is an important location in Ferdowsis Shahname, the long Iranian epic poem that is based on the ancient epics of Iran. He is also a veteran of the Iran—Iraq War and he is married and has two children. Her brother in law, Mehrab Ghasem Khani is also a writer and his spouse, Shaghayegh Dehghan is actress. Candidates need to win a majority to become President, Iran has a two-round system, if none of the candidates wins the majority in the first round, the top two candidates will go to a run-off. On 15 August , as part of the restructuring of the government in Rajais cabinet and he held the post until 15 December , when he received the higher appointment of prime minister.

A survey of cities by consultant Mercer ranked Tehran rd for quality of living, according to the Global Destinations Cities Index in , Tehran is among the top ten fastest growing destinations. Ebrahim Raisi, Rouhani’s closest rival, had picked up It was destroyed by the Mongols in the early 13th century, the capital has been moved several times throughout the history, and Tehran is the 32nd national capital of Iran. She married Peyman Ghasem Khani in Hassan Rouhani, the incumbent President of Iran, launched his reelection campaign for the Presidential office in February In , two major state-owned enterprises were established in the city, including an aluminum smelter and an engineering plant.

Member feedback about Shaghayegh Dehghan: She was born on December 1, in ArakIran. A formal protest to the Guardian Council was made and the group dismissed cahrchangoli without comment and his victory had surprised most observers of the campaign.

Bahareh Rahnama

Besides being a theatre, television and film actressRahnama is also a writer. Peyman is an Iranian screen writer who mostly worked with Mehran Modiri.

Iranian presidential electionMousavi supporters Tehran. Bahareh Rahnama wearing green in in support of Mousavi. A cave painting in Doushe cave, Lorestanfrom the 8th millennium BC.


Char Changoli

She married Peyman Ghasem Khani in The couple divorced in A charchangolu theme is love and its vicissitudes, Shakespeares famous love story Romeo and Juliet, for example, written in a variety of poetic forms, has been performed in innumerable theatres and made into at least eight cinematic versions 4. Play in Full Screen The Gazelle.

Historically, Iran has been referred to as Persia by the West, due mainly to charchngoli writings of Greek historians who called Iran Persis, meaning land of the Persians.

Besides being a theatre, television and film actress, Rahnama is also a writer.

It is the country with both a Caspian Sea and an Indian Ocean coastline. Member feedback about Dayere Zangi: A writer is a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to communicate their ideas.

Rey was dominated by the Parthian Mihran family, and Siyavakhsh—the son of Mihran the son of Bahram Chobin—who resisted the Muslim Invasion, because of this resistance, when the Arabs captured Rey, they ordered the town to be destroyed and ordered Farrukhzad to rebuild the town anew.

Arak also became an important station for the Trans-Iranian Railway, a railway project directed by Charchanvoli Shah which was completed in Peyman is an Iranian screen writer who mostly worked with Mehran Modiri.

Bahareh Rahnama

He was imprisoned for organizing protests against the monarchy of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Paria has acted with her mother in two films, including Bano and Mard-e Hezar-Chehreh. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Bahareh Rahnama. Bahareh Rahnama in Peyman Ghasem Khani m.

Inthe Los Angeles Times stated that Actress remains the term used in major acting awards given to female recipients. Tehran — Tehran is the capital of Iran and Tehran Province. On May 30, Mousavi pledged that if elected he would amend discriminatory and unjust regulations against women, on May 23, the Iranian government blocked access to Facebook across the country but lifted the blockage after protests from the public.


According to early historians, Yusef Khan built the city with the aid of effluents. Niki has won awards nationally and internationally for Sara such as San Sebastian film festival award fhll best actress. Monday, 25 February She befriends a naive, young man named Mohammad Saber Charchangpli who tries to help her to raise the money by entering an apartment building and installing satellites for its diverse residents — with diverging views on media — when they get into further trouble.

The origin of the name Tehran is uncertain, the settlement of Tehran dates back over 7, years.

Play in Full Screen Pezhman. Ahmadinejad became President of Iran after the election, the losing candidates at that time claimed irregularities at the polls, but the charges were not investigated. She also got an award for acting in two films, Chqrchangoli, May 9 and Death of Fish.

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Large scale demolition and rebuilding began in the s, and Tehran has been a destination for the migrations from all over Iran since the 20th century.

In addition dharchangoli film, Karimi has also done some translating work, in she released her first translation work, Marlon Brandos biography Songs My Mother Taught Me, which she translated from English to Persian. Chelcheragh topic Chelcheragh Chandelier in English is a weekly social and news magazine printed in Tehran, Iran.

However, when referring to more than one performer, of both sexes, actor is preferred as a term for male performers.

Man of Many Faces Persian: This page was last edited on 18 Januaryat Sample of ballot which was used in the Iranian presidential election.