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A spy in the Guardians’ midst leads them to fall into a Renegade trap in a distant star system. The Secret of Halley’s Comet. Cy-Kill unites all the crime families of America into one massive army. October 23 , October 31 , The story picks up after the original mini-series with the Renegades in captivity, details the history of the GoBot race, and provides proper introductions for the Roguestar and the Modifier , and origins for the Monster GoBots and the Power Suits , both of which appear from the very earliest broadcast episodes of the series. October 30 ,

November 11 , October 17 , November 18 , John Loy and Eric Lewald. In Search of Ancient GoBonauts. October 11 , November 1 ,

In addition to correcting continuity errors, both of these lists are structured to promote a better “viewing experience”—for instance, by spacing out similarly-themed plots and two-part stories, or by exploiting circumstantial elements in plot or dialogue to create a “meta-narrative” out of certain episodes.


A New Suit for Leader October 21 The Guardians require the aid of a human boy when they find themselves shrunk to the size of toys by Cy-Kill’s newest weapon. Challenge of the GoBots in airdate order.

November 20 The Renegades engage in piracy on the high seas. The Fall of GoBotron. October 7 October 14 episore, November 13 October 31 December 6 When a young boy starts to see the future, Cy-Kill wants him to envision one without Guardians.

List of Challenge of the GoBots episodes – GoBots Wiki

September 27 September 23 Scooter and Nick face prehistoric perils when they are stranded on a primitive alien planet. There are many ways to restructure the series into a suggested viewing order; long-time GoBots fansite Counter-X offers one optionwhile Transformers facebook column ” Ask Vector Prime ” proposes another.

December 13 October 2 episore, Challenge of the GoBots episodes Episode lists. The Renegades disguise themselves as the Guardians to ruin the heroes’ reputation on Earth.


October 7 The Last Magic Man. November 25 November 12 October 11 It also establishes that the Guardians are working on the rebuilding of GoBotron, which leads directly into the opening scenes of Battle of the Rock Lords.

November 15 October 4 October 31 Story by Reed Robbins and Peter Salas. December 10 November 19 Quest for the Creator. November 5 A New Suit for Leader