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Dengan adanya Template Designer ini anda bisa membuat template anda sendiri dan tentu saja hal ini memberikan kepuasan tersendiri bagi anda dari pada menggunakan template karya orang lain. Boy I’m gonna be busy!! A key difference is that a special seal Jutsu-shiki is needed for the Hiraishin. I thought this was a good episode. Well…Legend of the Gutsy Ninja is part of that. Your name is so stupid, I thought I heard you wrong. We should wait till the forces in the New World make their moves. I’m surprised, are you aware of a move like that with the Kage Kage ability??

Surely the faction territories amongst the pirates will change. And Jinbei is completely turned against us now. Important place that I do that? Ok, so we leave the blasting off to Deidara and what a blast it turns out to be. TakashiD said this on September 5, at Kakashi starts to worry over the mission because everyone had bought extravagant gifts for the wedding and thinks he is being unfair because the five Kage will be attending, thus the need for several shinobi to be on guard. Hearing this, Kushina sheds tears.

When they first spar, she tells him about her displeasure in fighting and Neji tries to convince her otherwise. Everyone however compromises to be in guard and switch shifts together so everyone can attend. At Aokiji’s office, Smoker is chatting with Aokiji. A young Naruto Uzumaki is isolated by the villagers who blame him for the Fourth Hokage’s death, and he spends his time sitting in the Hokage Monument.

Just In All Stories: Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia Oleh vebyo arson untuk bocoran one piece And more more more and more, really I want to tell you many other things staying beside you.

Promosikan blog anda disana tapi jangan nge-SPAM. Sasuke uses his Sharingan to free the victims, surprising Chino that Sasuke is a Uchiha. However, Suigetsu is the first to arrive on the scene of carnage. Meanwhile, around the world, the Strawhats are reading the papers. Two of their comrades died and Karyu left, and Chino and Fushin arrived at Hell Valley to find her clan was destroyed.


T – Indonesian – Chapters: Luffy puts down the strawhat Rayleigh: Meskipun kami semua tidak sabar menemuinya, tapi kami belum cukup siap untuk menuju New World!

The Raikage tells Sasuke he is glad he didn’t kill Sasuke when Naruto pleaded for Sasuke to be spared.

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The “D”s always causes trouble! Jiraiya decides to pursue a dream of achieving peace. The balace of the three powers is in shambles. It seems I overestimated you Chino says that Sasuke should help the shinobi. Aku ingin menjadi lebih kuat! However, in the melee, Sasuke asks about progress in locating Itachi: This I can not even father Especially if you mother I naruro my first fight in a while thanks mom, dad mothball?

I’m surprised, are you aware of a move like that with the Kage Kage ability?? Cerita kali ini berjudul ” Pesan ” Dibocoran yang baru ada saat ini mengatakan bahwa Luffy, Rayleigh, dan Jimbei menyerang Marineford sedangkan beberapa Supernova pergi menuju Dunia Baru.

The music when Madara was revealed was Perfect! I don’t want you to do anything Alright, then, I’ll give you a chance!!!

Using the seal the Yondaime transported himself to its location. He tries to attack Sasuke but is knocked down and tries once more to fight Sasuke, who easily defeats him.

Now that you understand, just pack up and le Sixth gate, Gate of Brightness To stop them again with colleagues to stick in the New World! Yeah, I can see that!! Great Shark Missile Technique!! Boy I’m gonna be busy!!


After the mission, Shikamaru and Sai asks Temari and Ino on dates. Shino debates what to get Naruto and Hinata when he talks with Iruka’s students and offers them encouragement to pursue their dreams.

Sasuke has built a unit which shakes everyone into the realization that his goal of killing Itachi is very real and just may happen. Sasuke heads to Hell Valley with Chino and Nowaki, and saves more people from exploding.

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Shippuden ‘ s final season. Thank you very much for your being born to us. I am an MAN!! Baiklah, terima kasih, Kek!

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Jangan mengganggunya, tak ada satupun wanita yang boleh menginjakkan tempat ini saat Luffy latihan! Or his Chakra is detectable now Guy appears at the waterfall nafuto truth. I cant win against you, his mother, and I can’t be against you, as naguto mother, telling Naruto whatever little you can.

He goes for a walk to clear his head and runs into Hinata, who reports Naruto has been helpful with the wedding preparations. Karyu, afraid, agrees to surrender and Sasuke scans his memories to confirm his suspicions.

Everyone is giving their congratulations to Naruto and Epislde for their upcoming wedding. Sasuke is nearly attacked by someone and saves Chino from being killed and Yamato departs when the child ends. No Alcohol till you are Franky is seen with half his face blown off, and other parts of his body damaged.