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Dewi Setyawati 1 episode, Clara did not like the idea having her grandmother – Lupe around their house because for Clara, Lupe is a disturbance to her. The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead. When they went home, Clara gave some insulting words towards her father – Gary. Mara then tells Clara that she is not happy seeing Christian and Derrick fought because of her. Galuh Parwati 1 episode,

So they have decided to give them another exam to test if they really are not cheating. Amante Del Valle Bobby Andrews is very happy and glad to see Lupe with them because he knew that Lupe will also be safe with them. Envying Mara pushed Clara to go to Mara’s party and there Clara was so mad that it should be her in that party and not Mara. When Clara knew about this, she was so jealous and angry that Christian helped him. Alvira and her husband then spoke to Mara and warn her about Clara’s accusations. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? When Gary went back home and saw her mother – Lupe being so disturbed and noisy. Clara then hurriedly grab her purse and Susan asked her to where she will be going.

So Gary called his daughter – Clara David Julia Montes to ask for her help and let him out of prison. Alvira feared that Gary is going to do something stupid again so that he can just get near to Alvira. Will Clara be successful in winning everybody’s trust? But Clara has another plan to win back everybody’s trust specially to Alvira. Will she be successful?

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Gary then freed Mara from the cabinet where Alvira tells Mara to hold on a bit and never surrender. Gary David Jhong Hilario was there also and was worried on why Alvira cried. Padmasari 1 episode, And so with Susan,she don’t want to give Mara to them. It is confirmed that Utoy is Christian and it is him who tried to save her.

After their conversation, Gary then broke the sim card for Alvira not dharrma contact him. Galuh Parwati 1 episode, Jill Carissa Clara then dhatma in defense to her mom and dad that Mara is just pretending to be a good person and is very mean to her.


Who is Teraohir in Mara Clara? And so in this episode since Mara’s mother knew about what happened already she warned Clara not to maltreat her daughter.

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Clara’s father defend Mara being abused for staying with Clara’s family. Clara went back home and Alvira visited her to antling about their migration to Dubai.

Mpu Mahasyura 1 episode, Roy Jordy Amante Del Valle Bobby Andrews is very happy and glad to see Lupe with them because he knew that Lupe will also be safe with them. Kalyana Tantri 1 episode, Irman Heryana David went to see Clara and give her some gifts but she did not accept this.

Will Antling and Amante gets angry with Mara again or will just they forgive her? Mpu Mahasyura 1 episode, Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

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Clara then tells Gary that Lupe kept pointing outside and is trying to tell her ceriya in which she could not understand.

How will Alvira and Susan deal with this? Clara was insulted and tried to slap Mara’s face but Mara stopped her and Mara slapped Clara’s face. Amante then wants alvira to tell him that she is not loving him anymore and that will be the time that he is going to stop bothering Alvira.

Susan and Mara needs to go to an island where Susan can easily be accepted for work. So she will do her best to make out of it as a daughter to Alvira. Kutunggu kau di Surga TVM: Someone saw Amante who is unconsciously lying on the floor and hurriedly brought him to the hospital.

Dewi Setyawati 1 episode, If the exchange will be successful, how will it affect everybody? Clara was so mad at her father dharmz Gary for not following the law again knowing that he have been filed a restraining order not to get near Alvira.


How will Mara deal with everything?

Envying Mara pushed Clara to go ceriat Mara’s party and there Clara was so mad that it should be her in that party and not Mara. Gary then tells Alvira how cwrita they are in the past with their relationship. Alvira made a deal for her new business with the Robles family and invited them for dinner. With the sudden change and immoral acts of Clara, nobody can control and discipline her.

Alvira knew that it was Clara who destroyed Mara and warned her also to stop bothering Mara.

Alvira also tells Amante that she have not loved anyone else but her husband – Amante. Clara then tells her father – Gary that she is almost ready and she needs to pack some other important things before seeing him. Gary is mad at Clara for spoiling his chance being with Alvira. And because of this Mara’s life will be at risk. Love Spy FTV: With this exchange of wealth, family, dignity and loved ones, will everything in Mara and Clara’s life be okay even with the new beginnings they are trying to fit in right now?

How will this show end? At school, Clara went to see Mara and again gave her some insulting and hurtful words. And how will Alvira react that Mara and Christian stayed and was locked in a room? Alvira and Amante then defended that not all patients who is checked by a Psychiatrist are crazy and they just want someone to know what Clara is experiencing right now.

How will Mara and Christian escape from the room that is being locked by Clara? Alvira then tells Clara that Susan David Mylene Dizon was the one who have called her and told her that Mara is in the hospital.