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ThinkFun Shape By Shape 4 months ago. This is even the kind of puzzle that I would recommend trying with – yes, you guessed it – a loved one. I also have a website that shows all the puzzles in my collection. On Saturday February 19th Yelinna wrote,. Sharpen your mind with this mind boggling puzzle, which rates a 4 out of 8 in difficulty. Dedicated to the true puzzler! I started my collection in August with A new beginning 8 months ago.

On Thursday May 12th luxige wrote,. Riviera 3 days ago. Made with an unusually thick metal about 5mm or. The two pieces line up with eachother, so that one can slide over the other, the two ‘side loops’ preventing more motion. Highly recommended to any puzzle fan and a fantastic gift to frustrate your friends. Cast Puzzles by Hanayama. We were surprised at how nicely this new version turned out after deciding to revise the original.

This is even the kind of puzzle that I would recommend trying with – yes, you guessed it – a loved one.

My puzzle is now tangled. I wish there were more companies like them. If you provide an email address above you will be notified when your review is processed. Made with an unusually thick metal about 5mm or.

Your Email optional, but recommended. If you find a post emtal or inappropriate, please let us know by sending an email to info puzzlemaster. Like most of the Cast puzzles, the level of difficulty is somewhat subjective and could be a topic of discussion.

Brian’s Damn Puzzle Blog. Solve a Rubik’s Cube for kids, by kids How To: Puzzle of the Week. Subscribe Now Subscribe in puzze reader. You can also take a look at all the other Hanayama Cast Puzzles here. On Tuesday December 2nd George wrote. Oli’s Mechanical Puzzle Blog. Even before you have the puzzle in your hands, just by looking at its configuration in the pictures, you’ll probably figure out how it’s solved – Well, you’ll know the exit point to be more precise, but the tricky part is to get there, and here lies the beauty of the puzzle’s concept.


The Hanayama Cast Heart is the perfect puzzle for your Valentine, and the perfect solution to boredom. My favorite hobby and greatest interest is collecting and solving mechanical puzzles.

Please only post your message once, it will be received and processed in a timely manner. But, since I believe a puzzle is not truly solved until you can disassemble it and assemble it back without a hitch – Thank you for solutjon Kevin Sadler! From the official picture, the puzzle looks smaller than it actually is, so I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw it.

ThinkFun Shape By Shape 4 months ago.

How to Solve the Cast Heart metal puzzle from Hanayama « Puzzles :: WonderHowTo

puzle In order to be able to separate them, you should know exactly where the exit point will be. Solving time was approximately 5 minutes the first time and a couple of minutes the second. Solve a Rubik’s Cube for kids, by kids How To: Click to Enlarge Since Hanayama started to produce the Cast seriesback inthey’ve revived several classic designs from the turn of the 20th century, so that a new generation of puzzle enthusiasts could enjoy them as well. I saw your new puzzles.


Cast Devil

You can check it out mypuzzles. Click Image to Enlarge. On Friday October 24th Pentti wrote. Do not let the smooth looks of this one fool you.

Antilles guilder – approx. Write your own review!

Gabriel Fernandes’ Puzzle Collection: Cast Devil (爪)

This puzzle, to be quite honest, is really tough. Neil’s Puzzle Building Blog.

Solve the Rubik’s Cube cross faster than anyone How To: Solve a 3x3x4 Rubik’s Cube How To: The trouble is, that my two pieces appear to have gone wrong whilst I was fiddling with it.

Solve the Rubik’s Cube faster with shortcuts How To: P That’s what I like about Hanayama. Hanayama’s level 1 is equivalent to our level We make every attempt to post all legitimate reviews submitted, positive or negative. Once complete, you have to try your best to get them all back together.

Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. The early 20th century witnessed a kind of puzzle boom, which in gave birth to an absurdly simple looking puzzle known as the “Devil’s Claws”.