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We then repeated the test while moving slowly forward toward the subject. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The echo is still there. You want me to be honest or want me to say what you want to hear? But i just happily stop the iris down to F4. Not really needed for me! Who is to say that is right or wrong?

Numerous scenes depicting both deep darks and very bright areas show the broad dynamic range of the XA How often is the key focus point int he middle of the frame? None of the custom buttons can be set to do this. Full Manual Control Custom Key and Dial, Composition Aids, Gain Control, Power Zoom Ergonomic, Portable Design Weighing less than three pounds including the detachable handle, battery and lens hood — and less than two pounds without — the XA25 is ideal for high-action shoots when both speed and mobility are essential, and where keeping a low profile is an added benefit. Kind of a drag, I liked that spot for mounting,. The FS is HUGE improvement over the FS in terms of color, way better highlight handling and general image feel with the Cinegammas and now S-Log 2, which has incredible highlight and shadow detail. Thanks for another great review and taking your precious time. Any thoughts on this would be most welcome.

Camera Reviews Other 31st July Do you think the C deals with highlights better than the FS? The tech suggested I try another pair of headphones, which I did, but that didn’t change the outcome. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Do you use the two screws Kessler supplied or do you use aftermarket screws? At least there is a lot of content still relevant in there for people to discover.

Whether you’re shooting in the style of The Blair Witch Projectpolice reality show or simply traipsing through the boonies without your flashlight, just set the infrared switch to on, select white or green light from the menu and get ready for some night vision. The best advanced camera support. You need to be very careful what mic you use.


Not true progressive recording. The ability to control the camera remotely, such as when using a camera crane, improves mobility in various shooting environments. On playback, the slight shott is gone. The camera lets you cycle through three display options on the screen: I got a C not long — I assume the C-Log is pretty similar if not the same.

Removing the handle allows the camcorder to be made more compact for convenient storage when travelling. This camera may be the one to iflm get me to take the dive and buy a proper large chip camera.

The example video posted to Vimeo has lots of issues with it image quality-wise; don’t know cannon it’s a problem with the orignal video or the transcoding on Vimeo, but it really does nothing for this cam. It is without a doubt a great camera and, for me, a great option for those on a tight budget who want a serious step up from the DLSRs. Sort of like being in a large, very live room. Better yet, especially for my purposes, the camera has a relay recording function that will allow continuous recording by instantaneously switching from the first memory card to the second when it is full.

Slow motion, if used right, can be sexy as all hell. Personally, I rarely use the zoom because I feel it makes the film look amateurish. How to Sync Dual System Sound. Phillip, Thanks for an outstanding review, and a terrific blog from a fellow ex-news shooter.

Looks the same as true progressive recording, just harder to handle in post. There is no rip off! It would be nice if VM could post for download the source video direct from the cam and let readers decide if they way to download and view it on their own, in their NLE. But if you can make it more comfortable to use, and block the light leakage, fanon can do a fine job dealing with focus and exposure when bright sunlight prevents you from using the LCD.


Get on the list as long as you get fully refundable. And both the built-in microphone and XLR inputs cnon the option for automatic or full manual gain control.

Shop camcorders from CanonSonyand more. For pro applications, getting the mic up and away from the camera is always the best approach. Log into your account. Am filming an update already that included the Blade.

Hi Philip charming review. I contacted Canon Tech Support fulm explained that, when monitoring a recording with headphones, there is a slight delay in the sound. I had this confirmed by a Canon technician.

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Canon XA-25

How does focus work? I still remember being completely blown away when I saw caanon Salton Sea video. What a wonderful review of the C, Mr. My lack of passion? Hey Phil, Your work is Sexy as hell. There are many factors that contribute to getting a good looking shot.

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Shoft addition, the large size of the individual pixels enable a minimum subject illumination of 1. The C can be set to go to black and white with edge monitor or peaking when the mag button pressed, This gets the focus spot on, even with the VF. He does explain the whole thing! Both wide-angle and zoom shots deliver wide dynamic range and impressive tonal reproduction.