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It was to prove, of course, their downfall. Matsudaira Katamori wasn’t going to do a daily role call and double check to see of the Shinsengumi or group formerly known as the Shinsengumi were still there. The hit of the autumn. Much is always said every time Disney decides to create a heroine somewhat different to their usual Princess line, or put them in a situation or relationship other than Princess vs Prince, or man vs woman. Thu Jun 13, 2: Wed Jan 02, 6: Run these movies through a Bechdel Test, and the results will be off the scale.

Sun Jul 07, 7: Most of them concerning the plot. They became more than just boys who misread a situation and made extreme decisions. Tue Jun 25, On a Japanese fansite I think it was this one http: There was separation of Hijikata and Saito. Nobody wonders anymore about men of action withstanding multiple bullet wounds, chasing cars on foot, or being ever ready to sleep with beautiful women at their whim.

In proper hands, with proper budget, this could have been a jewel. Taisuke Itagaki Makoto Kobori The 80s visuals are as perfect here as the future in Nosedive.

BYAKKOTAI, is really good in that it shows the interdependence of Aizu and the Shinsengumi, and beyond just the Saitou “connection” to Aizu, many Shinsengumi like Nakajima Nobori, Shimada Kai and likely Tetsu and countless of men on the roster were all there defending the domain and participated at the fight at Bonari Pass Shura no toki anime shows a bit of this Paulownia got caps of this series so if people want them just ask her.

Another Taiga about which I don’t give a dang. I used to be a serious anime and manga fan a long time ago — not quite otaku level, but I did watch a lot. On a Japanese fansite I think it was this one http: Thanks to Armen for assisting in this project and translating Shinoda Gisaburo’s bio.

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Aizu-Wakamatsu is today a small, sleepy town, nestled in a cozy valley deep in the mountains of Fukushima Prefecture. Is it loosely inspired or historically faithful? The first part “ho hum ” will be dedicated to the rivalry between Yae and Takeko as they try and outdo each other in being butch. Just like nobody asks how John McClane could survive all those falls, so nobody asks where Sachie got the money to run an empty restaurant frazy a foreign city; nobody knows what Sayoko really does for a living, even dram her Rent-a-cat business obviously is not enough to support her.


With the exception of Hijikata who would’ve been recognizable to many Ishin I believe, other Shinsengumi could’ve have left The TV drama I mentioned above can be seen in a few places on the internet, and I highly recommend it. Byakiotai About Tips Contact Us. In fact, what happened next is perhaps even more remarkable than her short stint as Aizu Amazon.

I like the guy draa plays Saito. He was going to call for reinforcements to Shonai-han but Yonezawa-han didn’t allow him to pass, then he headed to Sendai where Enomoto was. One of our Japanese friends sent it so we are lucky to have it! There was separation of Hijikata and Saito. A character — or rather, a living trope — played by the enigmatic Masako Motai.

Yamamoto Yaeko, or Niijima Yae, is one of the most bad-ass female characters not only in the history of Japan, but the world. I spent a crazy amount of time on his hair But if you focus on those, you focus on all the wrong things. It would be just silly.

Share this Rating Title: The story of the Byakkotai has been narrated in many ways such as pop-culture, moviesnovels, even crossover manga with the Shinsengumi. Yae no Sakura Taiga Drama. Audible Download Audio Books.

Use the HTML below. Hurt and Harris give decent, but unremarkable performances.


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Fans in Japan do talk about this film too but many have not seen it. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The Shinsengumi were a much smaller fighting force and they were bakkotai with urban warfare as we know from their Kyoto days Toshiaki Kirino Sachiko Mine All our current problems could be traced to that time and place: There was a streak of military brilliance in her family since the days of Yamamoto Kensukethe famous strategist of the Warring States period.

Let’s take Gintama I saw some of it on Youtube.

Comedians and musicians are, to me, the ultimate artists: As reported by Guardian here. Nobody knows who crayz families are, what their surnames are, where did they come from, and where will they go. The short vid will show a tiny bit of the historical Byakkotai and how they were used in different eras of history for very different purposes.

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Thus, the Matsudairas of Aizu became one of the most powerful clans in Japan, kindred to the shogun, and fiercely loyal to the Edo government. Start your free trial.

The Byakkotaior White Tigers were a reserve in Aizu army, a group of young samurai — boys, really, aged between 16 and Here are some new trailers http: Sun Jul 07, 7: Snowpiercer had the potential for a 5-star masterpiece.

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