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Boots Riley’s new film roasts racial And the box, stolen, is a Pandora’s box of thieved memories. Overall, a book that needs every word read. Sep 10, Carla Castanos rated it really liked it. You meet him at the airport in the UK, an old man arrived from Zanzibar and claiming refugee status which he gets and is taken to live in a small English town by the sea. They meet in a small town by the sea after 30 years without having seen each other and settle old scores. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The most famous of these are Paradise , Desertion and By the Sea , the first of which was shortlisted for both the Booker and the Whitbread Prize.

Houses change hands, families are ruined, governments change and fall. I know his academic work, which is also on postcolonial issue, Eastern Africa and the sea communities along that coast. Yet it’s not Hussein himself who brings about their downfall. Will their union absolve them of the ghosts of their pasts? We have become part of this universe that unfolds in front of us at a level where picturesque or exoticism become simply beauty and diversity. Silence may indeed be protection, but it is only once he finds the voice and the strength to tell his story, that he is able to resolve his issues with the past. Notably, Gurnah always makes his characters point out that they do not tell each other the whole truth; they leave gaps as if to protect each other and their families.

This is the story of two men from Zanzibar who arrive in the UK as refugees, as told by them meaning two narrators. The main dynamic of the tale is a simple one: Advised not to demonstrate that he knows English, he puts on a charade of incomprehension for his caseworker, Rachel Howard, until uncomfortable circumstances force him to speak. This is the “Land of Zanj,” as the Muslim merchants call Zanzibar—in Arabic, “the country of the blacks.


Review: By the Sea

We also receive glimpses of the torture and imprisonment of Shaaban in his own country, where men abuse their power after independence from colonialism.

Pllt off thinking it was a bit hard to read and a bit dependent on my mood. It completely obscured the aforesaid simplistic plot.

Lenny Boy Peter E. We are committed to staying free for all our readers. He is sent to a detention center, but a social worker named Rachel, who specializes in difficult immigration cases, intervenes on his behalf.

The story told by this novel defies summary. Gunrah temptation to read one character or the other as “the author’s alter-egos” is strong. However, this may merely be a reflection of the bitterness and deprivation suffered in post-colonial Zanzibar, and the desolation that refugees find when away from their birth land.

But its simplicity is itself revealing: I would certainly recommend this book to any interested in the life of refugees or anyone after a light but good read. And whether the exile is voluntary or forced, pllot or metaphorical, displacement opens up a vivid cut of loss, a liability for myriad reinterpretation and retelling of whatever stories might lurk there, silted up in the alluvial grit of time.

Inevitably, the two men get together in a little seaside English town. Views Read Edit View history. However, in this one we get to see the European settlers point of view, which gufnah very interesting. Interesting book though a bit strange.

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The rest of the th tells gurnaah life in Zanzibar, the pettiness and mindless attempts at greed and duplicity in dealing with a person’s estate after they had died. Sep 10, Carla Castanos rated it really liked it. This is not as strange as it sounds, nor is it an unheard of thing. The Recorder Herselman Hattingh. Open Preview See a Problem? In this chapter they meet again for the first time in years.

This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Think of the Babylonian epic Gilgamesh, now 5, years old and dense as ever with revelations; or the Odyssey actually, Homer is said to have filched scenes from Gilgamesh.


Just as Yusuf must come gunah age, so also must the country as the various groups contending for influence make choices about how much they will accept, reject, or adapt to outside influences. At times, the story seems to drift too far into the past, and you end up on distant shores wondering why Abdulrazak has left you there, but down each branching river, you end up by the same shore, realising that each diverging stream had an effect that ultimately led to Saleh’s persecution and need for asylum.

View all 3 comments. Trivia About By the Sea. But like the young man that the main character tells his story to, I almost didn’t want to finish. Saleh Omar is a 65 year old from Zanzibar. This is an example of how good writing can turn a simple plot into a wonderful reading experience. Paperbackpages. Even when the winds of history push them toward other, less hospitable shores—England, or the old, Marxist East Germany—Gurnah’s characters are still the embodiment tne mythic Zanzibar. Unfortunately, this makes the narrative distant and incomplete.

Nov 20, Fathima Cader rated it really liked it Shelves: This Zanzibari biographical article is a p,ot. A thorough let down in Gurnah’s narration was the dramatic, complicated, and oftentimes, mellifluous storytelling. The portrayal of political injustice and the world on the verge between ideologies GDR and postcolonialism Zanzibar, Britain is as truthful, honest and brutal as it should be.

Arundhati RoyAvni Sejpal. I say this because patience is one of my vy virtues and By the Sea infinitely tested my resolve minus stars for that, ARG.