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With People Meter it was discovered that the young audience was very fleeting and would not stay long on the channel when the songs changed or if their favorite VJ was not on air. Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. It took the industry a year to develop confidence in People Meter. The news category, initially was leading in the entire genre but People Meter helped a lots of categories to change their market position. Undertook a thorough analysis of the research gathered to identify the impact and changes the People Meter has had on the relevant parties. It is felt that this technology is not being utilized to its full potential. TRPs that are presently in use are provided by TAM media which gives this data on a weekly basis where as Map provides ratings on a daily basis.

There are million television sets in India and the number of People Meter being placed in the households are not more than 8, which is a very low ratio for monitoring a patch from a huge population. The interest in news had also seen a sharp increase because of change in government in elections as well as political developments of had made audience more aware regarding current affairs. It was introduced in September and by second quarter of most media agencies had started to refer to its data for clients as well as media planning. Since the media agencies are the intermediaries between the TV channels and the advertisers they are equipped with all the information to develop strategies to solve any business problems and cater them according to their business needs. The red line demonstrates ratings during the speech while the blue line represents normal ratings of the channels before the speech was aired. The news category, initially was leading in the entire genre but People Meter helped a lots of categories to change their market position. Media planners, broadcasters and advertisers have accepted that PM has now become an industry currency.

In essence, any breaking news was Prime Time and delegating a slot for that had now become meaningless because viewers epjsode to news channels as soon as some significant event takes place such as bomb blast, riots, political events, presence of certain well-known personalities on talk shows and news of national or international significance.

PTV, being a government institution, has a bureaucratic structure bulbilay that was one major reason why the channel could not take immediate steps to face new competition. Tamzan quickly did PM gain trust? In the era when no other alternative was available the industry had no choice but to follow the data of this system. A new channel, Urdu1, has recently joined the list of entertainment channels and has received good response from the viewers. A lot of advertisers became selective in targeting their audience, focusing on urban centers from where they earn the most revenue and where meters are installed.

The trend that is visible in this case is that the difference in reach reported by both the audience measurement systems episde increasing over the years. In the difference is of 5. Report Category Video contains prohibited content.


Mindshare The following run charts show ratings on x axis and time on y axis. On the basis of these detailed audience analysis media agencies are able to strategize for the advertisers. The numbers were as low as 0 or 0. People Meter displayed highest ratings of 3.

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Its geographical coverage needs to be expanded and sample size needs to be increased especially in rural areas.

Human errors were always present. So advertisers should try to advertise during time slots in which their relevant audience is present and most receptive.

Since it was done manually there were discrepancies in finding out the TV viewership patterns. This is to identify the different in the audience viewership measurement before and after People Meter was launched and during the time of Gallup.

Agha Zohaib for the guidance and help he has given us at every step of the way in completion of this Research Project. The PM trends highlight not just the increase but also reports the change in audience viewership as the time passes. If you look at the Satellite Channels Reach Comparison Graph the first thing you will notice is that PM reach for satellite channels is higher than Gallup in all four years.

On average Gallup is reporting that the top 10 channels have a rating of 0. Advertisers are more interested in this new audience measurement system. Spwcial only explanation that we have been able to identify for this trend is the suspicion that since Gallup ratings are published fortnightly it has sufficient time to copy ratings from PM.

Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, so don’t do it. The channel that had a rwmzan feel, it now has a much softer look and their programs have improved as well. The major factor which differentiated People Meter from Gallup system was the automatic system that records information of a viewer right after 30 seconds and without spceial interaction. However when bulbulaay compare the ratings of PM with Gallup during speech we can see a massive difference in ratings as PMs highest rating at 8.

Terrestrial Channels Rating Gallup 6. Q8- What was the impact on PTV? The cost that the advertisers are bearing is much cheaper when targeting a spceial scope of audience by delivering the brand message.

During an India Pakistan match there are times that national holidays are announced. This will be followed by an analysis of what changes advertisers and agencies made and the impact this had on terrestrial channels mainly PTV and other satellite channels. Hence, ratings for the top 10 channels, as reported by PM are lower than Gallup. Misleading TRP phenomenon, Available from: People Meter Ratings and Bulblay ratings for PTV during the speech are almost the same as their normal pre-speech ratings.


Interview is the initial method of data bullbulay for primary data, followed by questionnaire where interview was not possible. The move from the old method to a new system has changed the way TV planning was being done by media agencies, advertisers and broadcasters, now the system provide a better accountability, give a clear view of audience exposed to ads. The Purple Bulbupay, edition.

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The branded content was so strong that any new musical show cannot match to what Coke Studio has done. This presented Nielson company to accurately gauge and compare People Meter with Diary system in real-time.

Marketers have become more dependent on the media agencies because agencies are able to strategically plan better as they are able to epixode at media from various angles.

They have also asked for comprehensive accreditation system to be provided to them for the reference. Since Prime Time slot is no long news exclusive as it was before, the time from 8 pm to 10 pm was an ideal time to show good content for masses consumption at this time the whole family usually watched TV together.

I am singling out KTN because that was the channel that topped in the regional channels, others like Kavish were not that well known those days. This research aims to: Media Logic is affiliated with GFK. LPM provides a more accurate and reliable audience data that would help in making television advertisement decisions.

The pattern on PM shows gradual increase and decrease as the speech continued while Gallup shows that practically no one was watching Dunya channel at least until 10 pm. Our finalized sample is as follows: Q5- What was the impact on News genre? Initially when People Meter was presented and launched, everything seemed perfect, sample size was good enough, devices were perfect, the profiling were properly done and it was complete solution for everybody.

Most of the advertisers outsource media agencies to plan and execute their TV budgets along with their internal marketing team and brand managers. In a nutshell, technology has taken over the world by storm and marketing industry is no exception. People Meter came in As per People Meter data, the channel at some points even received higher ratings than existing entertainment channels, tracking the change in real-time and thus providing an accurate picture of the audience preferences. Report Detail Video contains prohibited content.