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Notify me of new comments via email. However, both dragon and turrets had their global gold reduced. Season 4 has brought in drastic changes to the game, especially to the Jungler and Support positions. You would see that 5 warmongs or 5 black cleavers on a team would usually win the game. The team who had more black cleavers and better champions to use them usually won. This seems to suggest that the base cooldown on pounce will likely be nerfed overall.

If the cooldown is low enough Nidalee could even be rivaling release jayce who was almost impossible to lane against by level Nidalee is vastly different from the above champions. Although her problems are not as bad as Gragas, she falls into an awkward position as well. Then out of nowhere, a Dragon Rework came to force teams to do something outside of farming for ages. I also would like to know if traps still last 4 minutes. If she manages to take the meta storm, perhaps more damage dealers can follow!

The meta was undergoing a lot of drastic changes every few patches bruissr then came the mage rework, with lots of items sseason abilities modifications. Right now jungling is the most impactful role in the game because of the amount of tools they have in their environment, allowing them either to farm for a large periods of time and come out of the jungle insanely strong, or allowing them to find a balance between farming and ganking and never falling behind.

Reak’Sai nidalre have a good amount of map control and jungle clear, but this becomes irrelevant if the rest of her kit does not work well in team fights or skirmishes when ganking.

He was able to hold Moscow 5 at bay with his Anivia, a feat noone was able to acomplish before him. New free items called ‘trinkets’ have been added to help with this.


Arguably viable in competitive play. The warding changes spread the responsibility of map vision out, and also strengthen tactical ward placement. For more on Gragas, check out my analysis of his competitive play!

The changes of Season 4 have opened up more possibilities. Check out our other lists for Patch 8. The answer to that question is complicated. The trap changes help her top as well since it denies a lot of ganks for a safer laning phase which Nidalee top is vulnerable in.

The reason this era ended is because Fnatic, your most loved european team.

Nidalee Build Guide by Guest

Mundo have been in the meta for some time. The most recent top lane meta can best be described as concentrated hyper-tanks: With 4 points to spare, the best remaining options are enhanced recall and increased mana regeneration.

The nerfs — in my opinion — knocked Alistar out of being a strong pick. Why is Kayle such an unusual pick? LoLBoost get a lot of questions about the current League of Legends meta, what it means and which champions are actually viable and deason on, so we will help you dive into both past eras, the current meta, the season 7 meta and the projected future meta for League of Legends.

Her high skill cap makes her difficult to make sure she gets ahead. After Diamondprox got bored of playing her in the jungle, Darien picked her up in the top lane and showed what a good, worthwhile dragon can do in the proper hands.

5 Worst Jungle Champions in League of Legends Patch | dbltap

Janna – Top tier Suppo Do you think AP Nidalee will be playable after the rework? For more on Nidalee, read about her competitive play! League of Legends Patch 8.


This makes him a ticking time bomb into the late game, as he nidakee more and more a threat, yet less and less of a safe focus target. However, the middle lane started forming its own meta. With access to burst resembling an assassin on a single skillshot, Nidalee could safely toss spears out at a rate of easily 1 every 4 seconds.

Nidalee Guide for League of Legends

Some long time top laner who likes to carry will pull it out. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

He falls into an awkward spot because he has a good amount of utility and damage potential, but is outclassed by many other junglers. From same category Season 7 is here!

I feel that a build that more closely resembles this with perhaps 1 or 2 more defensive items has a good chance to become the new standard. For more on Ryze, read about his competitive play! This will allow you to return damage effectively while minimizing risk. Still, if what you need is a massive tank wall, Dr.

Pages modified between June and September are adapted from information taken from EsportsWikis. One thing that always baffled me about most of the Nidalee nerfs that happened in the last year or so was why it took so long for Riot to hit Bushwack. Feel free to skip down to the sections you prefer reading about.

It was just hell for anyone else, but bruisers. The only thing really holding her back atm is pigeonholing.