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The mom says stop you will get hurt. Plus him making the connection with the scene where he’s almost murdered is brilliant. I watch ep 16 many time and did not get bored. Kim Kyu Chul Supporting Cast. And that’s completely diferent from what happen in, not just the US, but America as a whole. From his office, Shunji watches Kang To looking at her. K announces who just passed away and orders the people to bow their heads. Dad says he made the decision with tears of blood, knowing that Japan was the future, but Tamao gives a little chuckle, knowing that Dad is not the type to cry tears of blood over anything.

Abe frets over his injuries when he walks forward, asking what happened and Kang To asks him to leave too. Today’s world has become a lot more complicated in the political and social aspects! He offers a sweet, comfy life for him and his daughter—all he has to do is tell them who Gaksital is. And who are the terrorists that are there, anyway? Gaksital Fighting and Thank you softy for recaps!! It is called the Stanford Prison Experiment. Shunji has gone completely EVIL.

Rie orders them to go ahead with the plan anyway, and Shunji calls the station into action: Is the same when daddy Kimura says that Kang Eppdrama loyalty to the Japanese Empire means nothing to him, because it doesn’t come from conviction. And like you girlfriday, I was totally yippee the moment dam sari saw kang to fighting on their side. And I hope she won’t find out about Kang To’s secret identity yet. But boy does he look good in action.

Only the chubby guy Abe claps loudly Night club and people are dancing. It’s cool how he’s starting to question his family’s choice in life, because he’s the first jap i’ve seen yet to question their way of living.


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Star July 25, at 1: For me is a horrible, despicable act of terrorism forever engraved in US history and in my memory. And the murder attempt was what really saved him. How can you justify yourself as the better off person when you are a traitor to what can be called yours?! Wonder if that means Gaksital like her since he rescues her 3 times now.

Damsari cries and Dan, closing her eyes for a brief second, opens the cage door. The Japanese Kamikaze pilots can obviously be seen as akin to terrorists but the question is raised that regardless of the cause what constitutes terrorism and what is fueling that action. Dan asks why-what will they do to him there? Kang To rushes back and heads to the interrogation room where Damsari is telling Dan the only person who rbidal help her is Kang To.

Episodes by mqsk. He managed to guilt trap? Gaksital gets away from K. I learned about it in college.

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For ep 17, however, there is some hope. May 31, at The Bridal Mask Team.

Stop creeping me out, Shunji! She looks fragile in her daily drama My Daughter Flower.

It would be even more poignant watching him become a figure of guidance for Kang To. The guy runs off after calling K bad names. May 31, at 5: On the other hand, we are talking about Epiode peninsula here.

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They see their leader being driven away for his transfer, and decide to follow. I jask believe I need to write such a post.

The same goes for the Native Americans, I think they have the right to say they are the true owners of United States Thank you Damsari wpdrama knowing that Kang To is a good guy now hurry up and connect the dots that he is Gaksital too.


I won’t liken the Independence fighters as terrorists too When he laughed at the meagre evidence of ‘Boon Yi’, I couldn’t help laughing too. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Baek Jae Jin Supporting Cast. Song Ok Sook Supporting Cast. The same goes with MLK and the civil rights movement, which epdramma always met with violence, epddrama as well physical.

She looks at him but he averts his gaze and orders them taken away. Kang-to watches with a hairy eyeball as Shunji has her taken to the torture room. YAY again for Kang epdrams being the smart and bad ass guy.

Tamao is a character i’m beginning to have some interest in. JNB July 20, at 4: Of course, things might change with Olympics and all, but I’m hoping Gaksital retains the regular airing schedule. Ana July mas, at I promised back then — told her not to die and I would be sure to find her. What I try to say in the end is that I think perspecticve has a lot to do when your are judging history or seeing social or political conflicts.

Why should he be taken off the case? Park Bo Gum Supporting Cast. How many times is this when you suddenly left with your packed bags.

Ahn Suk Hwan Supporting Cast. Shunji watches her, fraught with epdrana. I think I can guess what Mok Dan is thinking: If I die, I die, but I will not kneel before beasts. Notify me of new comments via email. Oh, and throwing in a spur-of-the-moment action sequence saving clueless Koreans who appear in white clothes against the police edict?