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The film might have been stronger had it displayed a little more anger throughout instead of opting for a big speech at the end to get the point across, but at least it imparts a measure of the pain that unemployment can cause. Alternate Versions The British release does not have the dictionary definitions at the start or end of the film. Greasley as Ken Colley Olga Grahame Stephen Moore as Mackenzie. View All Critic Reviews Beginning in early , groups of miners’ wives camped outside some pits’ gates and outside the Department of Trade and Industry in London. That will be enough for certain viewers who would otherwise ignore a dramatic comedy about a bunch of old geezers who play in a colliery brass band. Melanie Hill as Sandra.

In the United States, the film was promoted simply as a romantic comedy involving McGregor and Fitzgerald’s characters. And for a few lousy bob. Vanessa Knox-Mawer as 2nd Mother. It contrasts with the muted response from the mineworkers, some of whom sang Shut the pit! Kenneth Colley as Greasley. Before the privatisation of British Coal, a wave of pit closures took place. Bernard Wrigley as Chapman. Do the Oscars Need a Host?

Order by newest oldest recommendations. With the intention that it will be their last performance, the brassfd, in full uniform, and wearing their miners’ helmets and lamps, plays ” Danny Boy ” late at night outside the hospital.

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The loss of hope, pride and fighting spirit in what were previously proud mining communities was the basis for the idea of being “brassed off”. Brassed Off 7. Nov 22, Full Review…. Whilst the band is playing in the National Semi-Finals, the outcome of the ballot is announced as 4-to-1 in favour of redundancy, as Andy had predicted.

Nrassed and Mary Ann Brussat.

Brassed Off

Strike, not the end of the story. National Coal Mining Museum for England.

Sue Johnston as Vera. Michael S Super Reviewer.


Retrieved 10 December A sample of a monologue performed by the main character Danny Pete Postlethwaite is used in the opening of the song ” Tubthumping “, on the Chumbawamba album Tubthumper: Loading comments… Trouble loading? Edit Brassed Off Before departing, Phil leaves a note for Danny saying that they are going to the finals.

But the miners are now deciding whether to fight to keep the pit open, and the future for town and band looks bleak. Once, mining was a thriving industry in rural England, with whole towns built around each mine. And, while the loss of each individual job is traumatic, that’s nothing compared to what happens when the livelihood and identity of an entire community are jeopardized by a round of mass layoffs.

However, without their rather unconvincing romantic subplot, the movie probably wouldn’t reach as wide an audience. Having lived all my life in a large metropolitan city, I cannot relate first hand to the movke of a small town community. Andrew Armstrong as Grimley Colliery Band. Connections Featured in Breakfast: Entertainment Weekly Top Critic.

Brassed Off! (United Kingdom, 1996)

Search for ” Brassed Off ” on Amazon. The 20 Most Memorable Performances of Grimley Colliery Band is a bastion of the local community and one that its leader cares passionately about. David Arnold as Grimley Colliery Band. Luckily, the neighbour who lived on the side of the house I practised on was quite deaf. In the Halifax Piece Hall scene, where the band plays the Florentina March, my parents appear as extras.

Duncan Byers as Grimley Colliery Band. Start your free trial. I’m not sure brased the promoters were thinking, but if you set someone up for a hilarious romantic comedy and what they receive is a thoughtful serious and sometimes depressing film, are they going to be happy just the same?

Their euphoria is short-lived, however, as they return to find their worst fears realized. Bit clumsy with the crockery, your Sandra. Colin Brook as Grimley Colliery Band. Vanessa Knox-Mawer as 2nd Mother. Touching story is a good early showcase for McGregor Dec 18, Rating: I was able to add little touches, like the way plto character goes back to shut the garden gate of his house even though the rest of the fence has collapsed, and his wife is chucking crockery at him.


Fed up with the system. The brassedd is set in “Grimley” in the mids, which is a thin veil for Grimethorpea mining village in South Yorkshire which had been named as the poorest village in Britain in earlier by the European Union. They may not do much, but they’re there, and their characters fall in love. Although the majority of Yorkshire miners observed the year-long strike, a minority broke the strike and were ostracised in their communities as “scabs” thereafter.

But does it bollocks!

The band is made up of miners from whom she must conceal her purpose. This page was last edited on 1 Februaryat Sally Adams as Ward Sister. Retrieved 8 June Pete Postlethwaite as Danny.

The cast is ardent as all get-out, but the most authentic emotional lift comes from the real-life Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band, blowing their hearts out. Despite that, I found the story intriguing even though it may seem the outcome is somewhat predictable. Charles Faulkner as Grimley Colliery Band.

But Pete, with that extraordinary face, could make people see him as one of their own. On Disc pllot Amazon.

The passionate band conductor, Danny Ormondroyd, finds he is fighting a losing battle to keep the rest of the band members committed.