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Sharon starts getting paranoid and thinks about calling Alden. However, Sharon runs into trouble when the bra malfunctions during a party and it appears as though her breasts are growing out of control. In this clip show episode, Sharon regales her highs and lows as a braces-wearer to a girl named Tracy, who is worried that she may end up a “metal-mouth” just like Sharon. Sharon’s internship at a veterinarian ‘s office traumatizes her when the animal she was tending to suddenly dies. Riley, and Sharon supports her friend As for the letter, she messed up by doing it on the computer.

Excuse me while I laugh for 2 minutes straight. Sharon volunteers as a caller for a teen help hotline and mistakes a girl’s call about her boyfriend being a ” make-out monster” as being a secret about Sharon’s brother, Adam. My issue is with people who are blinded by nostalgia and believe that the shows they grew up are the best of all time and who believe today’s shows suck. But is Maria correctly interpreting the teacher’s suggestions? Brock mentions a bunch of cheerleaders that have been trying to get their attention and Alden starts getting annoyed. Later, she heads down to the restaurant and finds Alden…with Tess.

Sharon’s mother becomes stricter in her parenting after discovering that Sharon has been on an X-rated movie site and has an interest in Adam’s friend, Tony. After being diagnosed with anemia and told to give up her vegetarian dietSharon befriends a guy named Cody, who tries to show her that eating meat isn’t as bad as she thinks; but how far is he allden to go to prove his point?

In this clip show episode, Sharon regales her highs and lows as a braces-wearer to a girl named Tracy, who is worried that she may end up a “metal-mouth” just like Sharon.

We fast forward to Monday and Maria tells Sharon about the football game, but stops herself. While on her first date with her crush Alden, Sharon starts to experience painful cramps to the point where she bracefsce she was experiencing appendicitis. I give the series all of the credit in the world for that, because it takes guts to feature some of these issues on kids networks like Disney Channel.

The peer pressure that many teens are faces with is unfortunate. To find out more, including how to deaar cookies, see here: However, Sharon runs into trouble when the bra malfunctions during a party and it appears as though her breasts are growing out of control. Meanwhile, Sharon’s mother is addicted to a video game. Akden is jealous when Nina starts going to Sharon’s mom, Helen, for therapy sessions.


Brock chastises Alden for talking to her.

Braceface – – Dear Alden part 3 – video dailymotion

Brace Yourself 5 Love and relationships. Sharon gets addicted to a psychic hotline to get answers about her life and future. This page was last edited on 9 Decemberat Things get worse when Sharon’s grandfather visits and makes prejudiced comments about Cloud and Maria, making Maria think that Sharon is a racist just like her grandfather. Another great episode to school the kids on how harmful body shaming can be. Much like other tween series like As Told by Ginger, Braceface centers a awkward yet smart teenage girl who longs dwar popularity, with two best friends by her side.

The communication was also a big problem with their relationship. Once again, still shocked that Disney Channel allowed this to air, but bravo for the writers and directors for creating this episode, because it shows that these things tend to happen for teenagers.

Email required Address never made public. Tess gets ready to leave the bathroom and tells the girls that pure silk bras give you the right balance and she says that Alden told her this.

Irritated by her mom’s constant rules, Sharon jumps at the chance to visit her dad, Richard, in Miamibut discovers that her father can lay down the law as hard as her mom after Sharon goes out partying with Richard’s friends and gets drunk on rum and Cokes.

Speaking of bullying… 7 Bullying. Meanwhile, Alden discovers the pressures of being Sharon’s boyfriend. Something that is painfully obvious about bully characters like Nina is the insecurity that they have for themselves.

Excuse bracefacce while I laugh for 2 minutes straight. Maria then asks Tess if she has any other interests besides cheerleading and Tess says no.

Braceface S02E04 – Dear Alden

Sharon let her insecurities get the best of bracerace. Sharon’s Orthodontist needs to modify the adhesive and removes her braces for 24 hours. Damn, I felt that. Maria falls for her substitute English teacher, Mr. The topic of divorce comes up in many shows aimed at kids and teens.


Meanwhile, Adam uses his cat, Moishe’s, name to get a credit card and play the stock market. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Getting Real 8 Blatant Racism. I get the concept of writing an angry letter. When Nina’s cousin from EnglandPetra, truly admits that she decapitated all of Nina’s dolls as a child, Nina realizes that she was mean to Sharon all these years for nothing and decides to end the hostilities once and for all, which Sharon reluctantly accepts, but being Nina’s friend isn’t at all what she expected.

Sharon gets a job as a clown to pay for ballet lessonsbbraceface soon discovers that she’s bracevace at being a buffoon than pirouetting. A new girl named Winnie encourages Sharon to audition for a summer job at a pioneer theme parkbut Sharon’s friends are worried that Winnie is encouraging Sharon for all the wrong reasons.

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She complains about how fake Tess is and wonders what Alren sees in her. Views Read Edit View history. While Sharon walks the runway, she collapses from starvation.

Having a crush can be a very stressful and confusing time as a teenager. Alden just brushes it off to Brock being jealous, which is right about. Alden says that Sharon can stay if she wants, but she declines. Sharon’s crush, Alden, gets her a new job at a meat-packing plant, but her chances are jeopardized when she goes vegetarian in protest to the unsavory conditions at the plant.

The second time a use of addictive or mind-altering substance has been featured on this series. Meanwhile, Nina and her friend, Alyson, try to prove that Sharon is faking sick to get out of going to school.

Just so deear know, this episode was banned in the U. Sharon’s pet dog, Pigger, is chosen to be a spokes-canine for a dog food commercial.