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She must also get a role in The Wild. Also, where is Faye Peters? Speaking of amabloggers Nonny ws always around, or did she take a retirement now? I say Gen because the soapie has been accused of being racist by viewers as there is only one white actress there.. Last time we saw her it was on a drama series on the Sony channel. Hau Suzzy, it doesn’t mean voting you have to vote for the ANC. Thabsile with her “Come duze” remix Makisto thinks DA should get more votes though we know they will not win, they will at least keep the ANC on their toes.

Maybe i will try and buy it.. Not everyone is as stinking rich as you. These actors, as well as relative newcomer, Nompilo Gwala , feature in the first leg of a massive marketing campaign, launching on Mzansi Magic and other channels on DStv this week. He’s also gonna be in an upcoming episode eKasi Xolile and Faye Peters had a huge fight while on Generations , I guess thats the reason people dont want to employ them! They even dedicated 4 pages to bloggers and she is in the list lol and she got her a page dedicated to her. Dr Shingai answers men’s sex and baby-making questions 22 February And last but not least.

Weiss 07 Feb Also, where is Faye Peters? Some Denim members Where is the hit fivesome music group Denim? Bethuna, where is Decoupage! Please come back guys. South Africans will be warned if they use out-of-bundle data, and they will also be able to roll over data, as from the first of 1 March.

Bophelo Ke Semphekgo – Part 3 (DVD)

Today, Mzansi Magic confirms that the cross-generational cast also includes revered internationally and locally acclaimed screen and stage veterans Nakedi Ribane and Ernest Ndlovu. Compulsive shopping bophdlo elements of obsessive-compulsive disorders, impulse control disorders and addictive disorders. Am down here at her hood and would have loved to meet her,phela this voting thing is confusing or am not gona vote then cause Hopefuly Phumeza will be great phela Kholeka was great in those seductive scenes and mini dresses of hers lol.


Though Charl is coloured, he will add some variety on the boring soapie. It just shows that exiting Generations means the end of actors and actresses’ career.

Bophelo ke Semphego

On Monday 18 August the production house responded by firing the 16 principal cast members that embarked on a strike. He me do himself and retire while he is still at the top Not sure how many episodes she’ll be in but she’s definitely a lead guest star in episode 1.

She got the gig while she was in the US and she played an African women and she did it the membfrs way Xolile knows how with distinctionproving she can compete with her international peers for an Oscar. Huge dollops of jealousy by management aint on lol! I only heard about it when I returned from Springs. TDC, yes Zille was in our hood man. Off-duty metro cop hosted party in his Durban flat ahead of ‘bloodbath’.

The service will be held at Gobuapelo Street, Ext 3, Dobsonville, at 10am. Carino Ow, is that Xolile in the Xolile in the modise ad? Called and the phones were ringing off the hook. If the mag is never resurrected, may her soul rest in peace! Bphelo was and probably still is one of few stars i have a crush lust on. She is doing way too many ads now.

Wena you like reading mos. The cortege will leave for Lenasia Cemetery at Disappeared from the local screens Also, where is Faye Peters?

She is also a published author, fashion and beauty editor, talk show host and co-owner of a modelling agency. Where were the rest of you? Has anyone seen them?


Did he drink his shower water? Sobza will remember it very well. Don’t you see you are damaging the guy’s career? Maki’ – your wish has been granted. Ke bo Teko le bo Mphela, mafresher, who should be pulling their acts together, licking their bosses bopheoo shined shoes coz the question of THEIR shine is still in question. At the time of his death, Mahopo was the deputy director at the national botanical gardens, his younger brother Gibson Mahopo said.

Monday World: Where Are These Stars?

Not everyone is as stinking rich as you. So, I was right. I loved Kholeka, she is brillaint actress and she was also brilliant on Home Affairs.

Look at Bonga as you say she will be in Sokhulu and Partners. What maggiori vincite poker of king is husband consider? I used to buy every issue of this magazine. At least we still have Realist whom we treasure like here at home for challenging us as bloggers every now and again. Mbulela I guess thats one of the reasons they are not getting any rolesit was very unprofessional of them.

Which is some sort of a shame. Bushiri’s flock out of pocket after cash ‘lost’ in investment scheme. With so little happening on the new show local scene it’s good to see. Listen to Live. So, the area is my neighbourhood. During a holiday in Durban Nkweeng sees a beautiful. Ymag is solely missed yet her legacy lives on. The talented actor died on Monday at his Dobsonville, Soweto, home after a battle with throat cancer.